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# Name:      Valeriya Matsenko

# E-mail:

# Address:  Ukraine , Nikolaev

# Dangerous: 28%

# Details: Dear Sir or Madam, A good friend of mine talked to me today about your website because he found a prostitute I met in France "Miss Valeriya Matsenko" ID4838... Im very surprised to find that woman on your site, last time I talked to her on the phone last october she was getting married... I wouldnt be surprised if shes already back in her old business. I wrote to many websites "Anastasia, Special Lady, etc..." where she had personals before and I got her kicked out of all of them and she is on some scammer lists also. Miss Valerya Matsenko is not looking for love or any serious relationships, she is only looking for men to use or to sleep with for money like she did in France last summer. Im a 36yo french guy and I live in the USA, I corresponded with Miss Matsenko for more than 1 year and we made plans together to meet in France, she did not have any money for her trip and I bought a tourist package for her to come to France (visa, hotel, flight). She wanted so much to meet me and meet my family (I have copies of all her letters and more information about her). It was a big surprise for me when I met Miss Matsenko at the airport in France, she was dressed like a prostitute and didnt even wear a bra, all the men were looking at her and I felt very embarrassed... I wasnt happy at all and I thought she was a different person! I took her to meet my family and she stayed there for a few days, my family were also suprised to see her clothes and look but they were very nice with her and even gave me money for her as they knew she didnt have any. I took back mIss matsenko to the hotel where she stayed in Paris and I realised that day that she was in a big hurry and wanted to get rid of me, she even told me that she had a meeting with 5 french men for an orgy... no comment! I didnt know what to reply to her when she told me this and I just left then I came back home, my Parents told me that my chaming ukrainian girlfriend stole a few things in my room before leaving... I tried to call her many times but nobody at the hotel, I tried to call next morning but the woman at the reception told me that she left and spent the night somewhere else... Im not stupid and I realise too late who Miiss Valeriya Matsenko really was... I could tell you much more about what happened but I think it is enough for now and I hope you will get rid of this woman in your site, she doesnt belong here and the only place where she belongs is the sidewalk! Thanks for your consideration!

# Date: 2005-02-04