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# Name:      Diana Krasina

# E-mail: and

# Address:  Russia , Moscow

# Phone:    +7 (4832) 936847

# Dangerous: 36%

# Details: Very interesting twist to the travel / visa scam! The scammer sent nice letters and photos to me that seemed real - but my several offers to travel to Moscow was never answered. Then, just a few days ago, s/he had a visa and could come to the USA, just tell s/he what city, in just a few days! Then I received a message from a "travel agency" that gives the flghts, etc., with a request to help with total payment - but the scammer has already paid $300 mind you! The flights are real, but the booking does not exist with the airline. I also received a message directly from the scammer that claims to show USA visa - except that the photo is obviously inserted into the jpg. The last 3 messages received, from this most recent, are pasted below:
  Hi my darling James
  You know today I was in agency of travel and wanted to buy tickets.
  But price for tickets so high. The tickets for round trip cost 690 USD.
  I have just 510 USD. And I pay for visa 200 USD.
  The visa expensiv becouse maked very fast.
  So I pay for tickets just 310 USD.
  Can you pay 380 USD to agency of travel.
  I leave your e-mail adrress in agency and they shall contact you.
  Anyway, I buy already visa.
  So I need just a tickets for at fly to you.
  For me uncomfortable to speak with you about money.
  But I have no other way. I am simple and honest girl.
  I send you copy of my visa for at you can trust me.
  Most of all I want to meet you. I am sure that if we shall meet we shall be not regret.
  Together we shall spend great time.
  I will be waiting letter from you darling.
  Gentle kiss you, Diana
  Hello Mr. James
  My name is Galina Kostoglotova.
  I am agent of travel in agency of travel Travel Best.
  Today I has speak with Diana Krasina.
  She buy the visa and pay for air tickets.
  But she pay not all money.
  The tickets cost 690 USD. Diana Krasina paid only 310 USD.
  She said that you can pay other money.
  You need to pay only 380 USD.
  I send to you flight information.
  INVOICE 0000385967
  DATE 11APRIL2006
  British Airways
  BA 873
  Domodedovo (DME), Moscow, Russian Federation 17:05
  Heathrow (LHR), London, United Kingdom
  Terminal 1 18:15
  British Airways
  BA 239
  Heathrow (LHR), London, United Kingdom
  Terminal 4 19:35
  Logan Int'l (BOS), Boston, Massachusetts, USA
  Terminal E 21:45
  Delta Air Lines
  DL 8555
  Logan Int'l (BOS), Boston, Massachusetts, USA
  Terminal E 19:50
  Charles De Gaulle (CDG), Paris, France
  Terminal 2E 08:35 + 1 day(s)
  Air France
  AF 1944
  Charles De Gaulle (CDG), Paris, France
  Terminal 2C 09:30 + 1 day(s)
  Sheremetyevo (SVO), Moscow, Russian Federation
  Terminal 2 15:10 + 1 day(s)
   AIR FARE 622.00 TAX 68.01 AIR TOTAL USD 690.01
  You can make payment via international system Western Union.
  Address: 231574, Bryansk, Russia, Gagarina 27, office 12
  Contact person: Galina Kostoglotova, main manager
  If you have some questions, you can contact me anytime.
  With best regards, Galina
  Travel Best
  Tel: +7 (4832) 936847
  Fax: +7 (4832) 936846
  Hi my darling James
  I am so happy that I meet you!!!
  You know, it is very difficult to find suitable person in internet.
  But with you I feel self comfortable.
  Every day I am thinking about you and imagine what shall be later in our relationship.
  When I read your letter my heart go fast.
  I am waiting this every day.
  Now very important to make right step.
  Real meet nessesary for real relationship.
  And I feel that I am ready for this step.
  From 14 til 30 of april I shall take hollliday.
  And we can meet in this period.
  So, I waiting for your decision.
  Gentle kiss you lovely!!!
  Your Diana!!!

# First reported: James
# Date: 2006-04-13