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# Name:      Olga Aleksandrova

# E-mail:

# Address:  Russia , Saransk

# Seen at:

# Dangerous: 32%

# Details: She requested $350 to send her in order to obtain Canadien tourist visa.After "returning"from Moscow and "visiting"Canadian Embassy , she told me that it is almost 99.9% sure that she will be granted tourist visa .And that she did passed all medical tests.This was my FIRST suspicion since NOBODY can finish all required medical tests and obtain results WITHIN 1 DAY!!!
  Money was sent to her by Western Union.I did also send her special Christmas gift by Puralator but the parcel has been returned as "they do not do delivery in that destination"which was another susspicion what is going on???
  Later on she requested also that I send her $620 for airline ticket..but when I requested a copy of her torist visa and copy of her ID from her passport....she stopped writing!!!

# Date: 2005-02-07


Hello my loved Branko!
I so happy see yours letter!
I very love you! And I haven't any bad think that yours Birthday 7th
November 1943! It is never will problem for us! I love you! And I
happy that you are The man in yourself dawn of forces, and with vital
experience which true is necessary, and as which very hardly has got to
Loved Branko! Today we have
day constitution! And it is one of biggest holiday! All people very
happy and I want to tell you that it is the atmosphere which we have
at the street, me very much to like! As I want to tell that all people
smile, and I think, that are very happy! But only on my person there
was no smile before time while I have not come in the Internet of
cafe and has not seen your letter! Loved I very much love you! Tell
me please you true would want what we were together? Loved if you are
really want it then and you not will change yours opinion then I want
to tell you that I have all informations about my trip to you! And It
will be with out any problems! Loved I very love you! And I want to be
with you all my life! I love you all my heart!
Loved I must to know this informations for that have trip to you! I
must to know were studying yours sister? Then She's Birthday? Were
She work right now? That She is doing here? And I must have She's
number of Passport! As I must pay my visa! It cost 350$ USA! And I
must have trip in Moscow for that go in Embassy! And it cost 30$ for
ticket here and back, and I will stay In Moscow 2 days and apartments
here cost 20$ by one day! And after 3 days or 7 days I will have it,
And I can go to you! Loved If you are
really want be with me then you must help me pay this! Because I can
not do it! I very love you! And I want to be with you all my life!
Branko Tell me that you think about! And I think that if we
will be start doing documents for my trip to you, then 23 or 24
December we can be together! In Russia all years was opinions that "
How you will to
meet Christmas, so you will have all year! " and of cause Christmas
it is family holiday! And I want to be with you all my life! I want
have family with you! I love you! And I need you! And If
you want it true so I! Then I think we an be together at this time!
I love you! I very worried yours letters! And I very want to be with
you all my life! I very Loved you! And I hope that you want it so!
Loved Please tell me that yours opinion about this? I hope that it
will be very soon! I very love you!
Loved Branko! I very love you!
And I hope that we can be together soon! With All my love forever
yours Olga!!!!!!