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# Name:      Elena Samsonova

# E-mail:

# Address:  Russia , Cheboksary

# Dangerous: 32%

# Details: I send you some photos about a girl. With me she names Elena Samsonova,
  email but I discovered that this name ansewer another
  face on marriage agency scam. Elena Samsonova (or Olga Mahova or Olga
  Rechikina or Angelika Artamyeva on marriage agency scam. or Liliya Kuklina
  Every name has a different address and town. Only Olga Mahova has four
  different address and mail.
  Unfortunately I sent her 3000 euro in three times, with Western Union in
  May, but I have not the copies.
  I have not even the copy of letters when she asked me money, only the first.
  The first time 150 euro for internet account. Second 920 euro (620 for
  documents and 300 flight) and then, she told me that she were in airport but
  she didn't able to leave, because the customs wanted that she was leaving
  with 2000 euro cash.

# Date: 2006-07-02

Dearest Roderto
Thanks for your letter. It was pleasant to read him again. I hope that you are not afflicted that I answered you late. In it month I spent practically all money which had and would leave what to pay the Internet of cafe. My lovely if I shall not answer your letters some time it means that I have problems with payment the Internet, therefore do not worry, ok! I have lost work, and now I have some outstanding accounts which force me to worry. I did not want to speak you about it, but you should know about my life. We should shares with the problems so it will be easier to us to solve them together.
Roberto you write very beautiful words, they warm to me heart and help to forget about all problems which surround me. My lovely I cannot write to you the long letter because my time is limited. Thanks for that that you want to present me a gift, I shall write to you adress at the end of the letter. My lovely now most the best gift for me would be to not lose you if you can help to pay to me the Internet I shall be grateful to you, it would be the best gift for me!!!!
Write to me the letter soon because tomorrow I cannot already answer you. I wait with impatience of your letter today.
Your Elena
kiss you......

Full name: Elena Samsonova
The address: Russia
The city of Cheboksary
republic Chuvashia
Street of builders 54-18
This my home address.

Dear Roberto thanks for your letter. It was very pleasant for me to read him. I see as far as strongly you would want that we have met you. Our dream will soon come true, and I believe that we shall be happy with you. We with you a meeting is similar to a fairy tale, all occurs so quickly as though who that helps us to meet you. I am a little excited before our tomorrow's meeting. Tomorrow we can lead evening together, and see each other in the first at the airport, it will be the most unforgettable meeting which we waited so long with you, and we had patience and the god has helped us to meet. I so am happy.
Roberto I have already taken away documents which are necessary for that what to arrive to you, I as have tickets for travel to you. I write to you the information in which you will require for that what to meet me at the airport:
I shall take off to you tomorrow, on June, 6
My plane takes off at 15:45 from Moscow (airport Sheremetyevo)
And my arrival: 22:40 in the city of Milan, (airport Linate)
I shall fly by the plane of airline " Snowflake SK 1689 "
You should wait for me at this time at the airport. Tell you you can be at the airport? I hope what yes because I do not know your city and without you I can make nothing there.
I dream of our first meeting, you will wait for me at the airport, I shall leave to you at the airport, we quickly can learn each other at the airport, I shall approach to you. We some minutes shall look against each other, then we will embrace me, will present the big bouquet of beautiful flowers, and we shall go to you home. Roberto I feel the happiest woman in this world, tomorrow I can already see the beloved, probably today I cannot sleep, because I shall wait for my flight. Probably you too worry there and wait with impatience of our meeting. Write to me the letter if you there. I shall wait for your answer with impatience.
See you soon.
Your love Elena