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# Name:      Anna Tolstova

# E-mail:

# Address:  Russia , Saratov

# Seen at:   She contacted me throught

# Dangerous: 28%

# Details: Just like in other scams this so called Anna pulled off, she contacted me first, fell in love quickly and at first, stated she would pay for everything (visa, airfare, etc.) just so she could be with me. I took it fairly slow and actually corresponded with her for over 3 mos. She told me everything I wanted to hear (red flag), also stated her parents had died 10 yrs. ago and only had a few friends and that all the men in Russia were drunks and not worthy of her. She sent a pic with evry email. When it came time to come to US, she said she had paid for all documentation, visa and airfare but because she had helped her friend pay for a medical treatment for her cancer-stricken son, she had no more money and only needed enough for the train ride from Sarapul to Moscow airport so I sent her $100. She even gave me a sob story on how she had even pawned her dead mother's silver, which was the only thing she had of her mother's.Once in Moscow, she emailed saying they had made a mistake with her plane tickets and she couldn't leave for 3 days, had no money to get a hotel and had already spent one night sleeping in a dirty train terminal. She had given me all trans. info(times for departures,arrivals,name of airline,layover time @JFK,etc.)which I verified. So I sent her $175 for hotel, meals, etc. until she could leave. I didn't hear anything for a few days until she emailed saying she was in the hospital. Said that when she went to Western Union to pick up my money, she got mugged when leaving in which they stole all her money, knocked her to the ground hitting her head giving her a concussion>last red flag. I told her to give me the name of the hospital, phone no.'s so I could verify her story. Ah, I almost forgot, they also had stole her plane tickets and needed $700.She said if I really loved her, I would send the money for this would prove my love for her., I told her she must have really fell and bumped her head. She never sent the info I requested but had enough nerve to email a few days later saying she was stuck in Moscow, scared and alone and if I would send her money for train ticket back to Sarapul, she would sell her apt., pay for new plane tickets and reimburse me once she arrived for, as she said, nothing was going to stop her from being with the man that stole her heart! Give me a break! This one is really good so fellas, beware!!!!!!! I'm lucky to be out only $275 considering others that I now know she also scammed but I still feel like a fool.

# Date: 2006-07-21

Sent money Western Union to Anna Tolstova. Once I realized I had been scammed, contacted yahoo personals but never once heard back from them but a few days later, I seen where they had yanked her profile.I no longer have pics, but I assure you, they were the same ones I have already seen in the other reports on your site, but I had many more but unfortunately, I no longer have them ( didn't want to even see the witch!)