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# Name:      Ekaterina Nosova

# E-mail:

# Address:  Russia , St. Petersburg

# Seen at:   Friends Reunited (

# Dangerous: 17%

# Details: Scammer wanted my bank account details so that her uncle who lived in India could transfer money and then for me to send money via western union to her so that she could pay for travel expenses. I did a scam check on her and found that no one with that name lived at that address and no one had heard of her locally. Also she does not appear in the local phone directory listing.rnrn

# Date: 2007-03-14

Example Letters...

Hi honey Matthew.

Thank you for your letter. I always happy to get it.
I really miss you and want to meet you in real life. I talked with my
uncle. He ready to help me with money for my travel. I told him about
you. He is happy that I have new friend. He thinks this way it will be
more easy for me to travel. As you know he have a business there, and
he went to India yesterday for business trip. I have not bank account
and my uncle tried to send me money via Western Union. But laws of
India do not allow to carry out the international transfer money via
Western Union. The uncle has asked me as strongly I trust you. I have
told to him that you are good person and I trust to you. My uncle has
suggested me to transfer money to your bank account. Dear if you have
opportunity to do this you can to give me the data of your bank
account and then uncle will transfer money to you. All that will be
necessary to make to you this is take off this money from the account
and to send me via Western Union. I hope that I can expect for your
help. Inform me that you think in this occasion. Dear I will try to
call you and we will talk about this in details. I wait for your
reply. Please write to me as soon as you can.

Hugs and kisses Katya.

Hello my new friend Matthew!

I'm so happy to Start communicating with you. I think you are a very
romantic, careful and sensitive person as I am. Let me tell you a
little bit about myself. I'm 28 years old. I live in St.Peterburg.I
have graduated St.Peterburg State University medicine and have a
diploma of Speciality of the stomatologist. But this is not a very
popular profession in Russia. This way I work as a as the professional
the doctor, in the individual stomatologic company. This is a hard
work. I have a uncle he lives in UK cause he works in a company
which has a business in India. He promised me to help to travel to
your country. I think this is a great idea. That is why I started to
search friends in your country. I have many friends here but I have no
my soul mate. I hope to find not only friend... I really want to find
a man who will love and take care of me. This is my dream and I'll be
the happiest woman in the world if I'll find my soulmate. I'd be happy
if you will be... I was in many countries of Europe, I not to time was
not in your contry. That is why I want to travel as soon as possible.
I'm going to stay there about 3 months. Let me also tell you about my
hobbies. I like disco, I like dancing with my friends. I like
different kinds of music. All depends on my mood. I also like to visit
theatres and cinema. Last film I have seen was Volkodav. This is a
very interesting film. Have you seen it? I like different styles of
clothers from classical to sportive. I like to cook. My favorite food
is Italian. Honey, If you have questions please ask me. I'll try to
answer all of them. I'm finishing my letter and will be waiting for
your reply.