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# Name:      Ekaterina

# E-mail:

# Address:  Ukraine , Kharkov

#  if you were scammed by a lady from Kharkov turn to Private detective agency "DETECTIV-F" Kharkov UKRAINE

# Seen at:

# Dangerous: 16%

# Scam scenarios:   She is doing the translation scam.

# Details: I saw this lady on and I sent her an e-mail. I did not hear from her for more than 1 month. She finally contacted me. I noticed that this poor Ukrainian lady was able to afford professional photos. I knew she was probably a scammer. We wrote 1 letter and then I saw her on a scammer website. She is doing the translation scam.

# Date: 2006-12-24

She did not get the opportunity to ask me for money. I stopped communication after I saw her on another scammer site. I have additional photos.

Letter #1

Hello my beatiful stranger,
I'm confident and sexual girl,
moreover I have kind heart and
I'm very tender, but I feel
myself so lonly.People often lie to me,
that's why I stop to believe them.
May be you can help me.
Perhaps you colore my grey world in bright
colours and make me believe to people.
I hope you fill my heart and soul with love.

Letter #2

Hello my sweet friend :0),
It's so great that we have an opportunity to correspond
with you and to know
each other better.
You wrote me a letter and i want to answer you.I'll tell
you about my life and
I can say that i'm a grown-up,self-confident,sexy and
loving woman who is looking
for her happiness here in the Internet.
I would like to meet one and only man to spend the rest of
my life with.
Because I know all the beauties of life become useless and
indifferent if you
heart is empty and needs care and attention to be filled
again with the most
wonderful feeling called love. I believe that on Earth
there is a true love
simply not everyone can find it and after finding they
can't keep it.
I am sincere and with kind heart, I aspire to search the
man for creation
of warm family to bear children and just to be happy.I want
to care and to
give back the love to the man which is worthy it. I am glad
- if this man
you.The Internet gives us huge opportunities,gives chance
of presence of the
happiness.Though we live in different countries we have
various culture and
mentality,we speak different languages - all this is not a
barrier to the two
people who are looking for their happiness and love.I think
that you agree
with me - lonely life is just emptiness and nothing
else.Many troubles and
dissapointments are brought by a deceit. I do not want
someone to be tested
as I know what it is. Therefore you can trust me and
probably we have got
acquainted completely not casually. Sometimes life brings
us joyful surprises!
I was born in a very good and caring family.My father is a
miner,mother is a
teacher.I have a younger brother at the age of 16. He takes
a great interest
in cosmos and aircraft projects.My parents live in
Balakleya,it's Kharkov's
region.To have the better and higher education i decided to
move to
Kharkove.So now i live here and rent a flat.
Oh,sorry i forgot to tell you i'm 24 years old:))
In my childhood I finished the Dancing School.After
graduating from the
University with honors and getting the specialty of a
choreographer i went to
work to the dancing school as a choreographer.
In the evening when I feel lonely I like reading poetry or
watch good films.
At home I grow the flowers and the plants,i'm fond of
If you are interested in me ans want to know me better
answer me and i'll
tell you more about yourself:))
I'm looking forward to know you better and to get your
I give you a small and tender kiss:)
Yours Katya