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# Name:      Brenda

# E-mail:

# Address:  Nigeria , Ibadan

# Seen at:   IwantU

# Dangerous: 12%

# Details: She wanted I sent to her 232$ for passport and visa througth western union. I have offered to buy the flight tickets and return the money her for the passport and visa, when she was wiht me. She refuses and said she was not be able to get the 232 $ in advance. For me was clear, she wanted only the 232 $, not me.

# Date: 2007-02-19

Hello Toni,

OK about the flight ticket if you think that you can buy it here no problems i will be there atthe airport and as soon as i gte the passport i will send you the passport number and all the data that you asked for so that i can get the ticket. So when are you going to send the money for passport and visa,, we are running out of time and we really need to get things started now so that we can make the date that we have chosen for the flight.

Yes Lagos is right for me.

Hello Brenda,
On Friday I have asked to my bank why I had no the option for transfer money out of Europe in the menu of my Internet banking service. They have responded to me that I would have to open an international account. My present account is simple and have less banking commissions. I believe that the best thing would be than your father advanced the money to pay the cost of the visa. If it is necessary, I give the money when you come here. I am not millionaire, but I have to pay the flight tickets, well, I will make a little bit more, and I will pay also the cost to you of the visa, when you are here with me. In my opinion is the better solution. Do you think is it all right ?
Best wishes for us

Hello Toni,
It is nice to read from you again, you have spoken well from what i was able to hear from you, though we did not talk alot but the most important thing is that i have been able to hear your voice on the phone.

I went to dad to ask him if he could help me with such money but he told me that he does not have it and i told him about you not been able to transfer moneyf rom you account but he told me that there is a means called the western union money transfer through which you can transfer money, so i think that it would be better you look for the nearest western union location that is the closest to you in Germany and send it to me there, i am happy that we have finally found an easy and fast means of sending the money that is very good.