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# Name:      Cristina Brown

# E-mail:

# Address:  South Africa , Cape Town

# Seen at:

# Dangerous: 13%

# Scam scenarios:   This is the first e-mail I have recieved ,i have notified the website, but haven't heard back yet .

# Details: This is the first e-mail I have recieved ,i have notified the website, but havent heard back yet .rnrnis4real rn - 34 y/o femalern - chicago, USArn - English, English, Englishrn - medical nursern - Have no childrenrn - Last logged in: 2007-02-01 13:43:12rn - E-Mail or ID: 18415rn

# Date: 2007-02-03

Thanks for contacting me and showing some intrest in me.when i went through
ur profile i really liked it and found both of us compatible but am stucked
up in africa and i need help to get back home.if you can give us a try and
help me back home am sure we can makes something work outa this.i'm on a
research trip to africa with a friend who intended to introduce me to some
bussiness.we planned to make findings about the level of availability and
exportation of cash crops especially cocoa product in africa.i never knew
that my friend had different the end of our finding. she left
the hotel with all i had, including my money and some valueable items.she
only left a note for me that she had left for CANADA .i reported the case to
the hotel manager who was indifferent about the issue.all he want now is the
hotel bills paid.i have nothing on me now.i cant afford the bills .The hotel
manager have seized my passport and insisted that the bill must be paid. i
have a round trip ticket which is gonna expire soon.all i need now is to pay
the bills and get back home immediately.There is nobody i can turn to right friend was the only person i had and parents died in a car
accident 5 years ago and the only sister i have in ireland is a nuisance,she
is a addicted to drugs.i dont know where i can found her.i will appreciate
you helping out of this hell that i have found myself.............I will like to read from you soon.........