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# Name:       Lidiya Sowyak

# E-mail:

# Address:  Ukraine , Odessa

# Phone:    +380958073095

# Seen at:

# Dangerous: 21%

# Details: wanted money for airfair

# Date: 2007-04-03

Hello my love Chris!!!

All night I was dreaming about you and how will you react to my letter with my exiting news about the possibility to come to you! I was laying in my bed and thinking how it would be nice to meet you in person and to be beside you! I can not think of anything that I want more than to see you and to be with you. I think of how great it will be. To be able to meet your parents and your friends. I want to be able to see where you grew up. To be able to walk with you hand in hand and to learn everything about you. This is what my heart wants, to be with you forever.By now you probably think that I am completely romantic and you will be right! Anyway, at least I completely honest with you and I promised I that I always will be.

As we have written to each other, sharing our thoughts, hopes, dreams and feelings, you have filled my world with joy and happiness and I could never ask for more than that, but you are so generous and I know you will do everything for us. I know that I can talk to you about anything and let you know my most secret thoughts and feelings. You are my dearest friend, my all and I count days for the moment of our first touch.
I can still have a hard time believing that destiny has brought me a man as wonderful as you. I long so much for the day I arrive and you can hold me in your arms.
I'd better go back to the earth ;) but I can not!
I can give you all the information I found out about this trip!

I know for certain that the group will arrive in London April, 11 at 18:35 your time and they will be flying with Lufthansa airline. If you will agree this idea I will be also in that group. And then from London I will be able to fly to you or you can fly to London and we will spend some time there together. It is up to you to decide what is the best option for both of us. And the flight number is LH4830 which arrives at 18:35 your time . I leave London May, 2 at 09:35 your time with flight number LH4751 . I do not want to leave you but my visa will be finished on May, 2
One thing I should tell you is that the bank will charge on approximately 25% from the sum I need for this trip. We have to take this fact into consideration. Anyway they said that Western Union is the safest and the quickest way of sending the money. All you need is to have my full name and country. I will be so happy to inform you that I am flying to you! And I think that the sooner you send the money the better because we both will know that I am coming exactly and nothing can change. As you know my full name Lidiya Sowyak, address is


I am sure that it is a great chance and everybody who knows is talking about this possibility to obtain the Visa to your country! By the way we are lucky I have a wonderful aunt and I should be grateful to her for everything she is doing for us!
I just hope that you are happy as I am and I can not stop dreaming. Our happiness is so close to us! I think it would be great to spend our time with your friends, of course, not all our time ;) Honey, you know, I do not care what we will do. It is enough for me that you will be by my side. Having you in my life is more important to me than anything.
I will be waiting for your next letter with great anticipation! Please do not keep silence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kisses from
your sweet Lidiya

For 1 ticket: 988 $. (+ gathering of the airports).
In total 1 ticket (Á) x (988 $. + 267 $.) = 1255 $. (including gathering)

Flight: Kiev (IEV)-> London (LON)
Airline: Lufthansa Flight: LH3239
Departure: April, 11 2007, 15:05, Borispol Á/p
Arrival: April, 11 2007, 16:55, Dusseldorf Arpt
Places: Ekonom a class, places are
<<<<-city of change Dusseldorf (DUS)->>>>
Airline: Lufthansa Flight: LH4830
Departure: April, 11 2007, 17:55, Dusseldorf Arpt
Arrival: April, 11 2007, 18:35, London City Arpt
Places: Ekonom a class, places are

Time in a way: 5 h. 30 m.

Flight: London (LON)-> Kiev (IEV)
Airline: Lufthansa Flight: LH4751
Departure: May, 02 2007, 09:35, Heathrow
Arrival: May, 02 2007, 12:20, Munich Intl Arpt
Places: Ekonom a class, places are
<<<<-city of change Munich (MUC)->>>>
Airline: Lufthansa Flight: LH3230
Departure: May, 02 2007, 13:00, Munich Intl Arpt
Arrival: May, 02 2007, 16:15, Borispol Á/p
Places: Ekonom a class, places are

Time in a way: 4 h. 40 m.