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# Name:      Alina Koroleva

# E-mail:

# Address:  Ukraine , Lugansk

# Seen at:   American Singles

# Dangerous: 13%

# Scam scenarios:   Money for translation.

# Details: The usual 3 letter scam from Lugansk and then money is needed to pay for translation services and until it was paid, she would not be able to write me.. I sent another letter to same e-mail address from my secondary e-mail account and I received a reply from Alina.

# Date: 2006-12-30

Letter - Thank you for using our services.

We want to inform you that we gave you all the necessary information
to make a transfer through Western Union service for your lady. Here
it is:
Country: Ukraine
City: Luhansk
The name of your lady: Alina Koroleva

If you don`t have a possibility to visit the office of Western Union
and if you live in the USA or Canada, you can transfer the money
on-line using your credit card.
You can visit web site and during 15 minutes
you'll be able to send money from your credit card.

You are absolutely free to ask us any questions, we will answer
them immediately. You can always contact us with the help of this

With respect,
Administration of translation agency "Bilingual"
Letter - Dear Sir,

We want to inform you, that we will have to stop your correspondence
with Alina because she can not pay for our services. As you know,
Alina is using the services of the translation agency, we help her to
translate the letters from you and translate and send her letters.
Unfortunately, Alina can not make the payment now. She asked us to
tell you about this situation. We use Alina's e-mail address to write
you to avoid any misunderstandings, also, we want to tell you, that
Alina is well informed about all our actions.

Of course, if you wish to continue your correspondence with Alina, you
may make the payment for her. You can become the client of our
translation agency and help your lady with the payment in future.

Here is some information about our agency:

The name of our agency is "Bilingual" Our office is situated in Lugansk,
Ukraine. We aren't the marriage or dating agency, we do
not work in this area, so we don not have a web-site in the Internet,
all the information you need you can read here.

We offer our clients such services as translating from
English into Russian and from Russian to English. Also, we give our
clients the access to the Internet, we make printing and scanning,
and also we have a delivery service(this is a special offer for our

You are absolutely free to ask us any questions, we will answer
them immediately. You can always contact us with the help of this

With respect,
Administration of translation agency "Bilingual"
Letter - Hi, Jessey!

Of course we will keep in touch!
Well, I think we are interested in each other! :) Am I right?
I hope so. We'll open our worlds to each other and we will see,
what this life is preparing for us! Will you let me to introduce
myself in details? I'm a young girl, I'm 22 and I'm so happy
living in this world! I enjoy life, I'm happy to be in this world
each minute of the hour, every hour of the day.

My native city is Lugansk, I live here now. I like this city: it is
small, but cosy. Lugansk is an industrial city and there are a lot
of factories, but we have a beautiful nature here too. We even have
some rivers. Honestly speaking, life in Ukraine is not so great, but
nothing can make me feel sad. My family is small, but very loving
and open: I live with my mother in a small flat. My father died when I was
10, it was a very sad moment in my childhood, I loved my father and he
was a great man. But... "God works in mysterious way" I have a sister,
she 29 and she lives in Russia with her husband.

Now, something about my work. I work with children in the rehabilitation
centre, it is like a special hospital for the children who need help.
It is not well-paid, because it is state, so government doesn't give us
enough funds, but I like my job, I like working with the children and
helping them every day. I feel, that I do something important and
good. Maybe, also I work there because I love children and I want to
have mine someday. I've graduated from the Medical college, it was a
great time studying there, I've met a lot of friends at the college.
It seems to me, that I have a happy life, but I feel myself lonely,
and don't have a beloved man to share a joy and sadness of this life!
There are a lot of men here, but I surely don't want to be with them.
Why? Because I think, that Ukrainian men are selfish and it is impossible
to trust them. I feel, that my prince is waiting for me somewhere, but
not in this country. Once, I read an article in the newspaper, it was
written there, that a lot of women from Ukraine have found their soulmates
abroad. Well, I decided to try! It was a hard work to get to know everything,
but I did it. I have just a little problem: I don't speak English
and I don't have a computer at home! But everything is possible and
simple: I've just found a translating agency, so they help me.
So, here I am! My heart is open and my soul is ready to love!

Honey, I'll be impatiently waiting for your letter, we have found each
other in this big world and we just must to develop at least a friendship.
But you should know one thing: I'm looking for love:)

With best regards,