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# Name:      Anastasiya Utkina

# E-mail:

# Address:  Russia , Kazan

# Seen at:

# Dangerous: 28%

# Details: All of the following letters were received over a period of two weeks.
  Letter 1
  hi my new friend John!!!
  I am very glad that you have answered me. I with the big interest read your letter!!!! I very much would like to learn you more, I hope that we are similar against each other!!!!! Now I shall tell to you not much about myself, I live in Russia in city Kazan!!!! It is very old and beautiful city. My birthday on November, 17, 1978!!!! On a sign on the zodiac I a scorpion!!!! My growth 170��м my weight 53кг!!! Color of hair light color of eyes blue!!!! I think that you can see it on my photos. I shall send still to you the pictures if it will be possible!!!!! Please came to me the photo I shall be very glad!!!! My favourite color red. I the only child in family. Earlier I lived with my parents in an one-room apartment, now I remove itself an apartment and I live separately!!!! I have no any children, but I very much would like to have the kid from the favourite person, it is fine!!!!! I work as the seller in food shop my salary in a month makes 150 $!!! I know that to your measures it very little. I still very much love dispute and free time from work I give sports meets!!! I support a healthy way of life, I have no harmful habits. I can speak the English language, I studied it at school and went on rates. I not when in a life was not in other country and I very much would like to visit there. I saw other countries only on the TV. I very much love quiet music when I come home after the difficult working day I I include music and my problems leave on a background!! My favourite season is spring, spring it time to love, in the spring the nature in Russia is born anew, it is very beautiful!!! I want to find the man of the dream with which it would be good me on which I can rely with which I I can share the most secret ideas!!!! That we would trust each other, this most important concerning the man and the woman!!! I think how you think in what happiness????? . In a choice of the of the man I do not want to make a mistake. Today I have told to mum that I was answered with you!!! She has told that it very well. We should with you as it is possible to learn better each other and then we shall decide that we shall do further!!! My friend I cannot write to you every day because I write to you from the Internet of cafe if you will not see my letters be not upset!!!! I very badly address with a computer so do not wait for my letters and write to me!!!! I hope that we with you shall be very good friends, and then our friendship will develop in love I hope for it!!!! I think that it enough and I shall set to you some questions interesting me!!!!
  1-Where you work???
  2-That you do during free time from work???
  3-Why you search the love through the Internet???
  4-As you relax???
  5-That you would do if we have grown fond each other????
  The my dear friend please answer me these questions!!!!
  I hope that at us all will turn out!!!!
  Write to me with love your friend Anastasiya.
  Letter 9
  Hi means love John. I am written myself very very happily that you hast!!! Your the letters which not delight it always waren!!!! I you sehr!! love! Please would not excuse what on your letter immediately answer me konnte!!!! I write the internet of the cafe in that you very badly functioned. I so am happily that in the large expanses of the internet I have met you, is probable it fate!! Do you believe in the fate??? Would say as you learned me you into the free days??? I went myself into the free days into the sporting hall, I bemuhe adherence to the healthy manner of the life!! Do I suit love myself behind its figure auf!!!!! I would like to arrive to you to spend with you time!!! I could try to take holiday in May or June!!! There is a problem in that that I have no visa!!! I very much want to try be to be with you and I so I think that we shall be together as us pulls to each other. Whether not so? I very much like all your words as to me when and who did not concern as you!!! You as are worthy my love to you and I can tell to you with all my heart that I love you!!! legend you you the sport??? If yes that of which??? After of the work released have me, I began immediately search for the new work and I it gefunden!!!! Now I become the Verkaufer in the little little Geschaft at the edge of the city arbeiten!!! I calculate that it better than a nichts!!! How do you calculate??? Am I got 100 $ into the month, am probable it fur you strange??? But my not to the laughed!! It is not me before you dafur very uncomfortable that I me vollstandig protected strip kann!!! And out of furchte I therefore to lose you!! Would say me what you me and not love if you will not leave me??? It disturbs me sehr!!! Led Erzahle like you its day have me??? Do you have ideas anlasslich of our meeting??? I want to be myself like the fresh swallow of the air very with you you notig!! I am has met much the years jerk maintenance man the old man and have myself it my fate vorausgesagt. I wei? that fur you it paradoxically, but it so!!! It said meet would can will move me that I the man however to to it, only can be in the large Bemuhungen you with it!! It said will become me that we also here glucklich its it the Kinder!!! I believed its and after lachte!!! Now I have uberzeugt that that old man said the truth and I have myself you begegnet!!!! I calculate should we together sein!!!! Would say me what you think anlasslich of my letter??? I love you I I dear you I dear you I dear you I dear you I dear you I dear you I dear you I dear you I dear you I dear you I dear you I dear you I dear you I dear you I dear you I dear you I dear you I dear you I dear you I dear you I dear you I dear you IDear you I you I love dear you I dear you I dear you I dear you I dear you!! Would write me with the love your Anastasiya.
  Letter 14
  Hello my love John! I have received your character, it is fell of
  emotions of heat and sympathy to me. I begin to understand, that my life is need meaningful without you because I love you. I think, that during that time, that we with you write, gauged made other we have very gone through together and between Us the feeling has appeared. I think, that we are necessary gauged other. I constantly think of you. I spoke with mimed about that that, probably, I shall leave, she only were glad for me, she thinks, that it and is my happiness. I to tell to mimed made about you, wants she knows, that you the good person and care of me when I shall arrive to you. My mimed trust to you completely and consequently she need against that I visited you in your country and releases me to you with quiet soul. Knows, that near to you I shall be in safety mimed. Besides my mimed lake all, how I love you strongly and ace I always with alarm go in internet - cafe to lake your characters, and what happy I come anus perusal of your message ace I all to shine with happiness, that you at me are my lovely. Knows, that I shall be happy only with you, she truly wishs good luck Us with you happiness mimed. Today I all day thought only of you, how we shall meet you. I to represent it to myself ace you meet me at the airport a bouquet of scarlet roses ace we search, gauged find gauged other eyes, we and we rush in embraces other. Now I went to Agency and at once have decided to write to you that there have told me. To me have told, that I can need receive the visas of the bride (K-1) because for reception of this visas of it is necessary for Us, all over again to meet. Ace in a condition reception of this visas, it is told, that the groom and the bride should meet though once within the previous two years. To me have told, that all over again it is better to me to issue the tourist visas (B-1/B-2). The visas of category B-2 - only tourist visas to the persons planning exclusively remainder in in your country. This visas is given out for the period of 3 months. Unfortunately, I can need arrive to you some time because for application for lively ration of the visas and lively ration of some documents, search ace the passport for travel abroad, the medical information and other documents, money in the sum $ 556 which now at me is needs present are necessary. I to need know, that to me to do now, I very made boiled to want to arrive to you my love, but I to need have savings in the sum of $556 dollars to pay the visas independently and from it to me at the very on soul and my heart suffers. And consequently it is necessary to wait need made find find when I can this money, but I at the need sure, that I can search sum. Those who follows in in your country. Ace the tourist, should specify, where they are going to stop. Ace I at the going to visit you I need to know your exact home address, and the address of the airport nearest to you where I should arrive. I very made send you ask to me this information. When I shall come to you we with you together can begin to make out for me the visas of the bride, and I quiet shall stay on some time, and then when we with you shall get married, I shall stay with you for ever always to be near to you. I really want to become your wife to bring up together with you children. You could not help me with this sum of money????? Therefore I hope, that we can create the happiest family together. I love you!!!! Today fine day, but me it is boiled, because we with you so far distinctive. Between Us huge ocean, but in the ideas I with you and you - always in my heart. I to love you and for ever in your ideas. I wait your character it important for me.

# Date: 2006-04-18