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# Name:      Anna Troshenkova

# E-mail:

# Address:  Russia , Moscow

# Seen at:   lavalife

# Dangerous: 17%

# Related reports: 1909   2027   

# Scam scenarios:   wants money to visit me

# Details: wants money to visit me

# Date: 2006-12-20

typical first letter:

Good evening. And can be and day. And can morning is simple. But I want to tell to you, And my friend can whisper HI!!!!! I am very glad that you have responded to my message Also have written to me the answer. Hope we shall find with you friendly relations Also we shall
understand that we search in this huge without oundary internet.
Now I want " if you do not object " to inform about the girl which Has written to you... About ITSELF.
My name is Anna. This name me, has named, my favourite mum, in honour From my grandmother. To me of 25 years. Since the very first day of my birth a life I at all has not gone right (at least about one today).
Still when I Was absolutely small my father was lost. I at all do not remember him. And one year ago (it is very hurt to me to speak about it) my favourite mummy has died of illness. I do not have anybody from
relatives except for my aunt, but she lives very much Far from me. Now it is very hard for me.
To me all is very difficult for one in Russia, here to me Reminds of my parents and about our family misfortune. All this time I thought that I can forget it to mountain and find to myself the beloved, Which
would help me with misfortune, would help me to forget mine to mountain. But at me has left nothing. Then I have decided to take advantage of the help of the Internet and there to try to find the favourite person. I live in Volzck town in Republik of Mari El in
Russia. It is situated not far from Moscow, in 900 km. I am 5 ' 7 " with which my birthday 3 November 1981. My nation is russian. My religion: the Christian. I work as the seller in a supermarket. I am
looking for an optimistic and joyful person. I hope to find a man whom I would give all my love and care, and get his love, protection and support in return Fine and the dear friend, it to be very pleasant for
me Acquainted with you. For me this fine time when I can speak with The interesting person, the person who understands me, thinks of me and Trust To my very big regret I have no computer and I write to you
from the Internet of cafe. I understand that it not convenience in dialogue, but I can so to talk to you only.
I hope you were not upset. And to me will write your answer. On this phrase I shall stop while to write to you. But tomorrow I again here what shall see yours to me the letter. I shall wait for him. I wish you pleasant day, and can good morning. I wait your letter.

I finish my letter here now.
I shall wait your answer, do not forget!
Sincerely yours Anna.