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# Name:      Ekatrina

# E-mail:

# Address:  Russia , Kazan

# Seen at:   Contacted on American Singles - Ticket/Visa Scam

# Dangerous: 31%

# Details: Usual attempt at ticket/visa scam. She tried so hard for me to work with her and send money. I said no to sending money via Western Union. I told her that the travel agent was wrong and that I contacted the Russian Embassy in the US and American Embassy on Moscow. She finally relented and apologized but then she needed me to send money for Visa so it could be done through agency. Again, I pushed her and said that applications were done via Pony Courrier for only $100 plus. She pushed and I said no to sending money. She stopped writing. My heart has been broken again!

# Date: 2006-02-26

Hello my *******!!! I am glad to hear, that you do not play with my feelings and
I am very happy
To see your letter. You should not be upset, because I love you very much. And
Should care about each other. I shall write to you the address that you were
pleased. Also
You can write to me the letter to this address...
My address:
Kazan, Russia
geroev hasana str.23
To you distances in Moscow the wrong information because cannot be such. I
In travel agency and they to me have told, that I should buy the ticket in
Russia. It is required
To receive the visa and then to pass interview. It is required for me, because
I never was at you. These are rules which I cannot break. Not I have thought up
it. I
I do not know, to whom you called and why to you gave such erroneous
information. If you
Really want to help me with my travel you should not search for a problem.
We should trust each other. You can send money to me by mail on my address, but
It most risky because Russian mail badly works. There it is a lot of corruption.
I learned also in bank, there to me have told, that there is a remittance which
refers to money
gram. If we shall not trust during such moment we cannot overcome such
Distance. I think, that you understand me and still love me, because I very much

I grieve without you and very much I want to meet you. YOU very much like me. I
shall be happy
Only with you. Now I shall wait your answer. I can answer you only on Monday,
Because I shall go to my mum....
With love Ekaterina
Hello my love!!! I am very glad to see your letter. I congratulate you On day
It is pleasant for me, that you too want ours
And you try to learn meetings as it to make. I once again went to agency of
And they to me have told, that before I shall sit in the plane to me it is
necessary to pass interview
In embassy and me there it will be necessary to show the ticket. I do not know
why to us give different
Information. To me it would be more convenient, if you have bought to me the
ticket at home, but
In agency of travel speak, that the ticket bought in Russia is necessarily
necessary for me,
To pass interview. I shall be glad, if you specify the information. Then I shall
not be
To listen to agency and I shall do how you speak me. Still you should remember,
that at
I will not suffice money to the visa. I do not know, that to me to do... Now all
depends on you.
If you will not help me I do not know, whence to wait to me for the help. I
shall be
To hope, that in will understand me and my problems. With impatience I shall
wait yours
The answer... With love Ekaterina
Hello my love!!! I am happy to see your letter again. Forgive me, that I at the
wrong time answer on yours
Letters. Thanks for your congratulation. I am glad, that you have learned{have
found out} the information. I am pleased with it, therefore
That you really want our meeting. I also very much want it. I grieve on you very
much. To me
Have told, that your information too is true. That I wrote that to you, it too
is true, because in agency
Travel should not deceive clients. You can buy to me the ticket. But for the
beginning it is necessary to me
To pay for the visa, it is really difficult for me. If you are going to help me
we should
To find a way as it to make. My lovely, I am very serious to this I concern also
you to me are very necessary.
Now, when our attitudes{relations} have reached that we are going to meet we
should trust
Each other. I even have written to you the address where I live. It gives you to
think, that I am valid
To you I trust. Now all our meeting depends on you... I shall wait your
With love Ekaterina
Hello my love!!! I regret that I at the wrong time answer on your letter. At me
Small problems. You speak me the ridiculous price for the visa. It is
impossible. If I shall go
In agency of travel to me at such price will laugh for a long time. In Russia
there are no such prices
For the visa. I do not know, where you looked, but this wrong number. I trust
agents tourist
Bureau. They not begin to deceive me. I do not want you to offend, but it is
ridiculous. I have agreed
With you on the account of air tickets, but I yet do not know, whether it is
possible for you to buy the ticket for my name. I shall be
To learn in detail next week. I already so much time went to a tourist bureau,
That they already remember me and smile, when I him allow your information. If
you want,
That I have arrived, you should trust me because I in harm do nothing. I speak
To you that information which to me give. My lovely you should not take offence
at my words.
I cannot write for a long time today. I shall try to write to you to Monday and
I shall give you
The detailed information only.... With impatience I shall wait your answer...
With love Ekaterina