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# Name:      Elena Novosielova

# E-mail:

# Address:  Russia , Tver

# Seen at:

# Dangerous: 13%

# Scam scenarios:   Money for visa and tickets.

# Details: This scammer took a lot of time - 3 months! S/he seems to think that a strategy of writing multiple, apparently sincere letters to build a relationship would assure that when the email came telling me that we should meet but not in Russia, it is not safe, she needs to see the USA, etc - over the Christmas season - that I would fall for it. And a promise of good sex too! That was totally out of character from all of the previous messages. I wrote the scammer and asked why so much time was wasted. S/he could have learned that I would not fall for this scam if s/he had only asked about travel 2 months ago.

# Date: 2006-12-06

The email that revealed the typical visa / travel scam:
"My dearest James!
Thanks for anxiety about my health. I have almost recovered already. The winter is very cold season here. Sometimes it happens -40 Celsius degree. Today it -20 Celsius degree. I very warmly clad. These winter clothes are not so convenient but it is warmly.
James, I wish to continue to speak about our meeting. I think it good idea to meet this year. I would like to spend Christmas and New year together with you. It would be wonderful time we could to spend together. We could make sex every night. Would you like to have a similar New Year's vacation? I hope you would like. But we should meet in your country. I shall not meet you in Russia. I need to see how you live there. In fact I cannot ones consent to the marriage till I shall not visit you in your country I believe matter of meeting is very important for us now. So I would like to know your ideas. Write to me as you feel about this. I look forward to your reply. Your only Elena"
Then - when I answered an explained that such travel was not possible:
"Dear James!
I am grateful you have gone to the Internet-cafe to write to me. I very much appreciate it. But I shall not meet you in Russia. Do you say I cannot get the American visa? Youre raving! There is nothing more easily than the American tourist visa. The hundreds people without ceremony got it daily. Please stop to misinform me. I hope you have joked only. It is extremely bad idea to meet in Russia. I would tell even it is idiotic idea.
Well I shall wait reply. Hope we can find out all details. Your Elena