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# Name:      Brian Mackay

# E-mail:

# Address:  Scotland

# Phone:    07985 710 664

# Seen at:   Myspace

# Dangerous: 32%

# Details: Person contacts me on myspace and then provides Yahoo info. I talk with the person, they tell me their sad story of being stuck in nigeria, name they use is vivan (here is website and how she needs money to come to the states. I did some research and found where the site was registered and who created it. I emailed the person directly in case they were not knowing when they created the site. Instead of receiving a reply, all of my messages on the message board were removed, I had links that proved all of her photos were not really her, the photos have all now changed. So since the person did not remove the site but instead changed it, it seems like Brian MacKay is involved directly.

# Date: 2006-07-06

I did not give any money, however, the person has just changed the site around after I pointed out all the pictures were fake.