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# Name:      Amina Bagautdinova

# E-mail:

# Address:  Russia , Kirov

# Seen at:

# Dangerous: 21%

# Details: She asked me US$620.00 by Western Union for travel agency as you can read in her letter, but of course, I NEVER wired the money, not even a single penny.-

# Date: 2007-05-20

Subj: Vip-Dating
Date: 03/05/2007 11:24:40 AM Mountain Daylight Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)

Congratulations Dear. It is possible to get acquainted with you! my name is Amina! I am modest and very lonely lady!
I search the partner in life or simply interesting person for dialogue,
I am interesting to learn more about you wait your answer send me if it is possible still the photos
My email:

Subj: Re: Vip-Dating
Date: 07/05/2007 10:01:56 PM Mountain Daylight Time
From: RBezaleel
File: Carribean Party 008.jpg (1519900 bytes) DL Time (50667 bps): < 8 minutes

Hi Amina:
Thanks for your e-mail. I herewith send you my photo. It was taken in a recent party with friends. I hope you like it. I would like to see your picture as well. Thanks.


Date: 10/05/2007 8:04:57 PM Mountain Daylight Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)

How are you Friday my Sweetheart? I am fine! Excuse me that had no
opportunity to write to you yesterday! Yesterday I have been very
occupied by preparation for competitions! Competitions should take
place yesterday but because of bad technical training swimming pool
them have carried! At me today competitions on swimming! Today in
12:30 my time in city pool will be competitions! I very much worry! I
Hope, that my pupils will adequately act and can will occupy one of
prize-winning places! I very much hope for it! In fact criteria on
which judge the trainer these are results and achievements of his
pupils! It seems to Me, that I you know many years though we have just
got relations! My heart starts to tremble when I to write to you the
letter! I do not know, that this such but seems to me that my feelings
to you get more serious kind! Excuse me for my frankness, but you are
really very necessary to me! I shall hope for reciprocity from your! I
wait for your letter as it is possible soon! I shall send you tomorrow
some more new photos! I wish you good day! Many kisses in you lips!

Date: 08/05/2007 9:19:28 PM Mountain Daylight Time
File: (100484 bytes) DL Time (50667 bps): < 1 minute
Sent from the Internet (Details)

How are you my Sweet? Today a great holiday on May, 9th! We in on the
central area will have a celebratory parade! There will be a salute in
the evening! But today since the morning there is a strong rain! I do
not represent as soldiers will march on the area during such rain!!!
Tomorrow I shall be it is spent city competitions on swimming among
younger! Yesterday I had to do selection among the pupils! It is
necessary to send on competition of the best! There will take part
more than 10 schools of swimming of our city! From each school the
command from 8 person is collected! Last evening I also went on a
visit to my parents! We drank tea with pies! My sister well bakes
pies! I too shall cover to bake pies, but at my sister it turns out is
better! But I is better her prepare for various tasty dishes! For
example: Pel'menis, Holodets, Borsch or I bake a fish in mushroom
sauce! It is confident to you it very much it was pleasant! I Can in
the near future will cook this food for you! I spoke my m to parents
about you! My mum and the daddy sends the regards to you and wishes
long years of a life! I send you a poem! On mine it is very beautiful!

WHEN I am alone, it's you that I miss
WILL I ever feel your tender kiss?
YOUR eyes tell all... and so much more
LIPS on my body... is what I'm craving for!
MEET me under the stars that shine
MINE is yours... and what's yours is mine!

WHEN the sun rises over the sea
WILL you be there watching it with me?
OUR hands embraced, we'll walk the land
BODIES of water crashing onto the sand!
TOUCH my soul and read my mind
AGAIN to take me to cloud nine!

WHEN I dream about you again
WILL it only be " just pretend? "
I want to make a night to remember
SLEEP in your arms and my soul to surrender!
WITH in this poem, there's questions to find
YOU should re-read the first word in every line!

NOW you know I'm being sincere
PLEASE! Tell me the answer I'm longing to hear!

I wait for your letter! Many Kisses and Hugs! You forever Amina.
Date: 11/05/2007 9:42:39 PM Mountain Daylight Time
File: (43100 bytes) DL Time (50667 bps): < 1 minute
Sent from the Internet (Details)

Good morning my Charming! I am glad, that again I can write to you!
Now I can share some joyful news! Competitions have passed
successfully! My pupils have given me a gift! They have
occupied 2 prize-winning places! It is a pity, what not 1 places, but
also this very big achievement for me! I also have one more news! In
an apartment which I now rent will spend phone! To me have told, that
I shall be capable to use phone since May, 27th! It is very good, as
I shall be capable to have in apartment Internet! I Mean shall be
capable to write to you of more letters! I now know precisely, that
you are necessary for me as a drink of water in desert! I am yet ready
to tell I love! But you should know, that I start to fall in love with
you! I hope, what you will not cause me a pain and to break my heart?
Ok, I think, that you very kind and fair the man! Today at me day of
free from work! I wish to go together with my sister to an ice palace!
We with her will skate! At us in city not for a long time have
constructed 3 ice palaces! Now even it is possible to skate in the
summer! You sometime skated? But before I to go I should do cleaning
in an apartment and make a lunch! I wish you the good week end! I
will wait you letter soon! Love! Amina.
P.S. my photos!
Subj: Re: Amina
Date: 13/05/2007 9:38:58 PM Mountain Daylight Time
From: RBezaleel

Hi Amina:
Thanks a lot for your recent emails and pictures, you are indeed a very talented and beautiful woman. I am so sorry to hear of the accident of your sister, I hope she is better off now. What is her name?
I feel so honoured you sent me those beautiful poems, this reflects your inner beauty is the same as your outer beauty. This is not common in women, most women have only one side good, but you have two good sides of your life. As you know I cannot write you everyday because part of my job is travelling and for this reason I do not spend much time at home. But of course for me it will be very nice to read your letters that will be as inspiration o our future together. But I would like to know more about you, for instance what city in Russia you live, what you do in your weekends, do you live alone? How is your city?
I am very happy your parents know about me and they accept our friendship online. Also I am very pleased to know you will have phone line very soon, so we will be able to have phone conversation very often. You asked if I skate, yes I do skate once in a while, but my favourite sports is biking. I also have a treadmill at home and bench with weights that I use for exercises. This is much better than going to the Gym since as i told you before, I have not much spare time. Do you workout. besides swimming? I am very glad to learn your swimming students made a second place, I think this is a great accomplishment for anybody, Congratulations!! for you and your pupils. Next time you will make to the first place. I think this is all by now. Hope to receive your letter soon.
I love too Amina. Kisses and hugs for you only.-

Date: 14/05/2007 8:47:11 PM Mountain Daylight Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)

Good morning my love! how are you? Yesterday I again was at parents!
At my sister all hand has swelled up! I have made a supper! Then all
of us together looked TV. My daddy asked about you much! At first my
father has become angry on me. He told me, that I can find good man
here in Russia. And I told him that you are very gentle and kind man,
which like me and whom I like too! But my mother was happy for me, my
mum is love me very much! And I love her too. My mum is very nice
woman. Certeinly my father love me too, but you know that mother know
better her daughters. And also my father think that I'm not adult
woman. He till now thing that I'm very yong. But, you see, it not so.
And yesterday at finish of our conversation, my father agree with me
and my mum, that maybe it my happines, that we with you met each
other. He agree that in our country I have not good future. At me soon
holiday and I very much to wish to visit you! PLEASE WRITE ME YOU
EXACT HOME ADDRESS! I certainly itself thought much and to understand,
that through letters we cannot understand completely each other! Is
better to have to us a meeting! I to wish to check the feelings! I
need for you to tell much personally at a meeting instead of through
Internet! I Think, that to you also! I know, that registration of my
documents will occupy a lot of time and forces! My daddy using the
service communications has agreed to help me with official
registration of papers! I spoke you, that he works as the Colonel in
the Ministry of Internal Affairs! If to speak on another he heads a
department on struggle against economic crimes! Ok, I shall try all to
learn and as it shall be soon possible to write to you! By the way
tomorrow at my the daddy birthday! I shall try to write to you still
the letter tomorrow and send my photos! Love youmatch! You Amina.
Date: 16/05/2007 12:21:51 AM Mountain Daylight Time
File: meet!.zip (37745 bytes) DL Time (50667 bps): < 1 minute
Sent from the Internet (Details)

How are you my Beloved??? Today at mine the daddy birthday! To him 58
years old! I shall go now to help my mum to cover and lay the table!
Usually at us it is a lot of visitors, but this time my daddy has
wanted, that we have celebrated his birthday only in a family circle!
For me is available a few time to write to you! I went In travel
agency! There Was not all so simply! It is necessary for me To receive
the visa, international passport to pass a medical board and To
receive an insurance policy! i have a passport! Together with the
ticket my travel will be Cost of 26800 Russian roubles! It about 1060
$. Only after that I shall be capable to arrive To you! To me have
offered some variants! I shall take the visa on 2 Month! Probably I
shall at you on a visit only one month and then to me It is necessary
to fly back home! Suddenly you will expel me? A joke! I have already
submitted the application on reception of all documents! Tomorrow I I
shall pass a medical board! Well all right this all tomorrow! At me
also There is not a big request! I have collected all the monetary
savings, and Also to me my parents and friends, but on former have
borrow money to me Does not suffice to collect the given sum, to pay
all charges! At me Now is available 440 $. I to not ask you that you
have given me simply So money! I to ask you that you have borrow to me
of money for the period one Month! After first half of next month to
me will give the salary and I I shall be capable to give you a part of
money! I shall necessarily return you all of money! Simply now this
money urgently as I need to bring are necessary to me And to pay this
money on May, 21 in travel agency! Please transfer me 620 $ soon! My
daddy too about itasks you and Speaks, that will help too to me to
return to you my monetary duty in current of next month! he also has
advised me a way of transfer of money! When he Was in official journey
to Belarus he transferred my money To mum through system of monetary
transfers western union. I not I know, that this such! The daddy has
told, that it is very fast! To you It is necessary for transfer of
money only my data! Amina Bagautdinova. Pervomayskaya street. home
3-76. Kirov city. Russia. post code: 610000. I hope, that you will
transfer me of money today or tomorrow. I shall wait for your letter
today! Love you match! Amina.

The end of the story, I hope so, was that since I smelled to rotten and fishy in "her" letters, I refrained myself of any more e-mails. I have not contacted website since I have not seen her profiles in their listing.