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# Name:      Elena Bratuhina

# E-mail:

# Address:  Russia , Yoshkar-Ola

# Dangerous: 32%

# Details: This one came "out of the blue". Sent me a mail to my hotmail account. I think she is hilarious. Here are her mails: Hello!
  My name is Elena Bratuhina,ok?
  I do not love long correspondence, I the person serious, business, I suggest to meet at once
  Also there can decide to continue be we whether or not, on the Internet it is difficult to learn the person
  To the full, it is possible to write everything, and there will be all on the contrary, so better
  To meet and all to learn about each other... Who agrees with me and would like to meet write to me on mine
  email and then....Hello!
  To me of 25 years, I from Russia, suggest to meet in London, this very beautiful place... and then....
  I do not know... I wanted to see London. And when I said I will meet her but she has to pay for her ticket I got.....hello!
  Simply I do not have money to reach to London... and then.....Dear, I had trouble, my apartment was plundered!
  I am simple in a shock, have taken away all money, family values, at me to you the big request, you can help me with money, you can send even 500 $?
  I then shall give all to you, fairly, I always give debts. And......after writing to her telling I will send the money I get.....Thanks you big for the help!
  I send you the data:
  Bratuhina Elena
  I then shall give you this money.
  Thanks you. And when you will send money? And after being "challenged" I get......Yes you scammer, I seriously spoke you and you accuse me!!! Guess kinda cool. First they want us to pay for a holiday for them. Then to furnish their residence. LOL.

# Date: 2006-07-29