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# Name:      Elena Dolzhenko

# E-mail:

# Address:  Ukraine , Lugansk

# Phone:    Unknown

# Seen at:   Was introduced through another girl.

# Dangerous: 36%

# Details: isp and (it is a dialup so last digits can change).
  runs a scam with another woman called Tatyana (Tanya) Donscaya. At first Nadeshda Vasyukova poses as Elena Dolzhenko. This is one of their sites. If you go into messages you will see Elena as Administrator but her name is really Nadeshda. She will say she wants the person and Tanya to be together. At the start she will defend Tanya to the hilt. After they get what they want, Elena (Nadeshda) will then "turn on Tanya" and say she is a scammer. Then you get all the info about how Tanya has a Russian groom, how she scams people and all sorts. You will be offered that they take a photo with a digital camera. Cost is US$150!!! Then get told that have to pay if want to still make contact at US$50 a month. Funny thing is...... I wrote to Tanya from another e mail address and she replied using same computer that Elena Dolzhenko (aka Nadeshda Vasyukova) uses at home!!!! And then Tanya asked me to send her money to help her with the internet bills.
  Site to avoid:
  Translation service is by use of an online translator and then cut and paste. Private investigator is: "I will tell you what I want. You cannot check it anyway". Interpreter..... well, if they use an online translator think you can work it out what to expect. Not an escort service, yet porn adverts all over the place. Also you can ask for adult webcam with locals. Basically it is a site offering services to scam. From asking for money for a passport, and a visa and an air ticket, we have now moved on to offering services as well. You pay. No service.
  2d report:
  First name: Elena
  Last naem: Dolzhenko
  Country: Ukraine
  City: Lugansk
  Details: I saw advert of detective on internet. The site is I sent US$300 for the full report. I get letter telling me I will get report. I get report which tell me girl is honorable. I send girl (Masha Supanova) US$900 for passport visa and ticket. I trusteed report. I showed fotos 2 a friend. He tell me of this place. I now find Masha Supanova is real Tatyana Donscaya. I look further on this place. I find foto of them together. I heve lost US$1200 now becoz of theze scammers.
  Reported by: Raffaele

# Date: 2006-03-04