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# Name:      Anna Gerber

# E-mail:

# Address:  Russia , Nalchik

# Phone:    972-317-4623

# Seen at:   Only

# Dangerous: 36%

# Details: 35 year old Russian lady claimed she had only been using the internet about 2 months, but yet seemed to know more than someone with that little experience. Although the information in the profile appeared to have been entered by someone inexperienced. No photo, no real descriptions of herself or her match. Just the required amount of information to submit a profile to Falls in love early in the correspondence. Very convincing. Answers most of your questions and refers to things mentioned in your emails. Mainly writes about loving you ,needing you, can hardly wait to meet you. The first few letters she will agree to meet you in Russia then changes to "it's too dangerous for us to meet here in Russia". "It has danger for us and my family". Wants to come to America to be your wife. (HAS NO PHONE)claims insurgents destroyed the long distant phone lines during the war in Aug. 2005. Did give an address though but I never tried to send anything there. This one is very patient. She or he, as the case may be, didn't ask for money or even hint in anyway to send money until we got serious about meeting each other. This one claimed to check with an organization called the "Office of Terrorism", stating this office had control of their travel documents and would not let them apply for a U.S. Visa until airline tickets were purchased at the local airport in their city. They asked for $500.00 in Visa and Travel Agency fees and $1,450.00 for airline tickets to the U.S.. When I refused to send money and insisted we meet in Russia the emails stopped, in fact the email address used was deleted and the response says it is a nonsubscriber.

# Date: 2006-06-02

This one is very slick. Just about fooled me. Gets you emotionally involved rather easily especially if you fall in the category of a (DM)(Desperate Man/Male). Really works on your emotions. They should have been a romance writer. Also will send you several love poems!!