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# Name:      Elena Kislitsyna

# E-mail:

# Address:  Russia , Nizhny Novgorod

# Seen at:   ISO Personals

# Dangerous: 13%

# Scam scenarios:   She wanted me to pay for her internet cafe bill of $114.

# Details: She wanted me to pay for her internet cafe bill of $114.rnrnHello my love Rick !rnI am very glad to see your letter.rnI am glad that you are ready to help me!rnYou my love! You my savior! rnYou so kind person and very much you I love!rnYes I talked to the manager the Internet of cafernand it has told to me that you can send me of money through " Western Union ".rnIt has told that it is very good company which rnis engaged in remittances all over the world.rnShe is almost in all cities and at you in your city she too is.rnIt has explained to me as you can send me of money.rnYou should learn where to be it the company in your city. rnThen you should go there and allow him my information.rnrncountry - Russiarnname - Elenarnsurname - Kislitsynarncity - Nizhni NovgorodrnPushkins street 18 apartment 14rnpostal index - 603005rnrnThis information will be necessary for you to send money.rnWhen you will send money in 20 minutes I can receive them from myself in city.rnBut your exact information will be necessary for this purpose for me:rnyour name,surname,country,city and MTCN which you receive code when you will send money. rnThe manager has told to me where to be " Western Union " at us in cityrnand it is very close to my house, approximately in 5 minutes.rnDear mine I have written all that you need to send me of money.rnNow all depends only on you. rnMy love Rick I ask you will make it faster as I do not want to lose you.rnI love you also you my savior.rnI shall wait very much for your letter.rnrn1000 kiss for my favourite, my savior Rick !

# Date: 2007-01-21