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# Original Report:  here

# Name:      Alena Starchenko

# E-mail:

# Address:  Ukraine , Lugansk

# Dangerous: 37%

# Details: Running the Visa and Travel Scenarios. Also reportedly in league with a local "renting" company and reportedly running a scam where money is taken for a deposit on a flat to be rented for your visit. Implicated:, Garyacha renta, 14/27 Volkov block, Lugansk One interesting observation is that it appears that the building in the top left photo above (which The Author has cropped out) is the same domed structure as seen here: Olesya Ivanova

# Date: 2005-02-12

I have spent for preparation of all documents and reservations of apartments about 1500 $ (I am not so poor to allow the person whom I wanted to see, pay my charges) and as a result that appeared before " the broken trough ": having lost all sum because of refusal of Mr. K-- (it(he) has refused to explain the reason of an impracticability of our meeting already after I have made payment of services of a travel company, booking of tickets etc.).

In additives to all I with surprise find out (translation error) and * 184; a name and our confidential correspondence on pages of your site.

If you count my actions by swindle, and that fact, that I have lost the money and have soiled reputation, the maiden delirium I offer you to place the information about (translation error) and * 184; m near to his(its) application for my awful evil deeds that anybody and never had with it(him) affairs.

As the appendix I send you letters M� K---- from January, 25 till February, 3 2003 (than closer to date of a meeting, especially featureless there are letters), information about payment of preparations for my visit I can give separately if it is necessary.

The Author's comments:

In reviewing the emails this lady provided I find inconsistencies in her story. For example her own statement above says that she wants to meet her correspondent in California but in the email provided the gentleman clearly indicates many times that he resides in Iowa and furthermore it appears that she desired to meet him in Florida. Additionally, there is communication and planning regarding this lady's supposed visit from Ukraine to the USA but it is difficult to tell who made such statements or suggested this possibility. The B-2 visa is mentioned and as everyone should know by now this is not a truly viable reality for a single lady from Ukraine to obtain. (And not good to use if permanent immigration (i.e. marriage) is contemplated.) If the lady is the originator than her statements can be construed as evidence of an attempted scam. If the gentlemen is the originator than he is ignorant of the facts. As I have said many times, all persons seeking a foreign mate have the responsibility to learn what the actual requirements are for legal immigration to their country.

The lady says that she has lost money paid to her local travel agency. The Author sees no reason why she should not receive a refund if the services were not provided.