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# Name:      Ana Statsenko

# E-mail:

# Address:  Russia , Moscow

# Seen at:   She contacted me, from Yahoo, I guess?

# Dangerous: 13%

# Related reports: 2162   

# Details: She was going through an agency to come to America, and all was in order. Then her mother become ill. She had to use all of her travel money, plus the money for the agency for her mothers doctor, and now needed $3000 to come to the US. Shed pay me back asap.rnrnDate: Tue, 16 Jan 2007 03:45:02 +0300rnFrom: Ana Statsenko rnTo: Randy rnSubject: Two news for you, Randy.rnrnHello Randy.rnrnRandy, I tried to call you some times and I could do it. I am sorryrnyou were out. I probably missed time. I left a message on yourrnanswering machine. At least you may hear my voice. Hope you will likernit. When I called I was very exciting and it was bad connection.rnI am sorry if it was difficult to understand me. Anyway I am happy Irncould called you.rnrnThank you for your support. I have good news for you. ;-)rnToday my mother had been operated. The doctor said everything wentrnwell. He tells my mother will recover in few weeks. She just shouldrnkeep her new regimen and follow doctors recommendations. She will stayrnat hospital for a while and may return home by my departure. I thankrnGod there were no problem and difficulties in procedure. My mother isrnalive and I am really happy. I know real happiness is when your closernpeople feel good! rnrnRandy these days were awful for my father and me. I am glad we wentrnthrough it with my father. It made us more close. Its still a littlernsad when I see no mother at home and only my father sitting in hisrnarmchair. But now everything will be allright.rnI know, I have a feeling. ;-)rnrnAnother news is not too good. That person refused to deal with me. Hernwas my client when I worked in Zub clinic and tried to court me forrna long time. He is wealthy man but I cant stand some of hisrnqualities. He is too bombastic and greedy. When he heard my request hernlaughed and asked why I should go to the USA if I can live comfortablernlife with him. It was unpleasant to hear these words and I cut therntalking. rnrnHe didnt give me a loan. He said he refused me because I refused himrnthat time. Randy, can you believe it? How did he dare to comparernthese things? He wants to buy love. But its impossible. Really, therernare people who think that way? I cant understand it. He said I wouldrnleave for the States and cheat him and he cant return his money. NowrnI see his real face, he judge people by himself and he doesnt knowrnwhat means "to give a word". I am glad I have no relations with him.rnAnd I was silly to depend on him. rnrnAfter the talking I tried other options I had. I was in several banksrntrying to take a loan from them. But I was unsuccessful. They dontrndeal with me because I am unemployed currently and I dont have anyrnproperty to secure a loan. I sold my appartment and invested all thernmoney in my business in St.Petersburg that I lost. Also I asked myrnfriends for help but they dont have such big money. I am so sad andrnconfused. rnrnRandy I have a favour to ask of you. Help me to come there, please.rnI wish I was able to do everything by my own but things didnt workrnout. I dont like to borrow money and I will never do it if I hadrnanother way. You know my flight is on January 20. And I must payrn$3000 to my agency for their service to get all the papers from themrnand fly to New York. I wont be able to find money here and I cantrndelay it. rnrnI cant come later because I am not working currently and I cant savernup the money. My certificate will lose validity if I wont work.rnAnother reason is that I signed the agreement for a fixed period. Irnmust come there in December otherwise they wont give me a vacancy.rnrnI will reimburse all the sum to you in one month. I countedrneverything. I will be paid in two weeks after I start working and Irnwill pay you $1000 that time. Another $2000 I will return to you inrnone month. If you want I can pay extra money to you. I will earn atrnleast $5000 a month and theyll provide an appartment for me so I willrnbe able to do it. rnrnI will come to New York city and call you from there. Ill choose thernplace as close to you as possible. I will get the contract there fromrnmy employer and let you know all the details about my place ofrnemployment and my residence. You can meet me in New York city if yournwant to, but I will stay there just for a day. Next day Ill come tornyou. rnrnRandy I dont know anyone in the USA except you. And from ourrncorrespondence I see you are the man with nice soul and I like you. Irncant tell you I love you or promise anything because we never met. Irnjust want you to know that I have the warmest feeling for you. And Irnwant to develop something more between us. If things wont work outrnwell stay good friends. I know its not right to confuse relationsrnwith money and I was burned once. But I beleive we are enough maturernto manage it. You wont lose your money, I am a woman of my word. I amrnhonest and open. You know what this travel means for me. I just cantrnmiss this chance. I wont cheat or hurt you. I appreciate you veryrnmuch. You can trust me. rnrnI have already told you my plans and intentions. I want to come there,rnmake some money and open my clinic again. I also want to find goodrnman to love and enjoy our life together. It seems to me Ive alreadyrnfound this man... perhaps...YOU. Moreover we can be the partners. Illrnneed someone to help me with business. Randy I cant think my futurernruined. I cant give it up. I know you can help me.rnPlease, do it for me!rnrnI will wait for your answer with all my hope.rnYours always.rnAnarnrnrnp.s. I want to assure you that I am honest. I send you scan of myrnpassport.rnrnAnd here is my address in Moscow. rnrnAnastasiia Statsenkorn51-15 Keramicheskiy pr.rnMoscow Russia 127591

# Date: 2007-01-16