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# Name:      Angel

# E-mail:

# Address:  Russia , Kasimov

# Seen at:, and photos were sent via email.

# Dangerous: 27%

# Related reports: 1963   

# Details: Airfair scam and/or visa. Using Western Union or «MoneyGram» as a front to send money. Seems to be that scammer is somewhat automated (ignores questions and assumes you are going to pay for the ticket)

# Date: 2006-11-21

Went by the user handle "umninaya". The following is the first letter from her through

Hello lonely the man! You are lonely? I also! You search for the partner for a life and for creation of family. That we have the general problem. Can solve to us this problem together! If I interested you, please write to me on mine e-mail: And we can exchange photos. I speak a little about me directly: my name Angel. To me of 23 years, mine height of 175 centimeters and I weigh 55 kg. Average a constitution. I have the blonde of hair and green eyes. I hope to see your letter.

************The following letters were sent through email outside of and were almost daily to every other day for approx a month**************

Oct 25 2006
Hi! Have good day. I am glad, that you have answered my message. From structures which have been recommended to me in Web-site - yours The structure was for me the most interesting. I hope, that we can To communicate and we shall learn more well each other. I shall tell briefly about myself. My name Angel. My age 23 . I have ended college, and now, I have work of the lawyer in court, my work to like me as I always liked this work. I have addressed in service of acquaintances because here I have difficulty with Search of the good person. As I am
very lonely and I have greater need for having a number of the reliable and gentle person. I send you one of my photos. If in it will be nice for you , That inform me. I shall be glad to continue our acquaintance, therefore That, as I already informed, you have caused sincere interest in me. Please ask questions, I shall be glad to tell about myself. I so have to you the request! Please send some pictures. I shall wait for your messages. Your friend Angel.

Oct 27 2006
Hi Will! I am happy to receive your reciprocal message, it gives me understanding that you have to me interest also. Will, we shall continue our acquaintance - ok? In it E-mail, I wish to tell about myself in more detail. I live, together with the parents in city Kasimov. It in average part of Russia. In my structure I used the name another the countries because the computer of service of acquaintances did not accept Russia. It either the mistake of the program or service of acquaintances works not with all the countries. I have good and confidential attitudes with the parents. A name of my father Alex , a name of my mother Anastasiya. As I have the senior sister Elena. I have failures in searches necessary men here. Also in our man do not wish to become husbands, they prefer to walk and much to drink. Certainly, here there are many men, but the majority of them, have one purpose - only sex. I search for more serious attitudes, probably therefore, I do attempt to search for love and tenderness far from here. I have some experience in attitudes, but now I am lonely. Please Will, inform frankly, for what attitudes you search. If you have no purposeIf you have no purpose Serious relations, but only sex and an entertainment, that to us is better to stop our acquaintance. I very quickly get used to people and the poet to me it is very sick, when attitudes are broken off. I very sensitive person and me it is easy to injure. Please Will, closely read my words and write sincere the answer. By the way Will, many thanks for your photo, it is very attractive to me for me. I shall wait also for other your pictures. With impatience I wait for your messages. Yours faithfully your friend Angel.

Oct 28 2006
Where are you? I very wait for your letters!
Yours Angel.

Oct 29 2006
Hi Will! I am glad to receive again yours E-mail. Every day we start to learn each other more well and for me it is interesting thing - your messages. I informed you Will, that already the some time I am lonely also yours E-mail is a good medicine for mine loneliness. Will, I send you other picture of, I hope, that it will be to like you. Dear, tell to me about family. How many you the person? What at you with them attitudes? What they have opinion about your personal lives? I already informed you, that I live in the house of my parents. In ours to apartment there are some cosy rooms. My attitudes with parents close enough. Sometimes we have together an entertainment. Is a beach in the summer , in the winter - skates of a ski. Earlier I lived separately, removed small apartment. But after parting with my partner, I badly felt myself. And my mum asked, that I some time a life with them. I spend usually most part of day on work. I communicate with friends in the evening , we sometimes get out in club or on a party. But more often, I simply go home and watch TV. A little once a month I have sports to support by way of my body. Also I love water, It is pool or simply bathing. Will, I would like to learn more about yours usual lives. Tell, as you have the usual day. What ideas often come to you? I have many questions to you, but my modesty does not allow me to ask some of them, you. Write Will, what attitudes for you ideal? About what you you dream? You could represent, in the life, such the person, how I? Write the ideas on these things. I wait for your messages. Yours Angel.

Oct 30 2006
Hi Will! Have good day. I was very happy to read through some details about your life. I wish to tell to you Will, that I am glad to acquaintance to you. Our information interchange also is very interesting to me. I had a desire to learn about you more, and also to see more than your photos. I think, that in the future we can have greater trust and tenderness to each other. Many people cannot understand us how we do it. And as cannot give such pleasure and care which can give the loving pair. Probably, if our attitudes can develop, I can give you the tenderness. And I am assured, that you will receive great pleasure from it. Now it is time to me to go what to do some house business. I can speak again with you tomorrow, dear Will! I wait for your messages! Yours Angel

Nov 1 2006
Hi my dear! I am glad to your message Will. I also would want, in the future, it is a little to stir with you by phone. I hope you agree to speak by with me to phone. I know English a little, and we can understand well each other. I would like to hear your voice. Will, I send you other picture. I hope, that this picture will like you also. Dear, I would like to learn, what you love an entertainment? I like to think out various entertainments: dances, a cinema or club. But without the favourite person these entertainments give not enough pleasure. I thought today of romantic evening with you Will. I would be glad to have simple walk with you or a supper. Whether you think, sometimes of such things? I also very much love holidays when the family gathers behind the general table. It very cosy and comfortably for me. What things give for you a cosiness and comfort? What you like to have a holiday? Tell to me about it Will. Will, excuse for frank a question : But whether there is now at you somebody? I think, that you beautiful, and to much like. What your private life now? Please tell about it. Probably you have to me frank questions? I shall answer them. Write to me in more detail about the feelings and desires, to me to like to read, when you tell about yourself. I wait for your messages. My embraces, yours Angel

Nov 2 2006
Hi, my darling Will! I missed yours E-mail. Today on work I thought of you, and it was pleasant to me to know, that there is a person which thinks of me, reads my messages and writes specially for me. And you miss me? Today we with my colleagues on work, plan to have a small entertainment. It will be possible club or a disco. It is very a pity to me, that now there is no opportunity to invite you there because you are far from me. I am assured, that we with you would have excellent evening. I hope, that we shall do still it in the future and we can well have fun. We shall drink easy wine, then to dance. And after that we shall reach somewhere else where I shall do with you some things . I am already raised. Because my imagination very developed and I for us can represent many details of our appointment. Probably, dear, I need to finish this letter. And that now I shall write something superfluous and I shall have then confusion from it before you. I wait your messages, my darling. Embraces and my kiss. Yours Angel

Nov 5 2006
Hi, my dear Will! I am glad to speak again with you. I hope, that you have good day. Yesterday I had good evening with my colleagues. We reached in one club and there were there some hours. First the good supper, then game on billiards and is a little wine. I looked at cheerful and happy pairs people and had from it small envy. During this moment I thought of you Will Also dreamed, that you beside. That you embrace me and whisper gentle words on an ear. I heard, that you have many bars and restaurants. How often you go to such places? When you in such places women approach to you to get acquainted? Now I ask you these questions and simultaneously I have a feeling of jealousy. Though I understand, that I have no rights to you dear. Will, I often think above your messages and probably I can do a conclusion, that you have serious intentions concerning me. I too do not think, that our dialogue is an easy entertainment. And consequently I speak you some personal ideas, as to the close person. I also wish to tell to you Will, that I am glad, that I have such person - as you! I wait for your messages and I think of you. My gentle kiss!!!! Yours Angel.

Nov 6 2006
Hi my darling! I hope, that you ok! It was pleasant to Me to read through your message and Thanks for your words Will! I send you other picture, probably, You have already studied a former photo also they have bored already to you. I hope, this The picture will give you again good emotions. Today my work has been finished earlier, and I plan to prepare Tasty supper for my parents. To my mum health is bad and I have solved To do it for it. Dear, what foodstuffs is Favourite for you? That you prefer! Sweets, a fish, meat? Inform me on it? I am able to cook not bad food. You can To be convinced of it in the future. I would like to prepare for you, Your favourite foodstuffs. Our people speak so . Way to heart The person - lays through its stomach. Therefore Will - I shall submit Your heart by means of my culinary abilities . is a joke! I wait for your messages. My kisses. Yours Angel

Nov 8 2006
Hi my dear Will! I am glad to speak again with you! Thanks for yours E-mail. I am happy, That in our attitudes there is a development and we every day become Closer people. I told about you to my parents. They are happy, that at me There was a special person. I have told it, that I Will??? concern To you Will, also that you the good person. You know Will, that all Parents wish the children of good luck and love, and receive sincere Pleasure when their children are happy. My daddy loves fishing, and it has told, that at it now will be The partner for fishing. I long laughed and have told to it, that is possible You do not love fishing. And you Will, told to the close people About me? What they have opinion on us? I think, that for us will be It is very good, if we can spend together how much days. That you You think of it, the darling? Probably next month we could meet. For example in To the Europe or in other place. Understand me correctly Will, I yet I can invite you you to myself. I live at parents and yet I have no The apartment. Otherwise I with the great pleasure invited you to To itself. I very much would wish to be with you alone, to see you and to touch to To you. I wait for your messages, dear! I miss. Kiss you. Yours Angel.

Nov 9 2006
Hi my darling Will. I am glad to see yours E-mail. It was pleasant to me to learn, that you support idea to meet and too some days wish me to see and be with me. I think, that in following messages we can discuss in more detail our meeting and establish convenient time and a place, to do it. I wish to tell you dear, that for me it is very pleasant to know, that there is a person who waits for me and wishes to hold in the hands. Ideas on it very much excite me. Therefore, thanks you Will That you have allowed me to feel it. Tell to me Will, what you have ideas and imaginations about that day when you will meet me? I have a plenty of ideas, how we can spend together these days. Also I shall prepare for you for some surprises and I think, that you will be very happy with it. I shall inform you Will, about some ideas in following messages. But you should know, that when you will be in my hands you can soon get out of my embraces. I now shall not write that I am measured to do with you, but believe, you will long remember it. Now I finish the letter. I wait for your messages. My gentle kisses. Yours Angel.

Nov 12 2006
Hi, my darling Will! I am glad to speak again with you. Dear, I have good news to you. Today I met To the agent of travel also talked concerning my travel. It has told, that your government has made more strict control for In entrance to the country and consequently to receive the visa of the tourist at you it is uneasy. But They can do it for me. I am glad Will, that at us will not be Greater difficulties with it. I had fears, that reception of the visa A lot of time will demand. But the agent has told, that after I shall submit the application to embassy, they in a week will cause me For interview. Tomorrow, I plan to go to office of agency of travel, that To sign the contract. Now it is time to me to do photos and to fill questionnaires for Embassies. The agent has told, that it should be prepared tomorrow. I am very happy Will, that our preparations for travel have begun And we be fast we can together. Inform dear, you have what ideas about It. It is very unusual to me, to send for many kilometers for Meetings with the person. Ideas on it very much raise me and Simultaneously disturb. But I hope, that this meeting will be very much Pleasant for us a two. Write to me the darling the ideas, I wait for your messages. Kiss you!!! Yours Angel

Nov 16 2006
Hi my favourite! I am glad to speak again with you Will! How you today? I hope, that your day good! Will, I wish to speak with you about many things. But probably, you the big message will tire and consequently I shall speak only about the most important things. Dear, you have pleasure when you think of our fast meeting? Whether you informed the close people what you will soon accept me? What they have opinion on it? My close people are happy, that I am happy, I got acquainted with the good and reliable person. I it have told, that I have to you very much tender feelings, and also the big respect. I think, what you very good, lovely mine Will. I for the first time have such feelings to the person and consequently I think of it. I think, that probably, the destiny not casually acquainted me with you. Will Tell, you have what sexual ideas about me? I have set of sexual ideas on you, - but you tell about it the first, ok? I very much wish to learn, what you think of my body? I shall wait your story about it. Now I shall finish the message. Today, I asked the agent to whom by you can transfer money for payment. It has told, that will learn about it and to inform me. I wait your letters favourite! My gentle kisses. Yours Angel.

Nov 17 2006
Hi my dear Will! I miss on you. I very much wish to embrace you and to nestle on you. I often dream, how we for the first time shall see each other as we shall remain together in the first night. I think, that we shall not sleep this night. I shall try, that you are long remembered our first night dear, and I hope, that you will do too it for me. Also I very much wished to take a shower together with you. We could rub the friend-friend a back and do still something. I think, that the shower together is very sexually. I very much wait for all this, and I hope, that it is necessary to wait not for long. I often think of us and how we shall love each other. I represent it with many details, but my confusion does not allow me to write these details in the letter. To me often to have to interrupt my ideas what to avoid the big excitation. I have very developed imagination and I represent our entertainments with all details. Even now I start to receive a shiver in my body, therefore the darling I interrupt this theme in my dialogue. Will, my agent has informed me, that for moving money it is better to you to use system " WesternUnion " or «MoneyGram». These systems have offices practically in all cities. In my city some such offices. The agent has told, that it is very reliable and fast systems for moving money. Tomorrow I shall reach in one of these offices and to learn the information on it. I shall inform you all to a detail on it in the following message. I wait for your messages favourite. My gentle kisses and embraces! Yours Angel.

At this point I was convinced that this was a scam