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# Name:      ELENA KUKLINA

# E-mail:

# Address:  Russia , Kazan

# Seen at:

# Dangerous: 32%

# Details: She contacted me about a month ago. As with most of these scammers she was using pre written letters and didn't answer specific questions. After about a month she was in love and had to be with me. She conveniently decided to get all the information for coming to see me but gave the figures in Euro Dollars which is not my currency or continent for that matter.
  Hi my lovely and my sweet person on all ground Greg. I
  It is very very happy that you have written me the letter. I was simply
  Is madly happy to read it. My lovely Greg today I
  Descended in the largest bank of our city to learn all about that,
  As you can send me of money. I have talked to the employee of it
  Bank which to me has answered all questions. It has told what to send
  Money from other country completely not simply. Well in the first I have learned that
  It is possible to send money through the bank account. But unfortunately I have no
  It in bank, but I have asked about it. I have learned as I can open it .
  To me have told that in banks of my city of the account in banks is possible only
  To open if the first sum of a payment there will be 9000 roubles that is equal 282
  Euro. For other smaller sums the bank simply refuses
  To open accounts so they there count that it not favourably campaigns. And
  As to me have explained that precisely same situation in other banks
  Our city. As I have learned that exist any special
  The companies which are engaged in remittances worldwide. To me
  Have told that all there are such 3 companies: Likely you heard
  Something about company Western Union. To me have told that it is the biggest
  The company in the world which is practically in any country. She
  Specializes on remittances worldwide. To me have told
  About this company it is a lot of. I was assured what even by employees
  Bank use Western Union, and she very much is pleasant to them, so all
  Occurs without problems and money it is possible to receive at once as soon as them
  Have sent you. To me have told their site and have told that for additional
  The information I can address there, there it will be easier to me to understand all.
  This address of a site - can be useful too to you
  Have told that there is one more company of translations - MoneyGram. To me have told
  That she not so big also that she is rare where is. But all of me
  Have assured that she too very reliable. In my city to me have told that
  There is only one bank where there is this company. So it seems to me that
  This company of translations not so widespread , but can in yours
  City she is. As to me have told about one more company is
  Company Contakt. To me have told that this company basically works
  Only in Russia and in Germany. But she can is and in other countries. I
  I do not know also the employee of bank to me about this company has told very little. But
  To me have told that in their bank there is only company Western Union and me
  Better on questions of translations to address to them I am farther and has made.
  There all have in detail explained to me how I can receive money from
  Other country also that I for this purpose should make. Like it appeared not
  So it is difficult but I all the same have written down all that to overlook nothing. For
  The beginnings to me have told that you should know my coordinates. For that
  That I have received money in the native city you should specify simply
  My name is - ELENA KUKLINA and that I live in
  The country - RUSSIA
  City - KAZAN
  LENINA 48-23 address
  post cod - 424098
  My dear it is my information. My dear Greg at me is not present
  Phone unfortunately. But I think that that terrible in it.
  But as I can receive your money in any other city of Russia
  If you will specify that money for a name - ELENA KUKLINA on a residence
  - RUSSIA. But certainly this your business. But me have warned, for that
  That I could receive money in bank, I should know all about you (
  Full name and surname full coordinates of your residence and so
  You should send me a code from 10 figures, without which I in any way
  I can not receive money) That is that I need to know from you
  1) Your full name
  2) Yours a full surname
  3) Your country
  4) Your city
  5) Your Street
  6) Your postal index
  7) Your phone number
  That I today could learn all in bank. My lovely
  Greg my desire to arrive to you inflames with everyone
  In the afternoon all is stronger and stronger. I even am afraid think of that that we cannot
  To be together. I think that you want me to hold near to yourselves.
   My dear Greg when I shall come to you, I promise that you
  Can see all mine of charm and even more in a reality. I hope
  What can you understand me?
  Today I so for a long time went on city that is very tired, that likely
  I shall finish the letter and I shall go to sleep home. But I hope for that that this night
  To dream me dream how we with you appear a number . My lovely
  Greg I very strongly love you and I shall wait your fast
  The answer. Your love on always Elena.

# Date: 2006-04-06