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# Name:      Bernadette Buduan

# E-mail:

# Address:  China , Hong Kong

# Phone:    01185292025626

# Seen at:   Yahoo Personal

# Dangerous: 32%

# Details: It was the typical approach, we met on line, talked and after a few weeks she fell in love with me or at least she said she did. She worked as domestic help in Hong Kong. I traveled to Hong Kong and spent a large sum of money on her. After I arrived back in the United States she was always asking me for money for her arrival to the US. She said she entered a job placement company which helped workers get to the US. Of course after I sent her the money which was 500.00 plus an additional 150.00 for other expenses she told me the company was a scam and the owner of the company took off with all the money. She told me that over 50 philippine woman was scammed by this man. She said his name was Mr Conway. I asked if I could do something over here to try and catch this man but she insisted that the Hong Kong police was taking care of it. Then it was never discussed again. After that I sent Bernadette about 2 or 3 hundred a month for her to save so she could get to the US. This was going on for more then two years. About a year ago the money she needed kept increasing. I finally said I needed to stop sending money if she did tell me how much she had saved. When I did this she stopped calling and emailing. Her telephone number was not working. After a month or so she called me to say she got married but would not give me any more information. I found out she was calling me from Alberta Canada. She called me one more time after that saying very little except to find out how I felt. I believe she was afraid I would expose her little scam. She may have a husband and be living in Canada. She is probably scamming him and may be out to continue her little game. I know her goal is to get to the United States. Bernadette is a very attractive woman, she is from Isabela Philippines. She worked in other Asian countries under other names. She told me she did this to get employment, I think it was to expand her scam.

# Date: 2006-05-20