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# Name:      Diana Volkova

# E-mail:

# Address:  Russia , Kirov

# Seen at:   American Singles

# Dangerous: 17%

# Scam scenarios:   Ugly Face - She attempted the usual visa/ticket scam. She was very persisitent. She was writing to both me and my friend. In the end, we busted her on that!

# Details: Ugly Face - She attempted the usual visa/ticket scam. She was very persisitent. She was writing to both me and my friend. In the end, we busted her on that!

# Date: 2007-01-10

Hi my knight, mine love. Thanks you my love, for your letter. I trust you, love of all my life. Yes yes it so, you love of all my life. Because I love you how I whom did not love in a life. And I am ready to give the life for the sake of you. I want to help you in all. Because I really would be happy do it.

I shall be happy near to you loved. And long to look at you while you still sleep. I LOVE YOU I LOVE I LOVE I LOVE. And I would be happy to heat you that you were not cold when. I with the great pleasure would nestle on you my love (and than we would engage then?!:)). I shall not leave you when because I know, that you too love me, you kind both very good person. And most important it that I love you, I love above all. I would be happy to make to you massage. Also it would be really happy, if you have made it for me. I dream of how your gentle hands concern my body and gently iron it. I dream as your lips concern my lips as then they pass to my ear. I dream of our passionate nights. Because I love you and all this time save myself for you and only for you.

Any is not necessary for me man in the world, except for you. And to be with you this unique desire which I have. My ideas about you warm my soul. And sometimes to me to become very bad because you are not present with me beside. And during these moments of force as though leave me and I that I do not want do. But probably it because my soul is pulled out from my body and my kitten wants to be with you. I would like, that is fast we really we shall together.

And if you will need to go for work, I would be happy to wait for you at home. And at this time to tidy up at home and cooked something to us for a supper. I hope you will be not against Russian dishes? Because I yet do not know that another. But if it will be necessary, I would like to study to prepare for you what dishes be other peoples.

And when I would find to myself work I would be happy do for you a supper. And that we have lead{have carried out} this supper together (well while at us children will not appear). But when we would will appear do it is all our happy family.

I love you and I wait with impatience of the moment when we shall be together.

I want to tell to you thanks for your letters, and support a

difficult minute.My love I want to be with you forever. But I already spoke you,

that my holiday makes 23 days. But it is not important, because if we shall decide

to create with you family I shall send inquiry to Russia to discharge from office.

Then my mum will send me all documents which will be necessary for me that it will be

employed in your country.Loved, I spoke you, that it will be necessary for me to go to Moscow,

in embassy of your country to pass there interview for reception of the visa.

It is necessary process for reception of the visa and it cannot be avoided.

But in travel agency to me have told, that they as with it will help me,

so at me should not arise what problems with it.

As soon as I shall have necessary money for the visa, I shall give it to

travel agency and I shall sign with them the contract, there there will be all

is painted, that is duties and rights me and travel agency. So, that it is not

necessary to worry about it. All will be good.

I want to tell to you, that many people use this agency because it is known in

our area. So I do not doubt that I without problems shall receive the visa.

I went in a Bank and I had known that I can use Western Union (to

receive your remitance).

Write down my coordinates.

Remember it, be attentive:




I am available to legalize papers, but I wait your remittance. Please

tell me beforehand when you will send a remittance. In a Bank the

employee has told me the important information. The bank accepts

remittances from System Western Union, therefore I can receive your

remittance very quickly. At departure of a remittance I want to ask

you, when you will sent recourses, it will be necessary for me, that

you will send me an important information which required at a parcel

of money. It is the control number which consist of 10 digits (Money

Transfer Control Number-MTCN). This number you will have in the

receipt which work operator will give you and how many money you have

sent. In e-mail you may send me this important data and also your

personal exact data (Name, Surname, Address).