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# Name:      Elena Vasina

# E-mail:;; olena-a

# Address:  Ukraine , Lugansk

# Phone:    038 0664439161

# Dangerous: 36%

# Details: Elena Aleksandrovna Vasina repeatedly asked for money for English lessons, university tuition, money for her mother's surgery & medicine, a laptop computer, cellphone, shopping for clothes, gas, electricity, food etc. etc.
  Actually I sent near $2,400.00 shown below to her by Western Union. I later found out it was ALL FRAUD. She did NOT spend this money on English lessons or University Tuition!!!

# Date: 2006-07-21

Scammer: Vasina Elena Aleksandrovna
Her email addresses:;;
Her home address:
Lugansk, Parashyutnaya st., 32
HER TELEPHONE NUMBER: 038 0664439161

Actually I sent near $2,400.00 shown below to her by Western Union. I later found out it was ALL FRAUD. She did NOT spend this money on English lessons or University Tuition!!!

My report about Scammer "Elena Vasina" from Lugansk Ukraine:

Elena repeatedly asked me for money for English lessons, university tuition, money for her mother's surgery & medicine, a laptop computer, cellphone, shopping for clothes, gas, food, electricity etc. etc.

This is Elena Vasina asking for 2 things:
3. Money for University English lessons
2. Asking for money for food, gas, electricity, etc.

Good evening, my dear .
, I am grateful to you for your desire to help{assist} me with payment of lessons of English and charges on a trip to Kiev for our meeting. Today I called in school of translators, I spoke by phone. I spoke directly with the teacher of English language. To me have told, that if I wish to
master quickly and effectively English it will be better to me to take individual lessons. It when the teacher is engaged under the special program picked up for you. During time convenient for me. Usually such lesson lasts 2 hours and 20 minutes a break for rest. The teacher speaks, that it is very effective way of training. There is enough 30-40 individual lessons to recollect and freshen the knowledge of English. Usually through 20 lessons, the pupil understands colloquial English and can support{maintain} simple conversation. A problem one. Cost of this training. Cost of 1 lesson 50 griven is approximately 10 $. For me it very much a greater{big} sum.
Unfortunately, I cannot pay lessons.
how concern in the USA to gas crisis between Ukraine and Russia? I think, that for Ukraine it is a greater{big} problem. Now at us on TV it is spoken only about this problem. Now very inconsistent opinions and statements of politicians. I think, that the prices will rise on 25-30 %
on all industrial and articles of food. Since January, 1st the price for the electric power on 10 % has risen. The price for household gas and for heating will raise{increase}.
, I wish you pleasant day and good evening. I think, that when I write to you the letter, at you morning.
My intimate a wish. My heart belongs to you.
My kisses. Your Elena.

Her asking again for money for English lessons...

My dear , pleasant to you of evening.
Can to me it is necessary to take freshening lessons of English? Tomorrow I wish to call in school of translators and to learn{find out} this information. I think, that it really will be useful for our dialogue and our meeting.
I shall wait your letter.
My kisses. Your Elena.

Her LIES about paying for her mother's medicine!!!
Then her SCAM to ask me for money for her university fees!!!

Hello, my dear !
First of all, I wished to thank you for your unexpected material aid. It was a little unexpected and very much in time. As now I actually require money. I didn't wish to complain to you, but my financial position almost not position. All my last savings I have send for payment of medicines.
And that money, which to me were sent by the father in December for payment of university, I have spent on not to destination. I started to reflect on search of new work. But I am blocked with that fact, that nobody will give an employment to the expert without higher education. I
still study at university. As the contract consists a minimum for two months. Thus first two weeks are not paid.
And now, I was very much delighted to your help. This month I can pay services the Internet-cafe and the lessons of English language. Thanks you, my lovely.
As I liked your new photos! It, probably, is very nice to go for a drive on coast of island and to see all beauty of the nature. Thanks, it was very interesting to me. I am assured, it was fine and remembered rest for you. It is a pity, that we were not together. But in any case we have chance in the end of May. I think, the best variant remains Crimea. As you never were there and to me it is the closer and most easier.
Believe to me, this place is worthy respect of such traveller as you. Now I need to hope, that your plans about following vacation will coincide with my preceding an examination days.
I send you all my gentle kisses. Thanks once again.

LIES about cost of train fare from Lugansk to Simferopol. I found out later the cost was only 40 Grivnas. She lied to me and said it was 350 Grivnas!!!
And, after her arrival she CHANGED her story and then told me she took the AIRPLANE!!! I DO NOT know where she could have so much money !!!

Hello, my dear !
Thanks, that so has quickly written to me generalizing answer. You have already bought tickets, is remarkable! I see, you are really seriously adjusted on a meeting. Thanks, it is mutual.
I can see, your plane arrives from Moscow on May, 28th in 9 evenings. The return plane on June, 4th, at 4 o'clock. Well, we will have an abundance of time together! I hope, I'll not bother you. In turn I have found all information necessary to us on an apartment. Also, about tickets for me. About an apartment I can tell, that in Yalta their abundance. And everyone try to be better than the others. Today I looked a photo of different variants, and have chosen some decent cosy apartments. , be assured of me. I shall find only the best. I called up to owners of apartments. And now with confidence I can tell, that we will have the best variant.
Unfortunately, my road to Simferopol is possible only by train. Flights Donetsk - Simferopol aboard the plane begin only after June, 9th. On Sunday target Day. Therefore I should leave on May, 27th and to reach long road. The ticket for a train in one party costs nearby 350 grivna.
It approximately 70 dollars. For me it will be longer road as last days before a meeting last even longer.
My lovely and unique , I should tell to you very important words. I wish to thank you that you are, that you with me. It is fine. Lately there were many different pleasant and unpleasant moments of a life. I do not want and I shall not recollect all of them. But, despite of my long
absences and rare letters, you trusted me and remained with me. And now, absolutely soon, we again shall be together. You were always patient and attentive to me, and I am grateful to you for it. At you light sensitive heart and a clean soul. You the fine person. Thanks you!
As about my study. My darling, thanks for your understanding in payment of study. As now I simple not in a condition to pay such greater sum. Earlier to me it was easier, as I had work. But now I do not have such opportunity. The sum high enough as I didn't pay last six months. In
The majority of universities payment yearly is authorized. To me actually difficultly and awkwardly to ask you about it. I need to pay 4300 grivna.
These are 860 dollars. If it is possible, I'll be very much, is very grateful to you. Thanks.


Hello, !
, forgive me, that I again speak about money. But I do not have choice. It is necessary for me to pay my study at university this week. But our meeting later. And I cannot pay after a meeting. Just now. If you will accept the receipt on payment, I can show her to you only at a meeting. But I think, if you send money on system east union, you can show the receipt of east union. So you did earlier. If you cannot help me now, I should take a student's loan in bank. It is last variant. And very undesirable to me. As later I will need to search for new work for payment of this loan.
Forgive, that I speak you these details. But the life is those.
I shall try to write to you again this evening.


Good afternoon, .
Money, money, + I do not know money, how many time you stumbled in a choice of girls from my country, and I do not know how many money you have spent for them.
My father sent me of money for payment of study in December. But later we have spent all of money for medicines, and you know, I have lost work.
Now, for restoration and payment of study I can also I shall prefer to find new work. Under monthly payment probably to take student's The credit for payment of university. It would be a spare variant, and many students quite easily pay study in such a way.
But, all right, I was going to leave abroad. So to me to do: to remain in Ukraine and to continue to live easy or to try to be with you, constantly to quarrel owing to money?
Also you know, after all it, it will be not so pleasant to me to see, how the large sums pay for day of residing in an apartment with me. Such relations when everyone pulls the side of the truth on itself are not necessary to me.
Think above this.

Best regards, Dave