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# Name:      Elena Shertsnova

# E-mail:

# Address:  Russia , Yoshkar-Ola

# Seen at:   I first saw Elena on Lucky Lovers

# Dangerous: 28%

# Details: She uses a visa/tickets scam. I've edited the letter a little becasue Elena writes letters that would melt your PC! She is very inventive, she loves ATM and all she wants to do is please you - in exchange for a few dollars! Here's the relevant bit from her emails
  Now as to my arrival to you in the country. I today to come into
  travel agency and how many that will ask to cost the ticket up to your
  country to me there to answer, that the ticket to cost approximately
  562 $ dollar.
  And how to speak I those in the last letter, that the visa and
  documents to cost approximately 389 $ dollars.
  Means all money to me the dollar is required 951 $.
  You to ask as me my master my full name.
  My full name my master: Elena Sherstneva, the country Russia city
  I very much to love the master and I shall always obey it, because I
  it strongly to love and respect it it. And I as to hope, that the
  master to me is fast can write again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  With love
  Your sexual slave

# Date: 2005-12-17

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