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# Name:      Elena Karpuz

# E-mail:

# Address:  Ukraine , Lugansk

# Seen at:

# Dangerous: 17%

# Details: I contacted Lena at Date Me Free. She responded and we began communication. She avoided many questions and asked very little about me. It took 4 letters to finally get her full name although I asked for it many times. She told me that she was born in 1978 and that she was 27 years old. She must be sending me old copy and paste letters because if she was born in 1978, she would be 28. I asked her about this and she did not respond. I got the letter from her translation agency today. She says that she uses the agency because she has no computer skills. However, she sent me a photo of herself sitting at a computer. Her e-mail address is registered to known scammer Vladimir Gabrelyan in Moscow.

# Date: 2007-01-28

Letter #1


I am so happy to hear from you! It is wonderful to have received
another letter from you. I am looking for a serious relationship with
a good and caring man. but you probably know it from my profile. I
hope I will not be disappointed in this search. I am very temperate
and easy going, yet I am very romantic and passionate as well. I am
looking for and needing a stable and loving man in my life. I need a
man who wants to be a partner as well as a lover. I need a man who has
that passion burning in hisheart for me, so strongly that he will give
me all of himbody and you think i ask for much? but i am just
such kind of person. i send you my photo, maybe it is not of the best
quality, but here you can see me as i am. i was told i am
good-looking, and i like take care about myself, i want to stay fit
and sexy for the man i love.hope you have attraction to me even now,
when we don't know each other well, i think it is very important. I
look forward to hearing from you again. here i am at
Please tell me more about you and you life, you family, and your
goals. i will be glad to receive your photos, but I also want to get
to know the person inside (who you are). Until we talk again!


Letter #2

Hi Wayne,

Thank you for your letter and photos. Your Bubba is very beautiful
parrot. I hope this first letter will lead to something more then just
usual friendship or pan pals. And i want to know you better. Please,
tell me about yourself, your life style, family. have you any hobby?
I'll be very glad to get from you a nice letter. It's the first time
in my life I am writing a letter to a man I've never met personally
before. And my heart is full of expectations, emotions and hopes. I
believe we can find some mutual dreams and our correspondence will
help us with it.

Now I will try to tell you more about myself. It is hard to start a
relationship through letters. So I feel we need to know as much as
possible about each other. Iím very much a romantic soul I believe
that when you find your soul mate everything in life will be brighter.
I also believe that love can change anything.

I was born December, 28th, 1978, so it makes me 27 years old. My
friends usually call me short "Lena" but my full name is Elena. I like
both names. I was born in Kramatorsk, it is a small town in the East
of Ukraine. but now i spend almost all my time in the bigger city
nearby, because i work there. I have left a college of Public
nutrition as a retail trade executive and after that I had graduated
from the Commercial university Marketing management faculty. At this
time I work at the local concert hall as a junior manager. Of course,
it's not a dream job, but it is rather interesting occupation for me
and I have good skills so I like it. and i also like singing very
much, and i participate in different song contests. of course i am not
a star, but it is hobby of mine. I live with my parents: my mother
doesn't work temporarily, my father works for several years as a sales
manager. I also have a brother, his name is Max. he works as a DJ on
the local radio station. you can see our picture together. I love my
family and I do my best to take care of them. and also some words
about my pictures. i hope you enjoy them. as i told you i think
physical attraction is very important. Here is the one which is
professionally taken, i myself like it very much. when i started
searching profiles, i understood that i don't have good photos of
myself, and i made just a few to show you. the other one is as i told
you, with my brother, and one more is just me at the balcony of our
apartment. if you want to see some more photos of me just ask and i
will be glad to share them with you...but one condition. i also would
like to have some photos from you! deal?

I wish to let you know that I think you are a very interesting person
and i want to know you better. From your letters I believe you are
smart and very caring. These are very good traits to have and are
something I desire in my future partner. Please let me know what you
are looking for in your future partner. I will wait impatiently for
your letter.

have a nice day, Lena

Letter #3

Hello Wayne,

nice to talk to you again!:)) Thanks a lot for your letter and nice
photos. I like them very much. I appreciate your sincere interest in
me. I guess, we both want to know each other better so it would be my
pleasure to know more about your life and hobbies. I'll be happy to
hear you again. Please, tell me something else from your your life.

I still want to know more about you...... ;-)))
What was your last dream you have seen in the night ?
What was the last book you have read ?
If you were an animal who would you be ?

Perhaps my questions are a bit unusual but I do not like doing usual
things at all as it makes our life colorless. Besides that while
answering unusual questions one thinks a lot and sometimes even founds
out something new in himself... ;-)))

My favorite time of the year is summer because I love to be outdoors
when it is warm and the sun is shining bright. Just to lie in the sun
on the beach and be by the water is the best relaxation. I love the
sound of waves and I love to swim. do you? and last summer i had a
chance to go to Alushta, it is a nice resort at the Black sea. you
remember i told you i sing rather good? so i was invited to
participate in the song contest dedicated to the day of town, and here
i enclose some photos from there. on the first one it is me on the
stage while i was singing. the second is from the beach of
Alushta..oh, i really enjoyed my time! unfortunately, i didn't win,
but anyway it was great.

what else can i tell you... I am easy-going, talkative and tolerate,
so I have many friends. Unfortunately, I don't have much time for
spending my time with them. There is a thing I must confess. I have a
dream to learn English well, but at the time I am not able to make it
come true That is why I use the services of the translation company.
They help me to translate our letters. I believe it haven't made you
feel upset. Besides, I also don't have any computer skills and I've
never used Internet and other necessary stuff. I know that it is my
problem and I will certainly fix it as soon as I get an ability.

I always hope for the best. I hope that my dreams will come true and I
will be united with the most dearest person in the world. Family is my
biggest goal in life. I don't think I can live alone. Of course, I
have friends but I want know that my husband is waiting for me. Or to
wait for him if he comes later. I want to go to sleep behind wrapping
my arm around him. I am very serious with you!i hope you are the

your Lena

Letter #4

Hello my darling Wayne,

How are you today?

My full name Is Elena Karpuz. My address is 91000,Zhukova Block,7,
Lugansk Ukraine. I am 28. My height is 167 cm, and my weight is 52 kg.
I have left a college of Public nutrition as a retail trade executive
and after that I had graduated from the Commercial university
Marketing management faculty. At this time I work at the local concert
hall as a junior manager. Of course, it's not a dream job, but it is
rather interesting occupation for me and I have good skills so I like
it. and i also like singing very much

You know I have noticed one strange thing I really miss your letters.
It's really like a miracle when two person who live in the different
parts of the world find each other and open their hearts to each
other. I am a kind of pragmatic person and if someone told me few days
ago that I will miss a person I have never seen I would just laugh
into his or her face... But now I really miss you and think of you a
lot all my day long.

Thank you so much for answering . Darling, this letter is very hard
for me to write. Not because I am not interested, But because I so
very much am attracted to you and every word in your letter. You have
ALL the same attitudes and thoughts that I do. And I so very much want
to correspond with you. But I do not want to decieve you in any way. I
see something so very touching and special in you .I have been in a
torment over this since you wrote me.

Thank you very much for your letter, it was great to hear from you
again and I really hope that our communication will lead to something
serious in the future. Who knows, only time will show. But i must say
that, so far so good. My first impression of you is very good and I
have a feeling that it will get better :-). It looks like you are a
man that any woman would be proud to call her husband. Life is very
beautiful, especially when there are two of us. I feel ready to give
my love, my energy, my time, my tenderness, my happiness and my life
to the man who will be the one for me (as well as I will be the one
for him). I am eager to discover your inner world, which is
undoubtedly beautiful.

I would really love to keep in touch with you.

Letter #5

Dear Sir

we apologize for interrupting your correspondence with lady Elena but
we are to inform you that Elena has been using the services of letters
translation and Internet provided by our translating company.
unfortunately, we cannot translate your last letter to your friend, as
her account is over and she cannot pay it anymore. she is very much
interested in you and asked to inform you about this. Elena hopes not
to lose contact with you.

in case you you feel like help her we are glad to introduce the
information about our services to you. please write the request to the
e-mail address of your lady and our managers will answer you as soon
as possible. you can also get all the necessary information with the
following phone numbers:

+1 315 849 5771 (USA)
+3 8 095 686 23 66 (Ukraine)

Please mind the time difference. our working hours are 9am-5pm. we are
glad to be in service for you.

Hoping for our future collaboration,
Faithfully yours,
Igor Stravinsky
Executive manager.