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# Name:      Elena Smertina

# E-mail:

# Address:  Russia , Kirov

# Seen at: like "Marina Tar" from Kazan, Russia ID 34456

# Dangerous: 28%

# Details: I want to report a scammer, in she have the ID 34456 and she say that her name is “Marina Tar” from Kazan, Russia. Let me tell you that I contacted the same girl with exactly the same photos at the website ID 1133659884
  and the name that she used on that website was “Elena Smertina” and “Lena Smertina” she claims that she was in love with me in her second letter and asking me money for her travel expenses to me.
  She said that she was 26 years old and was from Kirov, Russia and she used the email:
  I knew that she was a scammer not only for asking me money, because she had registered a phone and address at the website and the phone was a wrong number and the address don’t existed and this was reported for the team, because that phone and address was fake.
  When I confront her about this, she simply disappear and now I founded the same girl at your site.
  2d report:
  First name: Elena
  Last name: SMERTINA
  Country: Ukraine
  City: Kirov
  Address: 132 Lenina House Kirov
  Details: The correspondence was friendly and became closer and eventually Elena asked for financial assistance to obtain a passport and then a visa and then a change she said was needed to the passport. She used a travel agent in Kirov called World of Travel at Surikova Street 19 of 327 run by Dmitri Burkov. I sent the money to him to pay for the passport and airline tickets
  Elena went to Moscow to take the flight to London and met Grigory an agent for Dmitri. He wrote to say that Elena needed $3000 to travel to UK to show means of support. I was suspicious and reduced the period of the visit and the "travel" money in proportion to $1000 which I sent to Elena and heard no more.
  Reported by: GEORGE

# Date: 2006-02-22