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# Name:      Anna Volkova

# E-mail:

# Address:  Ukraine , Vinnitsa

# Dangerous: 32%

# Details: Report on SCAMMER Anna Volkova in Vinnitsa:
  I would like to report to you about a scammer Anna Volkova in Vinnitsa. Anna Volkova , ul. Ph. Konna 38A-10 ,Vinnitsa 21036, Ukraine, e-mail (DOB- June 17, 1980). She had a profile listed at Adorable Ladies and has been reported to them as well.
  Early on she told me how difficult things were for her and how difficult for her to write me letters so I sent her $20 to cover the costs of her internet expenses.I mailed her this money which she claims to not have received. I sent her another $20 to her home address and once again she says that she did not get. It is funny though as she received some cards that I sent to her without any money in the cards :-). She has been trying to get me to send her more and more money ever since because times are difficult for her and she claims to not live at her parent's home anymore.
  I asked her many times ( 6 times ! ) for her new address where she was now living and she would not tell me this and avoided my question totally. After 6 or 7 requests( she still would not tell me her current address) she then told me that she was moving back home again with her parents to live and not to mail anything to her supposed address where she was now living. Personally I do not think that she ever moved a way from home but was using this as another reason to have to send her money. I told her that I did not have any money to send to her and you will see her last reply to me :-)! She replies very fast and often when she is looking for money and if not looking for $ then I never hear from her or her letters are with a large time delay. Funny how this happens :-)!!!!!
  I will include copies of her letters where she is requesting money.
  #1- Letter from 7/4/2005
   Hello Frank!
   Forgive, that I do not answer you so often. I on it have reasons.
   I certainly wish to see you and very much I wait for our meeting!!!
   But I have to you a small request... I do not know as it to write... I Shall write how is actually. To me it is now very heavy in the financial plan. If to you not difficultly help me please. To me are necessary money what to support little bit my life now. Because to me really now it is hard! It is very difficult to me to consult now one, therefore I ask you about the help and supports for me. I hope, that you will understand me!
   Your Anna
  #2-Letter from 7/26/2005
  Hello Frank!
   Thanks for your letters!
   Forgive, but I am now very borrowed, I search I (look) new work for myself.
   I cannot go now to the Internet-interior and write to you letters because I do not presume to myself it, it is necessary for this purpose money, and now at me they are not present.
   I shall write to you when I shall find suitable work then I can answer your letters.
   With good wishes
  #3- Letter from 1/2/006
   Неllo dear Frank!
   Excuse, that long did not write.
   I shall tell fairly, I had problems, to me it is very heavy in the financial plan.
   I wish to ask you, that you would help me with money. I hope, that you will understand me and will help me.
   My kiss for you
  #4- Letter from 1/16/2006
   Hello dear Frankl!
   I have well met New Year, together with parents. There was a celebratory table, and all had fun till the morning. It was healthy!
   I wrote, that to me now very difficultly . To me are very necessary money. And I ask you, that you would help me. If you want and can help me, I shall be very happy! Also it is grateful to you!
   My kiss for you!
  #5- Letter from 1/18/2006
   Hello dear Frankl!
   To a huge regret I did not receive from you any cards. It is very a pity. Probably, that that has not turned out.
   I very much and very much wait for our meeting!!! I necessarily shall arrive to Kiev what at last to see you!!! I so want it!!! I hope, that not so long remain up to our meeting!!!
   At me a problem that I now do not live with parents. I try and try to do that that. Now I do not have work, I shall go to work only in a month. And now to me very difficultly, hard. Therefore I ask you, that you would send me of money what to support me a difficult minute. At me anybody is not present (man), except for you. I can trust in you and to ask about the help and understanding. I cannot tell, how many you will send me of money. I think, that you will solve it itself. How many you can. I to you shall be very grateful and very happy with that at me is the man which worries for me and wants, that I would be happy! And it so! I shall give you all my tenderness, warmly and caress that you such remarkable the man!!!!
   My kiss for you!!!
  #6- Letter from 1/23/2006
   Hello my dear Frankl!!!
   While has reached in the Internet-interior, has very much frozen. Now at us temperature-25 degrees. Very coldly! Therefore everyone go in warm jackets, fur coats and caps. Many schools and universities are closed. People sit at home, and do not leave anywhere in such cold.
   Dear, my phone 0038 0679886372, I want, that you would know it.
   To me very much not dexterously to speak for money, and how many you can send. But your help is really necessary to me. If you can also to you it will not be difficult, send me please on a western union 150 - 200 $. If I have asked much, tell to me about it. I learned, you only need to know my name, a surname (Volkova), and city in which I live (Vinnitsa).
   I am very glad, that at last have found you! Thanks that you at me are!
   I you the whole
  #7- Letter from 1/26/2006
  Hello my dear!!!
   Today has come to the Internet-interior what to read through your letter, but it to a huge regret has not appeared. I hope at you all well. Because I very much!!! and very much worry for you!!!
   Today is little bit warmer (-18), but in some days again transfer strong frosts. People such ridiculous go, noses red from a cold! I very much wait for our meeting!!! Very much!!!!!
   I kiss you!!!
   Yours Anna
  #8- Letter from 1/27/2006
   My dear Frankl!!!
   I live on an apartment. I remove it, and to crying of money every month for it. Therefore I cannot use the post address. The address where there live my parents at whom I often happen: Felixа-Konna38а street, ap.10. By the way now I go to them on a visit. The daddy it is very tasty prepares. Simply super!!!
   My dear I shall ask you to send for me money on a western union, it will be more quickly and much more reliably, I learned in bank about remittance. You only should me send a code (from numbers) on which I can receive from you money. Only it is necessary for you my name, a surname (Volkova) and the country where I live.
  I am very grateful to you for it, and I shall not cease to thank you and destiny that has reduced us together!!!!!
   I kiss you my dear men!!!
   Yours Anna
  #9- Letter from 1/30/2006
  Hello my dear!
  It is a pity that you you cannot undrestand my letter. I moved from my parents house to live alone. I hire an apartment and I have to pay for it every month. It is really very difficult, but I have to start. I cannot give you my postal address, because I will not stay here for long time and soon I'll move to another apartment. But I want to give you address of my parents. I visit them very often.
  Volkova Anna Nikolaevna,
  Feliksa-Konna, 38a-10,
  Vinnitsa, Ukraine,
  Please, send me the money by "Western Union" - it is faster and better.
  I am really sick now and hope on your kind heart:)
  Kiss you tenderly!
  Yours, Anna!
  #10 Letter from 2/1/2006
  Hello my dear!!!
   Today on February, 1st, and I move back to parents (you know our address). I have understood, that it is very difficult, one to rent the apartment. For me it is heavy. I so am tired from loneliness. I so want caress, tenderness, heat, support and love! At last I have met you my dear!!! And I hope, that at us all to turn out and all will be good!!!
   My dear, it is necessary to me, that you would understand - I can be trusted!!! And consequently I wish to give you my number of a home telephone number 0038 0432 533550.
   I you gently whole also wait from you for support. I now am ill also to me this money are very necessary. Send to me them money on a western union please
   Gently I embrace
   Your Anna
  #11 Letter from 2/3/2006
  My dear!!!
   Why you do not answer?
   I now very much am ill a heat (37 ,4) but have come to read through your letter and it is not present. It is very a pity to me.
   If you can call to me. I at home all the day and very much wait from you for a call!!!
   I kiss you!!!
   Yours Anna
  #12 HER LAST LETTER TO ME 3/7/2006
   Hello Frankl!
   I do not want, that you would write to me more.
   I would not like to communicate with the person who has deceived me.

# Date: 2006-03-09