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# Name:      Ekatarina Miheeva

# E-mail:

# Address:  Russia , Yoshkar-Ola

# Seen at:   Elite Mate. She contacted me.

# Dangerous: 17%

# Related reports: 1920   1936   2034   

# Scam scenarios:   There are two women working this scam, or possibly just one using a setof pictures. After telling Ekaterina that WU had her on a list, I suggested she give me the name of a trusted friend, and her friend's picture because WU now required phot

# Details: There are two women working this scam, or possibly just one using a setof pictures. After telling Ekaterina that WU had her on a list, I suggested she give me the name of a trusted friend, and her friends picture because WU now required photo ID for money transfers. The friend, Valentina Bogatireva, is a known scammer who goes by the name of Masha/Maria Bogatireva and is listed on your site. It could be that Bogatireva is the sole operator of this scam and is using stolen pictures for the identity of Ekaterina.rnrnDear Nelson!!!!!!!!rnI so am strongly disappointed. They would tell me that for that that Irncould arrive to you to me for this purpose it is necessary makerndocuments was the visa and the passport to that that I could leavernyour country. But when they have told that it will cost 610 dollar Irnwas very strongly afflicted because I have no such money. I askedrnabout it the relatives but they have told that can not to me thanrnhelp. I do not present that to me to do and where to take such moneyrnfor that what to arrive to you. If I had such money that I has by allrnmeans arrived to you. But I do not have such money and I to arrivernto you to me all can not is very a pity that so it has badly turnedrnout. I am very strongly upset. Yesterday at night I cried from thatrnthat we with you can not be together. I hope that at you all well myrnprince. With huge love yours EkaterinarnrnDear Nelson!!!!!!rnThis agency was advised by my girlfriend. It very good. And there tornme would tell that for that that I could travel to other country to mernit is necessary to have the visa and the passport for travel abroad.rnCost of these documents makes 610 dollar. I have only 200 dollar. Ifrnyou to me have helped with the stayed sum that I to you would be veryrngrateful. I with impatience shall look forward to hearing from you.rnEkaterinarnrnDear Nelson!!!!!rnI am very grateful to you that you want to help me. I so want that áórnall was good to overcome we distance and problems which prevent usrntogether. I yesterday long laid and thought of us with you. Irnrepresented as we shall be happy together. I represented an our firstrnmeeting our embraces and a kiss. I have presented us with you a happyrnsight when we can see each other. But it only dreams. Whether I at allrndo not know they become real and there can be we with you togetherrnwhether or not. I most of all in life would would like that all myrndreams of steel are real also we would be together with you. When Irnhave seen your letter mine heart the beginning to beat with happiness.rnOn an instant it seemed to me that you to me will help to arrive tornyou for that what we with you were together all our life. My love tornyou on is strong so much that I at times can not leave from therndreams. I do not see the real world I dream I present us with yourntogether. And this millet is delightful. I do not present as it isrnpossible to transfer money from one country in another. I tomorrowrnshall try to descend in bank and to learn something about it. My lovernto send money mail it very much dangerously. I do not know as there at rnyournbut in Russia a mail plunder and steal from her very valuable things.rnMy girlfriend to me told many cases about it that sometimes even mailrnsimply did not reach the addressee. I saw on the TV advertising aboutrnthe Western Union. There spoke that it is the most reliable and fastrnremittance from one country in another. I tomorrow about it shall tryrnto learn as much as possible and I hope that all will well we with yournwe can be together. I ask you if you can that learn something aboutrnthe Western Union too. I with the big impatience shall wait for yourrnletter. With huge love yours EkaterinarnrnDear Nelson!!!!!!!!!rnI so am happy that you have agreed to help me. I present us with yourntogether and as it will be good us. These dreams such fine. I most ofrnall in life would want that they became real also we with you could berntogether. I was so be strongly upset that we with you can notrntogether. But I hope and I believe in that that our love is strong andrnfor the sake of love we can overcome any distances. I am very happyrnthat we have met you. You have made me the happiest girl all over thernworld. I hope that not looking on anything we with you can berntogether. I went and learned about the Western union. To me would tellrnthat for that that you could send money you should know about me.rnrnMy full name: Ekaterina MiheevarnMy home address: Russia, Mari-el, Yoshkar-ola, 424000, street Petrova rn24, Apt. 38,rnI do not have phone. My salary does not allow me to get him.rnrnAnd for that that I could take away them I should know suchrninformation your full name, your full address, and they have told thatrnwill give you a confidential code he like refers to MTCN and yournshould me give him. I hope that all will be good also we with you wernshall be together my love I with the big impatience I shall lookrnforward to hearing from you. With huge love yours EkaterinarnrnDear Nelson!!!!!!rnI have just received your letter. I believe you and I love you. Yournwere written just by my girlfriend. I hope she to you of nothing shernhas told insulting simply for me very strongly worries. To me inrnbranch of the Western Union have told that such translation is notrnpresent. I hope that you understand. I love you most of all in thisrnlife. I not present as I shall live without you. I ask you descendrnin branch of the Western Union and learn that occurs. I hope that allrnwill be good also we with you we shall be together. It is now veryrnhard for me. I shall go home to me it is necessary to calm down. Irnhope that all will be good. I ask you write to me the information onrnyou again. Whether I shall write you the information on the girlfriendrncheck up correctly you her have written.rnrnHer address: Russia, Mari-el, Yoshkar-ola, 424030, street Leninarn59, Apt. 6,rnFull name of the girlfriend: Valentina Bogatireva.rnrnWith huge love yours Ekaterina

# Date: 2006-12-20