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# Name:      Elena Chernova

# E-mail:

# Address:  Russia

# Dangerous: 28%

# Details: It took her a while, she will leed you alnog, and then after 8 to 10 emails, She just can not hold it in any more. saying MY Darling, you know, I care for you. I could not slleep at all lastnight. I have Fallen deeply inlove with you from the Frist time we met I knew, but I did not want to face it after my last relationship being so horiable as you know.
  MY Dad will pay for my visa and Airfare, however for me to come to you, She needs like 900 Euro's for insurance. I Baited her. I used a phone of a friend, seeding it to her after about 4 more emails of her tell me she loved me so. FRom a Different email address, I set up an acount being someone else, I guy that has not toalled to her in a Long time due to the War.
  She went for it, After saying she's so Inlove with you. Now she talking to someone that is not real, It was me using a Chippen Dale Photo, being this man that has not talked to her in so long. And could not get her out of his Mind.
  Well boys and Girls this one is good. Be Very careful. The Prison Uniform makes you thing your safe. She'll even say oh how horiable the Scammers are, and she knows several that are in the Prison.
  Her Mom died and she was raised ny her Dad.

# Date: 2006-11-10