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# Name:      Elena Potehina

# E-mail:

# Address:  Russia , Moscow

# Seen at:   I have not been posted on any website in months. I believe this is someone who corresponded with me months ago and who is trying again with a new photo.

# Dangerous: 32%

# Details: I received what appears to be a mass-emailing from this person. It came to both my home and work e-mail addresses on the same day. The IP header is actually from Mari El Province. When I responded; the e-mail was returned with "Mail Failure".
  Has a scholarship to NYC; but then loses the contract. But they will still let her attend if she can pay her own way. She needs $450. It only took 4 e-mails for the money letter. All the letters were pre-written. And she actually send a 20 second video.
  2d report:
  First name: Elena
  Last name: Potehina
  Counry: Russia
  City: Moscow
  Details: money for travel 500 USD
  Reported by: jacek

# Date: 2006-04-28

Hi there,
My name is Elena, I'm from Russia, Moscow and looking for serious relations
and want to meet serious and single guy in Unites States or Europe.
I have found your e-mail address in web base of singles, in dating service here.
I don't know if you're still single and still looking for your second half, but
if you
interested and really want to start relationship with me I'll be happy to hear
back from you. I included a picture of me, I took it several days ago, so you
can see how I look like. I'll be pleased if you will send me your picture and
me something about youself. Little bit about me:
All my life I lived in Moscow, I rent an appartment there, I can speak english,
I'm 23 y.o., don't have a kids and never been married. I'm professional dancer
and teach girls to dance in gym. I like to go out, traveling, reading books and
cooking. I think it's enough about me, sorry if I bothered you and if you're not
single. But anyway I hope to hear back from you.
Warm regards,

Hi *****,

You know, sometimes, things go not exactly the way we want them to. Remember, i told you about my arrangement to go to
the USA for work? Well, i don't know what kind of news it is good or bad,, on the one hand, it is good, because i have
all settled with my work visa, it is in the consulate here in Moscow, waiting for one thing - when i buy the ticket to where it should be
bought; NY in my case. But the employer rep told the conditions changed - they have less scholarships now and have less funds allocated
by their management for this programme. So they decuded they would keep only two contracts with two our most popular guys and
2 or three scholarships. "Trainees" were not included:((
Of course, they did not promise us anything with 100% guarantee; and no contract was signed so far (they said we would sign the
contract later) but it is all not very pleasant anyway. There stll are options when people may go there but have everything at their expense
including attending dance classes, which is most expensive. I had some money which i planned to have just in case and i theoretically
might live on them while in the US, but not sure if that will be enough and..everything looks not so reliable now without supporting organization.
I mean, theoretically i still may go, i have all i need for that except ticket, but what will i go for?
I spoke to many others, who were refused just like me. Most of them gave up and expect more chances will appear, which i am honestly not
sure of at all. Some have friends or even relatives in different US states, they will buy tickets to thosed places and go visit .
I need to say, i am really dissaproved and i still haven't worked out the complete plan, though it would be great to go anyway..
It is always feels so bad, when you suddenly have to give up on your childish dream ..:-) Most childish dreams can not be explained ot it takes
to much to explain, but what I know they are worth to realize. And it gives you a splash of energy to realize you realized it).
To add up, i secretly hoped to meet you there, because i like you.. You seem to be a nice and decent man, you know.. the kind i call "real").
The kind i hope to meet i my life after all those "easy flow boys", not thinking alot.
..I know that there are a few billiard people in the world and everybody we meet is a chance we take or not take in the end.
Do you mind being mine chance for now? It may work out or not but I feel if I don't say this now, I might feel sorry about it after.
I don't know what you will say about this but a crazy thought came to my mind : what if i use the passport and visa i have and come just to see
you? We could communicate, we could spend some time togather and see what happens. Like i said before, except good job, i need a good
man in my life). It's no guarantee at all of course, but just another chance. You may like this suggestion or not, i don't know, but if you like it, we
might give it a try. Just for your information - i have some money i saved which i planned to take with me to America, this is around 400 dollars.
But the round trip ticket with an open date which the dancing school wanted to finance costs about 850 US dollars.
I suppose i have no right to ask you for this, so if you say no, that's it. But if you could help me with another $450, i could come to New York
and we could meet there, or other idea, i could fly from New York directly to you. What do you think?.. As soon as i will buy tickets
US Consulate will provide me my documents. I have checked flights in local Airlines - Aeroflot and i could be in New York 15th
of May by Boeing 767 at 10:30 am NYC time, flight number - SU 317 from Moscow (SVO-2) to NYC (JFK), so we could
meet in 10 days. How does it sound for you?
I kiss you,
P.S. Instead of photos, i made it today. Look when you have time and tell me if you liked it, i have several
bikini photos, also i will make a video for you today and you will get it soon :-) !
Hello, my dearest *****,
I am really happy your answer was like that and getting excited again.
Turns out, everything still may change in the positive way at the very
last moment, thank you for making me believe in luck!!!
I included bikini pictures from Anapa on Black Sea, i took them last summer,
hope you will like. Also here is the video i promised.
Please give me your number and i will call you.
I'm short of 450 USD to buy this tickets to you and if you will
send me this sum,i will buy tickets and fly to you.
About the sending thing: I spoke to the bank here and they gave me
information i have to tell you so that you could send the money all right.
First, there is a thing called "Western Union". This is big world system
which helps people all over the world send money to eavh other when
needed. People at the bank said it is reliable, because it is electronic.
To use it, you need to know the following information about me:
My name - Elena Potehina
My address - Eniseiskaya st., 24, apt.17; 125047(zip code); Moscow, Russia.
You may send the money to the bank closest to where i live - "INVESTSBERBANK",
address: Leninskii Prospekt, 22; 129110(zip code); Moscow, Russia.
I want to thank you again for giving us that chance and tell you that i feel
wonderful, because i still secretly hope, something may work out
between us, my dear *****
Very, very, very best,
Your Elena.