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# Name:      Elena Rafailovna

# E-mail:

# Address:  Russia , Samara

# Seen at:   originally contacted through Then we started e-mailing each other everyday for two months

# Dangerous: 32%

# Details: This person was unreal. "She" was so patient with
  everything. She knew how to push all of the right
  buttons and wait patiently for things to happen
  naturally. We e-mailed each other everyday and after
  about a month, I offered to help her pay for airline
  tickets to fly to the U.S. to see me. She acted like
  she was too ashamed to accept my offer claiming that
  she was "raised not to accept money from other
  people". It took me 3 e-mails just to "convince" her
  to accept my help. I wired her $1200 and she claimed
  to purchase airline tickets and then go to Moscow to
  interview for her visa. She then claimed that the
  Russian Federation would not issue her a visa because
  she did not have the $2000 minimum required to
  "declare" in a bank account. She told me that this
  policy was to protect Russian citizens trying to leave
  the country without money to fend for themselves or
  get back home. She then claimed that she was able to
  borrow $900 from her bank, but still needed $1100 more
  to declare. I agreed to send her another $1100 and
  told her that she could pay me back as soon as she
  meets me. Of course she never showed up at the
  airport and then wrote me an e-mail claiming to get
  mugged on the way to the airport in Moscow. Unreal.
  I googled "russian scam" and this was the first
  website that popped up. Sure enough, one of the
  stories on here that lists bank account details
  matched the bank account used in the wire transfer
  perfectly! I can't believe how stupid I was! She
  even continued to contact me afterwards.

# Date: 2006-05-17