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# Name:      Elvira Zubova

# E-mail:

# Address:  Russia , Korolev

# Seen at:   Phisching email

# Dangerous: 17%

# Scam scenarios:   Standard Russian Scam - a bit more effort in the pre-written letters than most scammers.

# Details: Standard Russian Scam - a bit more effort in the pre-written letters than most scammers.

# Date: 2018-08-27
1) Hello. How are you? I would like to meet with you. My name is Elvira. I'm looking for a long term relationship and a life long lover. I also want someone that is honest with me at all times.
In searches of boundless love and happiness!!!
I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Sincerely, Elvira
2) Hello Chris!!! How are you? I want to meet you. My name is Elvira. I'm from Russia. I live in the city of Korolev, it's not far from Moscow. I am cheerful, funny, interesting, active, sociable woman with many interests in life. I have a higher education trade economist.
Internet connects people, but it does not make love. Correspondence on the Internet is just the beginning getting to know each other and to send photos. Then after some time people decide to try to develop face-to-face relationship you agree with me? Correspondence to understand each other. Understand plans, aspirations, goals and dreams! But it is impossible to say the most important thing! If the people that are rewritten, have similar goals and plans for the future, in my opinion for making any serious decisions, you need to check the compatibility of these people! I do not know what you're really looking for in life, what you want to achieve, what are your plans and goals for the future, what kind of person and I do not know anything about you, but I decided to try to get acquainted with you. I'm looking for a simple man who values ​​and respects women. I want to say that I would like to come to your country. If you are interested to learn me closer, we must not lose time and start to learn each other since that day! If we have the same goals in life, and we decide to meet, I can fly. Write back to me with all the questions that interest you. I want to say that we must be honest with each other! Only honest and direct questions! Only thus can we understand each other, and we do not have to spend a lot of time for correspondence. I am seeking only honest and decent man, and I will be happy if this person is YOU. Write me back, and I'll give you more information about me, I also send some pictures of me and I will answer any of your questions.
Hope this gives you some insight about me.
3) Hello Chris. How are you today?
Can I ask you a few questions? I thought the whole day, I want to know about you and recorded a few questions, now I translated it and send you. I look forward to an honest and careful attention to this letter. Good? :)
How old are you? When is your birthday? I am 27 years old and my birthday is September 10.
What do you look for in a relationship? I'm looking for trust, understanding, love, honesty, want to share the good times and bad times together without the fear that the world might deceive us. I would like the relationship to be based on love and trust.
What is your full name?
What interests you most? Wow, God is interested in me, he has awakened interest in life. Sounds of children at play.
What are the main qualities that you look for in a woman? The main quality - Honesty, Love, Trust, all of this leads to success in a relationship. man, I'm looking for is an independent, loving, caring, and my best friend. I want him to be able to express their feelings to me openly and with passion. I want to be his lover and confidant.
How do you survive, I mean that is the source of your income?? I work at a beauty salon. I do manicure. I previously worked as an economist in the company, but I did not like the attitude of the human being in this group. arrogance, lies, moral decay, but now I am happy in their work. I like it.
How do you enjoying yourself? I play billards, swimming, dancing (I'm dancing the rumba, the salsa, studied stripplastic), reading, watching movies or TV. I love to read, listen to music, watch a comedy, I love to meet people. I love walking in the woods, camping.
What makes you excited? Smiling man touching his lips along my neck, kiss him, watching him sleep, and see his eyes when he sees that I'm around. that does not excite me, this is not true, and any disappointment.
I would like to be able to telephone, so would like to ask you to send me your full number, do it? If you also want to have with mн number, you just ask, I'll write you my phone number, or I will make you dial, and you call me back.
What makes you upset? dishonesty, unfulfilled promises and promises that have no meaning.
Do you want some children in the future? I don't have children and would like them in the future.
Why are you alone? I am the only one, because there was no man to take my heart. :) maybe you? :)
What do you have feelings of loneliness? Being lonely is a very sad and lonely thing that ever happened to me. I do not want to have these feelings, I want to be loved and happy.
how age difference bothers you? are you ready to make changes in your life for the sake genuine love? Distance and age do not matter. I'm ready to move for love, if it will bring us a sense of integrity and safety.
What's LOVE for you? LOVE for me, the ability to say that you were wrong to make mistakes, and to cherish the person with whom I was. To love means to be happy.
What kind of girl do you see close to you in life? I would like to see beside me a man who has respect, kind, loyal. I would like to know that I am the world, he is ready to protect me and give safety, which I need for it.
Do you have faith? Yes, I have faith in God.
Are you - religious? Yes
Do you like the closeness of the public? I like holding hands, walking on the streets, I would like to have a hand on my waist. Kiss and hug.
What do you like and what you dislike? I like the sunset, the sunrise in the morning, I love nature. I would like to see a man in the early sun, I would like to see his face in the sunruse light after a night of passion. I do not like racists. Dishonesty, cheating.
What is your favorite food, movies and color? My favorite foods - pizza, fish, and ice cream. I like movies that make me happy and contented. I like Star Wars Movies, Westerns, Rain Man, and my favorite colors are purple, blue and red. The man in the black suit is chic. :)
Do you like sports? I like all sports. My favorites - tennis, ice skating, figure swimming.
Do you like to swim? I like swimming
Are you send me a photo of the display? I will send you the pictures for display.
I would like to spend an evening with your beloved man sitting by the fire with a glass of wine, wood crackle when burning, sparks rising into the sky and sparks disappear in the sky, we raise the head and see in the sky a lot of stars, I think this time will have exciting implications. I want it, and you? What ideas do you romantic?
I would like to realize my dreams in a short time with you, do you would like to have a meeting? I would also like to have a romantic night with you, with a bottle of wine and sitting embracing on the sofa. I wanted to massage your shoulders, have a massage, because I want to.
Have you ever met or talked with Russians?
Do not rush to answer. I would like to see the full answer.
A gentle kiss,
4) Hi Chris. Thank you for your letter. I would like to apologize to you, I could not write you before, as I really did not have time to do it. I thought you were going to miss me, and decided to write to you. I'll finish work and go home. Today was very tired a lot of work. I thought it best to write to you today to let you know that I'm fine. Unfortunately, I have not been in another country and did not see anything new, as it was for me always something unreal. I've thought of another country, I would be able to live there, and how it will be for me. I think certainly for me it will be very difficult to drop everything and leave friends and acquaintances, and fly to another country to a man whom I truly love. I thought it was really difficult. But I also think about Russia. To learn how to get this big and powerful country. Poverty and the difficult situation in all regions, it makes you think, what will happen next. I just think that I can not have a future here, what I'm really worth. I would like to find a decent man who will love with all your heart and with whom I could stay for a lifetime. I am a woman for one man, it is important for me. Therefore, I have collected all the documents and is ready to order a visa, and you're ready for our meeting? To begin with, I thought to go to you for one week or two weeks, maybe a month, then I will go back, this time we will decide on our future meetings forever. I am very demanding and want you to know it. I can not let my betrayal of a man or a bad attitude. I demand a lot of attention. I think it is right. If you are really serious and agree with me, then I have a suggestion. Let's forget all the past love and concentrate on us. you and I as a couple. I want to finish writing to other men and to communicate only with you and ask you to also complete any other relationship. I wrote the other men, but I will finish it, because I think you're more serious to me. I'm very comfortable with you to communicate. If you want this and if we really intend our relationship, I would like to communicate only with you and get to know you better. I'm curious to know what you think about this? Another wanted to ask you, tell me more about your town where you live, it's nice to live there? You can send me pictures of the house where you live? I'll wait for your letter tomorrow. Gentle kisses just for you. With love, Elvira.
4) Hi my good man Chris.
I can't stop thinking of you. I couldn't write earlier, Sorry.
I thought of you this night, I was is exhausted with uncertainty. I had thoughts that you aren't serious with me and simply you play. and actually you don't want a meeting with me. I don't know. what will you tell?
I can report: "I love you!! You are in my life!!! I very much would like that we could become couple, to become close and unique.
Tell me, do you like me? I want to shout to you, through many thousands of kilometers about the feelings. I think it there will be a strong shout and people will be shocked, but I am ready to cry. to splash out the love emotions. I said to you that I am very sensitive and romantic girl.
you only and favourite, and the closest for me. You don't represent with what pleasure I receive your messages. they do me happy.
I want to see new and new letters, I want to see you close and to have opportunity to kiss you. When I read your letters, the whole world becomes far for me, when we together you and I. I am ready to forget about everything when I receive from you the message. with me be not cold and don't hurt me. this world only for us two. we with you two persons shining from love when our hearts to connect, will sing for us a bird and under our feet flowers will blossom... Now I simply don't represent life without you. I close eyes, and I see yours an image, sometimes it seems to me that I hear your voice which calls me - pippin.
And I would like to throw everything into this moment and to escape to you, and to leave this vain Russian life behind, and to enjoy the spent time with you.
I represent our meeting in dreams. You hold me by a hand, then you clasp me and you kiss. and at this moment there is in the world nothing more perfectly, than to be with you. I even in dreams see you, you are very close to me, I can feel your breath. I LOVE YOU!!! If you ask me why I love you, I don't know my answer... People tell similar words not for something, it is told contrary to all rules of life. as the love is unpredictable.
I even am ready to believe that you are intended to me by destiny in advance though since some time I stopped trusting destiny because it often sent me tests, and it sent me you, you the best which was in my life. are you trust in a soulmate? You the one whom I looked for all life.
we there can't be a friend without friend, as fish without water, as a flower without the sun, as the person without oxygen. I can't simply live without your words. I probably am very sentimental. If something to happen to the Internet I will die, awful and painful death - from melancholy. My dear you love me, or are you simply looked for the girlfriend for the communication Internet?
I write me please as soon as possible the answer!! I will look forward it, also share with me any news from you.
most of all in the person I estimate - honesty. Are you fair person? Then tell me, what you think about me? It is very important for me!!! I won't take offense at you if you don't love me. this such feeling which can suddenly come when you don't wait for it.
Why we can't meet right now? Why we don't live in one city? It simply torture to sit and wait for a meeting with you.
It is a pity that I have no magic wand, I would wave it and my visa would be ready and I would have opportunity to fly to you.
I thought all day, after work solved will meet you. I went to agency, gave documents if everything is good on check, they will give documents to embassy and I will wait for the decision. I will pray that I was given the visa.
Passionately yours,
5) My darling Chris.
You please excuse me that I didn't write to you at once. to me this fine day in park together with you my darling very much wants to walk. I dream that we wandered about a narrow footpath smiling and embracing each other. And then we together would come into cozy cafe where under a fine and gentle music by the light of candles we would drink fine wine and intoxicated with happiness would make a declaration of love each other. As if I wanted that this dream was quickly executed. And we could embrace each other within many hours.
Earlier I also didn't think that the people from the different countries who are speaking different languages, and having different cultures can approach so each other. It seems to me that in Russia to me not to find such man as you, my dear and now I don't even try to make it because I met you. yes we far apart, but I hope that for us the distance is not really big problem. I don't want to be the woman of the Russian man because with him I am sure I don't learn that such real happiness and tenderness.
And I was convinced of it for a long time and I don't do any attempts of acquaintance to the Russian men any more.
Here few kind and careful people.
At a meeting our relations will develop gradually and during this time, I want to learn about you as much as possible because according to letters you don't recognize the person completely. Write me about everything that you consider it necessary. I will try to answer all your questions fully. Send me more than the photos. I love very much to watch photos.
My name - Elvira Zubova. My home - Russia, Moscow region, City - Korolev, Michurina street House 3, Apartment 41, 141000.
I will look forward from you to letters. With love Elvira!!!!!!
6) My warm Wind Chris.
I so grieve without all days. You changed my life, and I feel that with each letter we become the close friend to the friend. I thank god that met you!!! You - such unusual person - I appreciate you and I appreciate that you are my love.
It is similar to a rain during a drought, understanding of that you seriously treat me. People in Russia ready to help only with words, but never with the facts. But you another, you the generous person, I feel it. You not to hesitate to tell me warm words. It very much pleases me, you aren't avaricious on compliments. I consider that we have to tell warm words each other as it gives us pleasure. Only the true person similar to you ready to be good, not only at the happy moments, but also in trouble also. I never met such true the person in Russia (to my shame). I am grateful to god, he gave me you and I am very grateful to you, my good. Now I have you and I won't feel loneliness more.
When I was a child, I loved when mother I read me fairy tales. Most of all I loved stories about the prince where the prince rescued the girl. They loved each other, and the whole world was happy for them. I thought that I will never meet my prince. But now when I met you, I believe that the fairy tale can be real. You switched on light of hope in my heart and warm beams of love. I love all this world only because this world gave me you! After all pain, I need the real person to whom I can trust and who can care of me. Sweet! Doesn't matter for me that you are more senior, than I. I always loved people senior me. As they are cleverer, reliable and careful. I watch in life only it, stability and reliability. I lack for it my life. I am tired with lie and treachery. If the person is sincere and honest to me and will care of me, I will love him and to appreciate. I - very serious, responsible person. And the person of my age can't understand it. Only the senior man, can understand and appreciate it. I could find much in common. I think that is very important when people have the general thoughts of life. As everyone looks for the partner as a hobby and for love now. I also know that the senior man - has steadier ideas concerning life which he has. He - doesn't change with ease the decision, unlike young people. With the senior man I am always sure in tomorrow. I am sure that he won't betray me. I hope that you understand me and we can also have the fairy tale.
I think that we deserved it and I would like to be convinced that you really care of our relations, and you really have SERIOUS INTENTIONS to me. Please, to be frank and honest. And please always read my letters up to the end.
WELL? I will understand each your answer. I have a great interest to you, and I want to continue our communication. I would like to have the following step of our acquaintance. It is a little more and we will know, we will be able will meet shortly or not. In return I made everything that it I took place.
7) Hello my handsome man Chris.
This morning I received good news to me issued the visa. :) and sent me scancopy to confirmation
you probably now fell from a chair for pleasure. personally I dropped phone when learned that to me approved the visa. I was very happy. I experienced a lot of pleasant emotions. I can see you and it's great news. you don't represent as I was happy. We so long waited for it and now we had an opportunity will meet. what more could I desire it happened, the woman in love, meetings with the darling. I am happy that my wish came true. I'm a little worried, and now there is good news. I hope that you, too, felt the excitement these days, and now you're also happy that I am able to fly to you.
When I learned that to me approved the visa I started thinking that it is necessary to pay agency now. And I went to the bank. I returned from bank recently, to me refused the credit. I after all didn't pay for services of agency, I paid only a consular fee. I thought that when the visa then I will pay will be ready. I wasn't sure for 100 that to me will give the visa and therefore didn't do premature payments. today I got approval, now it is necessary to pay the ticket and the visa and insurance. I went to bank, talked to the banker and she told that the director didn't approve my forgiveness about a loan. I took on credit a loan on the TV last year and still didn't repay a loan. I went to see him a couple of weeks ago and talked about the credit for travel and she told that will provide me a loan. I therefore didn't worry about it. and now I have a panic, I should pay in the agency, but I can not do it now. I think to go to other bank and to ask for help at friends. Please do not worry, I hope that everything will be okay.
I wait for your letter. I think you too is very happy. I am sure that you now smile. :)
kiss you,
8) Hello my dear Chris. Today I addressed to other bank and I was refused. It everything because of my credit. I already took a loan on purchase of the TV and to these on didn't pay it. I talked to the banker today and she told that very seldom give a loan on travel. I have to pay agency for the visa and for the booked ticket, 1340$. I have nearly 700$ and I don't have about 640$. I hope for your help. I thought in bank to take 1000$, but to me didn't give. The ticket booked with open date. I will need to come to the airport and to tell, on what number I would like to have a departure. but it is necessary at least for couple of days to a departure, to make out date of a departure. for example, I decided to allocate date today, it will be only after tomorrow, closest date. You seriously think of a meeting. as I will have full permission to a departure tomorrow and I need to redeem documents and the ticket in agency as they paid everything. and under the contract I have to them pay it after registration. It is made. I can fly to you. I very much hope that we will continue this subject today. I will try to look for the rest.
What your news? do you prepare for our meeting? I will try to solve this problem come to you.
Your Elvira
9) Hello sweetheart Chris.
I was very happy to receive the letter. Thank you for support. I'm really trying to find the money. Today, I am talking with friends, but they can not help me. One friend said that it is now earns little. You know, the country is very difficult, high inflation, wages are not enough to pay the bills. I do not have the opportunity to earn more. :( Sad that because of financial constraints, we will not be able to meet and kiss each other. Stupid situation, I would fly to you. I honestly do not believe that I would be given a visa, but I approved a visa and now I can not for the pay. Well, I did not have to pay the agency directly. I can pay the fine and they refuse a visa, and they gave me an international passport returned and forget about the trip. :( Thank you very much, that you continue to write to me! I hasten to answer your letter. I want to write to you about my character. I'm not looking for a rich man, I'm looking for someone with whom I will be happy!!! And now I found you there. You - a kind and loving man cardiopulmonary!!! The man of my dreams!!! I love romance, a significant part of my goodness, I offer people. My mental state is very good, I embody the idea of ??different locations, it takes me on a journey. I can discuss with you in friendly conversation various issues. I can discuss with you the problems of our time, and people with congenital problems. I want you to find a satellite, a friend and her husband. Kindness and gentleness I can make your life beautiful.
My many different moods and can easily surprise you. I do not like enthusiastic phrase, I do not like flattery, false people. I hate selfishness. People using people for anything, make me a hurricane is not satisfied. I want all the people on earth lived happily. At different times of my life I have met a lot of good and poor people. I'm glad I had a chat with nice people, as it taught me self-sacrifice and and kindness. This valuable to have dedication.
I'm getting a distinct pleasure in dialogue with friends and interesting, charming people. However, I like to sit at home, I like the comfort of home.
I learned how you can send a quick and reliable transfer, there is a monetary system, money transfer Money Gram. The money reaches the recipient within a few minutes. I'm sure there is, the system in each bank. You will not be difficult to send money this way. I also learned that you need so that you can send money to and how can I get them. You need to know to send my complete data. You will need to complete the form and enter the departure to my data, and your own.
Name - Elvira, last name - Zubova, country - Russia, city - Moscow.
My home - Russia, Moscow region, City - Korolev, Michurina street House 3, Apartment 41, 141000.
There are two fields. Field of the sender and the recipient field. The sender field write your data. The recipient field write my data.
Please write me your phone number I will call you.
I hope that you are the most sincere person. I look forward to your reply with great anticipation!!!

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