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# Name:      Elvira Gayazova

# E-mail:

# Address:  Russia , Kazan

# Seen at:   American Singles

# Dangerous: 17%

# Scam scenarios:   Same exact (word for word) letters as we have all seen a hundred times.

# Details: Same exact (word for word) letters as we have all seen a hundred times.

# Date: 2007-01-02

Letter - Hi sweetheart, How are you, how was your day? I thinking about
you all day long today, and can't wait for the day of our meeting. I
need to tell you something serious. I was in the agency again
today and I talked to the payment of all my trip and how much it will
totally cost for me. Honey, as my visa will be ready in 2 weeks and
not like usual in 2- 2.5 monthes, yesterday I had to pay 400 USD for
it. Today, travel agent told me that I will have to pay about 1153 USD
more for the all trip package, it will be my double ticket, insurance
and road to the airport in moscow. Honey, I really did not think that
it would be so much and it seems to me that I will not have enough to
pay for all, I have some money and will try to take something from my
parents, I think it will be about 300 USD, I am very shy about this
but all I have to do is ask you, if you will be able to help me with
the rest of the money. I need only 850 USD. I don't know what
you will answer me, but I just hope you tell me the truth. You know
how I wish you this day and how this is serious and important for me,
and I don't want that the problem because of money will stop this for
us, but I also understand that sometime we can't control our life.
Well, darling, I really hope that I don't get you into some troubles,
I just want to tell you over ad over, that I need you and very much
want to see you soon. Write me back please and have a good night, I
hope to see you in my night dream today.

Love and kisses, Elvira
Letter - Hi my sunshine!! It is so nice to see your lovely note in my
mail box . It make me smile and my heart began beating faster. I was
in the one of the bank today, and took full information about sending
the money. For the first you should find a bank where is the "Western
Union" office, they told me that you should not have any problems with
finding such bank as is is very wide sistem. When you will send the
money, you should write my full name Elvira Gayazova and address
Russia, 420000, Kazan, Street Kremlin, 16-1. When I get the money
here, I should know your full name and address, and also when you sent
the money, you will get the money transfer control number (MTCN),
which you should give to me, I will not be able to get the money
without this number. Honey, I think that this would be the best way to
transfer the money to me, and as soon as I get them, I will go to the
agency and will make final payment for my trip. So, honey, I want to
ask you to be ready to do it in some days, ok?
Ohh, honey, before I forget, I need your opinion to one question. I
has been suggested to work in another very good firm of pharmacy, I
will take a better post there, but will get money not little then at
the old work, but I will have development of my career there, so I
would like to hear your recomendation, what will you advise me.

Honey, I will go now, and will miss you all the time

Yours Elvira

Merry Christmas my dear !!!