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# Name:      Asmik Sargsyan

# E-mail:

# Address:  Armenia , Leninakan

# Seen at: and richards relm

# Dangerous: 13%

# Scam scenarios:   run out of money for airfair and to show customs

# Details: run out of money for airfair and to show customsrnrnHello!!! I am very pleased to receive from you the message. It isrnpleasant for me, that you have paid attention to me. I at once want torntell to you, that I have written to you on a site the message as yourrnstructure has liked me also I I want to learn about you more. I hope,rnthat you have free time to write to me the letter. Now I want to tellrnabout myself a little. My name Asmik I from Armenia. To me of 27 yearsrnand I was never married. I live with the daddy in city which refers tornLeninakan. It is very beautiful city. At us in city very pure air. Inrnmy city there are many sights, and as many interesting and remarkablernplaces for rest. We with friends everyone the days off visit cinemarnand restaurants to have a rest from the difficult working days. I workrnas the nurse in local city hospital. My work very much to like me, asrnI like to help people requiring in the help, that is the patient. Tellrnto me about your work? You love your work? Still I like to visitrnvarious sports institutions, and most of all I like to visitrngymnastics. I prefer to hold my body in the good form. I send you thernphoto and I hope, that she is pleasant to you.rnIt would be very interesting to me, if you have more told aboutrnyourselves, I shall wait your story about myself, well?. What yourrncharacter? You love what qualities in women? Whether you have beenrnmarried? What you love entertainments? You like to go in for sports? Irnas shall inform to you more information on me in following e-mail! Irnshall wait from you for the following letter. Your friendrnAsmik.rnHi my dear Richard.rnrnI am glad Richard, that in our relations there is a promotion and wernbecame more close people. I tell often about you to my father andrnfriends. They hope, that will get acquainted with you someday. Richardrnthey insist, that I would acquaint you with them, my father arernespecially. I have told him, that i seriously treat you Richard, alsornthat you the good person. You know Richard, that parents always wishrnchildren only good and are pleased, when their children are happy inrnall. By the way my dad loves fishing and right now he goes pleasedrnhere and speaks, that now he has person, which can be invited forrnfishing. I laughed for a long time and i have told to him, that I dornnot know, would you like it and that he early is pleased. And know,rnwhat he did answer? he has told, that in the summer he will make forrnyou good fishing tackle also he will learn you to cook good fish soup.rnAnd did you tell to close people about me? What they have opinion?rninform me please it. You have any plans concerning our relations? Irnthink, that for us will be very much it is good, if we can spend somerntime together. It will be to strengthen our relations and will help usrnto learn better each other. Probably the next month we can meet. Forrnexample in Europe or the other place. Understand me correctly Richard, irncannot yet to invite you here to me. I live at the parents and for thernpresent not enough I know you for this purpose. We had only messagesrnand I think, that it is better for us to meet in the another place. Irnvery much would want to be alone with you, to see you and a touch tornyou! Dear so we can make full opinion of us to learn about manyrnthings. Lets be to discuss it Richard. I wait for your opinions, I missrnyou i kiss you.rnrn Yours Asmik.rnHi mine lovely Richard! I am very glad to news from you. Richard, Irnnot always can send you letters, therefore you do not worry. As soonrnas I will have opportunity to write to you the letter, I shallrnnecessarily write. In our apartment the telephone is not establishedrnand consequently my computer has no an input in a network. UsuallyrnHouses I write down the message to you on a disk, and then I go withrnit to the girl, familiar to me, in pair of houses from me, that Aboutrnits computer to enter into the Internet and to take away your letters.rnIt is pleasant for me to hear, that you do not forget the family. Thatrnyou help the daddy, and visit mum every day. I hope, that you speak byrnthe truth, that you do not like to injure people. I believe you. I toorndo not like to injure people. Today on work I thought of you and, itrnwas pleasant for me to know, that there is a person, which thinks ofrnme too, reads my ideas and writes something for me. And how yournRichard did you miss me these days? Today i with friends plan to havernsome entertainment. It will be possible some club or a disco, or somernconcert. It is a pity, that you is far now. I think, we could spendrnperfectly together evening. I hope, well do it in the future andrnwell can well have fun. I am sure, that it will be good time for usrnRichard! We shall drink easy wine, then to dance, while our legs canrnmaintain it. And after that we probably shall reach somewherernelse....., and where well make some things. Ideas about it mernbeforehand raise. My imagination very much advanced and I canrnrepresent many details of ours appointment. I think it is time to mernto finish this letter, otherwise I shall write a lot of superfluousrnand I shall have then confusion before you. I wait yours e-mail, myrnlovely. Hugs and kisses!!!rnrn Yours Asmik.rnHi my dear Richard! I am glad again to speak with you!rnI hope, that following your letter will be much more than it.rnBy the way, yesterday I had quite good evening with my friends. Wernwent to club and there there some hours. First we had the good supperrnand a little of champagne, then played bowling and a little danced.rnImpressions have remained good, only when I saw , as some myrngirlfriends danced and kissed their men - I had small envy to them. Irnthought of you and represented that you near me. That you too embracernme and whisper to me on an ear gentle words. And you Richard, when seernaround the in love pairs people, - do you recollect me? How often yournwith the friends reach in any bar or club? When you are in thesernplaces do the girls often try to get acquainted with you? To me veryrnmuch frequently men approach and try to begin acquaintance, but I atrnonce give to them to understand, that with me these things to fail.rnRichard i think often about your letters and i understand, that you isrnserious to me. I too do not look at our dialogue as on an fun, and Irnwrite you some very personal words and things, as to the close person.rnAnd I want to tell to you Richard, that I am glad, i have such man - asrnyou!I wait for your messages and I think of you. My gentle Kisses!rnrnrn Yours Asmik.rn Hi my lovely Richard!rnrnI hope you have good day! i wish it to you. I send you another myrnpicture, probably to those pictures which you already saw, you gotrnused. I hope, that this picture will give again to you good emotions.rnToday I cook food. Byrnthe way, dear, what you usually prefers more in food? What you prefe :rnsweets, meat, a fish? Inform me it Richard. My father and friends veryrnmuch like a meal which I prepare on kitchen. Who knows, can once yournwill try my meal :^) I love many dishes and to select somethingrnparticularly at once difficultly (but it is possible). Since the childhoodrnI love mothers cutlets with a mashed potatoes, the stuffed pepper. Irnlove salads such as " Winter salad " is very popular salad in Armenia,rnthere are always on any celebrating. Also I very much love saladrn"Relish": tomatoes and cucumbers it is finely - finely equal to cut.rnThe onions, are better dark blue, too. In very deep salad dish tornspread all over again cucumbers a layer, then tomatoes, then anrnonions. Then a brynza to cut fine squares and from above. To submitrnseparately sauce "Elefaim" is a mayonnaise mixed with orange juice andrnsomething else. Salad can be salted a little from above, but it isrnunessential. I very much love salads with fresh vegetables, I love arnchicken - grill and a potato fried, muesli and every possible nuts,rnyoghurt a pie and chocolate, ice-cream, bananas and ... Meat - fried,rnbaked, as shashlick (barbecue) and as different meat delicacies,rnchops. I love a fish red, white, everyone. In any kind, but not crude.rnThe society of protection of animals would chain me to a pillory. (thernJoke!:) I love a pizza, all from the puff test very much I love - bothrnsweet, and unsweet. Still I love a water-melon, any apples sweet orrnsour-sweet apples, a strawberry, and others fruit. And still I adorernsweets every possible. But, I always control myself because from sweetrnit is possible to collect excess weight. I love natural juices, andrnCoca-cola, Pepsi. In general I like to try new dishes, for examplernnational dishes. Only do not think, that I the glutton, simply veryrnmuch was lost in day-dreams (a joke!), I always hold myself in normrnand I do not allow to prevail to the food instincts over me. Mmmm wellrni think i must to stop, now I shall give an opportunity to you :) Byrnthe way, we in Armenia have proverb: " the way to heart of the man -rnpasses through his stomach! " I was many times convinced of it whenrnobserved of my father.rnrn my sweet kisses Yours Asmik.rnDear Richard! Thanks for this e-mail from you, your messages are reallyrnvery interesting to me. This week - an existing new theme forrnReflections, and them New ideas raise me. I do not know, as you,rnRichard, but for me start, have importance our exchange e-mail. It - newrnemotions for my heart. For me it is not usual, to get acquainted withrnthe man through the Internet, To send by e-mail, behind of many milesrnfrom me, and it is possible to have The attitude. Irnlive in the country Armenia, in city Lenanikan. It to be far from you,rnin another way to us was not necessary for us The regret is a lot ofrne-mail to learn each other. I do not have anxiety that I have devotedrnfeelings, acquainting With the man on the other hand. It is veryrninteresting to me Feelings - to learn the man with other culture,rnreflection, Traditions. Certainly, all over again our dialogue Irnthought that all this is not serious, and that all this our dialoguernthrough the Internet not reasonably. My friends and my father all overrnagain our dialogue spoke me, that it is not serious, and that all thisrnis no more than simple game. But now I understand, that our dialoguernit not game. Now I know, that I have very good friend abroad. Let,rnwhat even you so it is far from me be. On it I finish my message tornyou Richard. I wait for your messages. Yours Asmik.rnHello Richard. I am pleased, again to see the message from you, everyrnday We start to study each other better, and for me it interestingly arnthing, Yours e-mail. Last time in me on soul - existing The boredom,rnis not present Occurs from any joyful things and your message Now forrnme. As a solar beam. Richard, thanks, that you have written To me somernanswers to my questions. Yours e-mail gradually Helps me tornunderstand, that you the man.rnRichard I send you other picture independently. I hope, that it Wantedrnyou. Tell to me in more detail about family. Whether it is It is a lotrnof in you relatives? What in you with them of the attitude? Asrnfrequently you, To go together? In my family very much closernrelations. I live with the The father. My mother was lost in a casernearthquake which was in 1989 To year. It is very difficult for me nowrnwithout mother. To me was then 10 years. We We live in a convenientrnapartment where there are two occupied Rooms and as Kitchen, balconyrnand bathing. At me there is a room. I unique The child in parents. Myrnfather works as the driver in transport The enterprise. It is engagedrnin transportation of cargoes on city. We like, the friend The friend,rnwe - sometimes we with my father leave in city for entertainment. Inrnthe summer it - a beach, fish. In winter skates, a ski. This good Forrnme time! In private life in me emptiness. Among ecological Me people Irncannot anybody place for serious attitudes. Good Men to begin ever itrnis less and irritating next time, To check up Disappointment whenrnthink it has met suitable The man. Probably, therefore I also havernaddressed to service of acquaintances In the Internet. Probably, herernI can find the man which will be To like, that I have estimated andrnhave understood. Whether there will be for me important rich it- Thernperson also that Work has. I have defined in structure of the man,rnwhich I search from more adult age as I think, that the man, Whichrnlived enough many years, already, possesses experience and hasrnStudying to estimate women and to address with them. I shall be isrnReady to give itself all without the rest such to the man and mernconsider It, that the main advantage the woman - fidelity and skill torndo Family Happy, without quarrels and conflicts. On it I stop Thernletter. Richard, write to me ideas that I have told to you. I wait forrnyours Messages. Yours Asmik.rnHello Richard. It is pleasant, that you have studied my some ideas in myrnprevious letter . Richard, I usually do not speak about deep ideas andrnOpinions, but to you have written, because felt desire to open it Tornyou. I more open person, but probably am sometimes necessary That onernperson was, which can to open and trust - sometimes Frequently it,rnhappens, hardly reflects it is necessary all these things. I Pleasedrnwhich has found in you understanding me, you see, that it happens, notrnFrequently.rnThank Richard, that you have written to me some details about your lifernAnd family, I have close studied it. It has helped me more wellrnUnderstand you and your life, and you become more the close person. Itrnpleases me, that our dialogue with you proceeds. I like dialogue withrnyou, and I would like, that our dialogue would not interrupt.rnI send you my other picture Richard. I think, this picture too isrnpleasant to you. Now I shall go to meet the friends, how I told by himrnwhich got acquainted With you, and to the father also. I tell to myrnfather about you and about our dialogue. Have good day. I wait forrnyour letters. Yours Asmik.rn Hi my dear!rnrnI am glad to your message and thank, that you understand me . You haverna little made laugh me, when have told, that you will sleep on arnfloor, and I on a bed. When we shall meet you, we shall decide, whornwhere will sleep, well? You are, one of those few people Richard, inrnwhich I can find understanding. Dear how was your day? I think veryrnwell! I have some news to you Richard. Today i had telephonernconversation with agency of travel. They have told, that to receivernthe visa of the tourist in your country difficultly, but they can helprnto me. The agent did not discuss all details by phone and we havernappointed the meeting on tomorrow. Tomorrow I shall meet them and willrndiscuss about visa. I hope, lovely, that all will be - well. I havernsome excitement concerning all it, but also I have firm intention tornmeet you dear! Therefore any difficulties and monetary outlay, willrnnot stop me. And well meet. Write to me, dear, give me many forcesrnand energy.rnrn My gentle kisses. Yours Asmik.rnrn

# Date: 2007-04-12