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Comment from Akbar

Great job This was my daughters first year with 4H. She shweod a market barrow in our pee wee class. I thought she did a great job in showmanship. All the pee wees get trophies, which I think is really cool. The most amazing thing to me is that( our fair is still running) I cannot get her to come out of the pen. She has kept her pen and the area around spotless and been around all day to tell passers by about her hog. I haven't had to tell her to feed or water Rocket or much of anything else concerning her project. She hasn't even wanted to hit the rides yet. She has asked so many questions of other 4Hers about how she could do things better. I am just awestruck! Katy is 8 and a very, very active kid. Dad is simply amazed at her behavior. Just a little proud too does it show?
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Comment from harold

well she tryed the scam on me didnt work she thinks men are stupied well i hope they catch her
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Comment from

This bullshitting bitch better leave my husband alone.
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Comment from Dwight

She also goes by Jadee mark on
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Comment from Anonymous

Stolen from Jadee of Focus Hawaii Models.
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Comment from Paul D.L./Surrey/UK

Ah well where do i begin, this person is NOT Joy, or Kate Thomas(as in The photos are actually of a model named Jadee, can be seen at: It may not even be a woman?!! Same phone number in Nigeria. Promies of undying love, send money for airfare,then when i refused, then sent me a cheque to cash, for her father in Nigeria. But i was to send money for airfare before cheque was even cleared--i don't think so!! With no details of sender in London. Now reported to fraud sqaud/UK At phone number at least should be traceable? and another which is: 00234 803 495 1990 address given as: Kate Thomas, 23b, Maroko Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria Contacted me via ''-Oct'05
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Comment from Anonymous

After reading the letter this lady sent to Javier I am trying to understand what is the scam? Either javier doesn't understand English or this lady doesn't like him.
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