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# Name:      Ellen Turgeneva

# E-mail:     elen787@mail.cru

# Address:  Russia , Krasnodon

# Seen at:   Never saw her on any web-site

# Dangerous: 32%

# Details: Typical airline and visa scam, I told her on the first letter that I wasn't going to send any money to anyone I do not know..

# Date: 2006-07-13

She had some monies saved up..but, she needed 950 USD to complete the trip to New York

Greetings favourite Dennis! I am happy that I have you. Also that you
to love me. I also adore you. You mine the beloved. My darling, I
visited bank today in the morning. Also consulted about an opportunity
of reception of the help from you. To me also have advised to take
advantage of services of the Western union. My favourite here
requisites of bank in which I today have visited. Alpha-bank.
Krasnodar, street Red, 124B, an index 350000. The manager has told to
me that for reception of the help from you I will need to name your
exact name and a surname, the exact sum of your help to me. And also a
ten-character code of translation. Favourite I shall hope that you can
probably help to meet our love. And to help me for payment missing
sum. And our meeting will be the happiest event for me. My darling my
name Elena Kozlova. Probably my home address is required to you. Here
it. Russia. The city of Krasnodar. Street Turgeneva 150, an apartment
43. The Postal index 350000. Your embraces are desired for me. I love
and adore you my darling. And to represent us together. My darling
Dennis to not suffice me for payment only 950 äîëëàðîâ.2500 a greater
sum and all it is not required. I shall try to check up mail from you
in the evening or tomorrow in the morning. The best regards to you.
And many sweet kisses for you my favourite! Elena loving you