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# Name:      Elena Koslova

# E-mail:

# Address:  Russia , Moscow

# Seen at:

# Dangerous: 28%

# Details: This scammer is a retard. I stopped writing to the scammer some time ago, but the messages from the scammer kept coming. Finally 'she' is at the airport in Moscow and now 'she' needs $500. Please send via western Union to some address in Moscow. See messages below, starting with most recent and then going back over the past few days. Other the next to last one - which I answered to get the contact information - I did not answer any of these messages.
  "The darling I have learned now about the western union. The darling I descended in branch the western union near to bank, to take their coordinates. Branch of bank JUGRA. 115035, Moscow, street Sadovnicheskaja 54, p. 1. My favourite 500 dollars on my name through the western union ask you to help. The darling I to make now a copy the visa, I send it to you. I hope that you to believe to me, that I to go to you the darling. Hope for you my darling. Expectation of your help. Elena"
  "Favourite. At me trouble to happen. I to arrive in Moscow, and to arrive the international airport of the Sheremetyevo. The darling I to address in cash department, to wish to receive air tickets. But me have declared that at departure your country I should have at myself pocket money a cash the sum not less than 700 dollars, to demand it laws at departure your country. Favourite after sale of the house and payment of my travel at me to remain money. But now I to arrive in Moscow at me to remain 350 dollars, but it is necessary for me payment hotel today, to buy peeping a little, at me remains after that about 200 dollars.. Favourite I the request you to help me of 500 dollars pocket money. Favourite at pass customs I should have at myself not less than 700 dollars, I them shall not spend and return them to you at a meeting. The darling I write to you now from item access the Internet to the airport. Favourite I hope on your help. Favourite I now descend to learn, where near to the airport there is a western union, to write to you later and to inform coordinates. I love you, the whole. Your Elena"
  "Favourite name the airport nearest to you. I shall arrive to the airport of the city of Nju York, and then to reach to your city on the bus or a flight internal airlines. The whole, expectation of our meeting. The darling now I to go on the bus and to go in village. I shall write to you when I shall legalize papers on sale the house, and to return back to the city of Krasnodar. Kiss gently you wash the darling. Your Elena"

# Date: 2006-09-15