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# Name:      Anya Zolyshka

# E-mail:

# Address:  Russia , Sanchursk

# Seen at:   American Singles

# Dangerous: 13%

# Details: Wrote hoping to have a real relationship; no deceit. We wrote a few letters and I told her that I had corresponded with many Russian women and that they tried to get me to send money for a visa and tickets. Her letters stopped immediately. I wonder why.

# Date: 2007-01-26

Letter - With huge pleasure I receive your letter and I speak you hello also.

I want to tell to you all over again many thanks, that you have written to me. I can assume, that you too are interested in acquaintance to me.

It is very pleasant for me to realize, that my hopes and search good are not only at me, but also at you also.

I want to get acquainted with you closer. I shall answer all your questions because always there are questions to the person, which get acquainted.

I think, that you assume, that I write not only to you. I am in research of men abroad. I think, that is possible you also have written

and write not only me. But, please, excuse if you write only to me and I speak, that I write still to someone except for you.

I think, that you have questions to me and most important of them likely in what you will ask me from where I live.

I live in city Sanchursk. And it to be in Russia though I spoke you. I have lived all life here. I also am glad,

that you are not frightened distances to write to me. In fact this really huge distance between us. But I do not think, that it can prevent for acquaintance.

I shall tell, that I am very glad, that between us the sympathy has appeared. And I shall ask the God that he has not allowed our sympathy to collapse.

If you to me write to talk simply not wishing any continuation I can tell at once to you, that I not for the sake of dialogue search for the man

on the Internet. Simple games and correspondence without any desire to find half are not necessary for me.

I do not want a deceit. Also I ask you to be with me frank and fair in all and from the first message.

I ask it as I heard, that it is a lot of deceit on the Internet. I do not assume you personally.

I only do not know you well, but very much I want to know.

I shall be do everything, that in my forces to support our acquaintance at a necessary level.

There can be you will tell now, that I am too young and we have a distinction in the age of.

And I think, that you can remember, that to me of 29 years. But it is not for me a problem because I have written to you meaningly.

I want to have relations with the man which is more senior than me. It gives confidence that we will not have mistakes which usually

are at people more youngly.

I hope, that you understand me. And I hope also, that our acquaintance will proceed is not dependent on distinctions of age and a place of residing.

If you had still other questions to me I shall answer them in the following letters. Well?

Yours faithfully to you.


Letter - I am very glad, that you have written to me again. And I want to speak you Hello again.

I hope, that all is good with you. How are you doing?

Though I wish you goods always, and day and night.

I really like to realize, that is the person on the Earth to which I became interesting very much.

Even if this person to be so is far from me, and us shared the big distances.

I am happy, that you want learn me. I so hoped, that you will write to me again and you have justified my expectation.

There can be it destiny, that we have met in this huge internet.

You know, that when there should be something and you feel it, it necessarily occurs.

And I felt it, when have gone to cafe the Internet. There can be our hearts searched for love...

Probably the friend... Time will prompt us.

As has passed your evening. Ballet has liked you? I seldom have an opportunity to look ballet.

And now I want to tell to you little bit more about myself. Me have named Anna and me has named so my father.

To me as you know 29 years. I know, that probably I look much more youngly in my pictures.

And to me frequently spoke, that I am looked at the girl who has less, than 25 years.

To me to like when to me speak such compliments and it really a compliment for me.

In Russia it is accepted, that the girl should not speak the man the age.

But without knowledge of my age it I think, that would be impossible, that learn each other.

I also want to tell to you, that my birthday on April, 10. And I was born 1977.

Within these years of my life I have gone through much. Were both the good moments and bad.

I think, that you could tell also. But it is our life.

I think, that we should accept our destiny such what is. And I always try to be the optimist.

I know, that feelings have no borders and consequently has decided to try to find the friend far abroad.

In hope, that this friend becomes for me the most close person in due course.

I think, that you saw mine profile. But profile for me my girlfriend helped to register this.

She lives in America now. She very much wants, that I have found mine loved man.

She wants, that I was happy and very much to worry for me.

She also has paid creation of this structure by the credit card. Therefore in a structure it is written, that I live in America.

And she spoke, that it was necessary, that it was possible to pay for a structure.

I also would like to tell, that I go in for sports on a regular basis.

I love, when my figure is in good condition and I like to be vigorous for all day.

And you love sports? Tell what kind of sports you like to be engaged.

I think, that anyone the man wants, that close there was a girl at whom it is pleasant to look.

I run with the girlfriend in the mornings. It is easy jog for 15 minutes. I do it approximately 4 times a week.

I nearly have not overlooked to tell to you, that I work as the waitress in cafe " IRSA WAWEL ".

But earlier I worked as the seller in small shop. I very much hope, that my ideas go to you in that kind,

In which I them want to tell. If something is not clear for you, ask me about it.

I with pleasure shall answer you with details.

I wait, that you will write about yourselves. Than you are engaged? Where you work?

At me the limited time for work with the Internet as I do not have computer.

It does is more difficult continuation of our dialogue. At any opportunity I shall check the email.

With hope, that you have written to me. And I shall answer you, I shall share the pleasure.

I hope, that I can write every day to you and check the letter box.

I send you the photo. Send me also the.

I wish you all good.

On this phrase I shall finish the letter.

I wait for your letter.


Letter - I am happy to receive from you the message. As it is pleasant for me to hear from you, that you want as that we have met. h, I so am glad it to hear it from you. Really we start to approach with you? I so am happy to receive your letter, that my heart is beaten such fast rhythm, it is simple cannot will calm down from your told words. I even feel, it wants to jump out of my breast, it is so strongly beaten. It is a pity, that you cannot feel it and even to listen. It speaks you, I love you. It so is pleasant.

I want to tell to you, that we have today a holiday Christmas. I shall go to my girlfriend and we with her shall have a celebratory supper. It is a pity, that you will not be number, I shall miss and dream of you. I as hope, that we as can have this holiday together. Certainly, I shall hope only for the most good and to think, always about you. You will always stay in my dreams. I shall be always with you in your dreams as. I never shall forget you, I shall think only of you. I shall be prays to the god every day that with you all was good. I very much worry for you and I miss you. I the truth am very happy, that have found you. You to me dear.

To me now so it is lonely in this cold and windy weather. I want to tell to you, that at us a strong wind and as we have a snow. It wet, in the street not so it is cold, but nevertheless it is very wet and it is dirty. But me all this is not terrible, as your letters heat me your care of me. I now think only of you and I can not concentrate on the letter. My ideas about you. As you there without me, that you make, I think of you. To me the truth alone and I cannot think of what except for you. I do not know, that to you to write. I want to present you a kiss, no, I want you to embrace, no, I all this want to make it simultaneously. I want you to caress, my lovely. I hope to you my letter is pleasant, I do not want that you longed. I nevertheless think of you.

I shall wait for your letter with impatience. Yours Anya.