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# Name:      Eugenia (Jane)

# E-mail:

# Address:  Ukraine , Kharkov

#  if you were scammed by a lady from Kharkov turn to Private detective agency "DETECTIV-F" Kharkov UKRAINE

# Dangerous: 27%

# Details: Nice photos of this one! And nice letters too - they a with very good personalizations - we had our plans to meet! See the last email from 'Jane'.
  "Hi my James!
  I'm so happy today to receive your letter. Thank you for your interest in me that is growing day by day. I feel how close we have become to each other. Thank you very much for the new photos you sent me in this letter. i see that you like to visit different places, it's very interesting for you to see something new every time. Ok, I'll try to do
  something with my students to meet with you in As you understand that i want to meet with you very much so I'll make everything I could to meet with you. I want to meet with you very much, I understand how it's important for our relations to meet as soon as possible for us. Having woken up this morning, I visited my little garden with the
  flowers in it. May be you are surprised reading these words. I have not written you about my hobby yet. I like to cultivate the flowers. In winter and in early spring, when it's cold, they grow in an orangery. Some years ago it was an ordinary room with big windows in three walls but I asked my parents to let to cultivate the flowers in it. The answer was yes, so I could take care about them without the
  problems. Looking at the flowers today's morning, I was thinking about what the flower I could compare with myself. It was Lily. Looking at this flower, from the first sight you can have a thought that it's too ordinary, it doesn't need a lot of care and warm. It's not truth, the habitual care will propose you the usual appearance which consists of
  several leaves. But if you present Lily all your care and the warm of the sun, it will present you the best it has: the wonderful flower. Looking at it you will feel the happiness in the heard. The same thoughts I have about my life. Living by the ordinary life I enjoyed the around world: as every person I did the ordinary cases,
  communicated with the friends and my lovely family. But when you presented me all you care, your love and the warm of your heart, I understood that I want return you the most expensive thing I had: my life and my love... I'm open for you, do with me everything you want because I belive you very much. I'm waiting impatiently for your reply, I send
  you all my tender and love. Be safe, my darling.
   Your completely Jane."
  Then - out of the blue this time because there was no mention of interpreter, service, etc. comes the following email from 'Talented Resources'. A large translation firm! With many branches! Yeah, right!
  And the originating ISP traces to Moscow, not to Kharkov.
  "Mr. James,
  welcome to the company "Talented Resources". We are the translation company which has a lot of branches. One of them is translating the technical and private correspondence. You received this letter from our company because your lady Miss Eugenia used the services of our company in translating, printing and typing the letters, printing and scanning the
  photos in communicating with you. Miss Eugenia paid for all the letters always in time but now she can't do it because of her financial difficulties. So as your lady is interested in you and your future relations, she asked us to send you this letter in which we can inform you about the reasons of
  her silent. If you are interested in your future communication with Miss Eugenia, you are not going to stop your correspondence, we can send you our prices and conditions. If you have the questions, we will kindly answer you. Thank you for collaboration with our company. Thank you for your time.
  Sincerely yours,
  administration of "Talented Resources",
  Manager Elena Leschinskaya."

# Date: 2006-10-06