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# Name:      Dasha Batuhtina

# Address:  Ukraine , Odessa

# Dangerous: 27%

# Scam scenarios:   I went to Odessa to find out if the lady was really honest about her intentions and as suspected, she does abuse men for money and high priced dinners. Below I will do my best to describe what has happened and I will supply all the details an

# Details: I went to Odessa to find out if the lady was really honest about her intentions and as suspected, she does abuse men for money and high priced dinners. Below I will do my best to describe what has happened and I will supply all the details and contact details that I have. If you have any questions, then feel free to contact me. I will be here till Sunday morning and can be reached on either email or cellphone.rnrn- Since i arrived to Odessa, i have tried several times a day to contact Darina on her cellphone.rnI tried calling and even texted in English and Russian. Through her emails she let me know that she got the messages but did not have money on her phone to reply.rnThen suddenly, yesterday 27-08-2013 I got a phone call around 15:00 from an interpreter which Darina had contacted. I could not hear so good from which agency she was, but I told her that I only could meet today 28-08-2013 between 10:00 and 11:00 because I needed to work the afternoon. I also asked her what her hourly rate was and she told me it was 20 dollars per hour. I addressed her that the normal rate is 15 dollar and she had to call the agency to see if that was ok, during the same phone call she even said that it was ok to do 15 dollars per hour.rnThe interpreter told me that she would call Darina again to see if the time would suit her.rnSadly enough I have not heard back from her during the day or evening.rnI did meet Darina online on facebook and that evening and we agreed to meet at 10:00.rnShe would make sure that the interpreter would give me a call to know in time where to meet.rnrn- So the next morning i went to look for a shop or booth where i could buy roses. To make a nice impression and show that I care. Sadly enough I was not able to find on in time, because there are not many shops in the area and I got a call at 09:30 from the interpreter that we would have to meet at the opera house at 10:00. This is very near my apartment. But I needed to be quick because I had to put on different clothing. I was at 09:55 at the opera house, so I was even early. Sadly it took the ladies very long to arrive. They arrived at 10:40 and gave me a call because they could not find me, while I was standing almost next to them.rnrn- The interpreter then came up to me and shook my hand and introduced herself.rnThen we walked to Darina which then sadly also only gave a hand before I could even make a suggestion for a hug or anything else and it took a lot of effort to accept the three kisses on the cheeks. They apologized for being so late and suggested to go to a lovely small caf?“?© nearby which would be about 5 minutes walking. They then asked the taxi driver that brought them how much it was and they said 70 UAH which I then paid.rnrn- We then depart and end up at restaurant ???‚??Tito???‚??, which i have never been to before.rnWe take a table inside the building and then go through the menu. I tell the interpreter that I would like a Pancake with meat, a mango juice and a still water. The ladies place their order, but I could not make head or tails to what it is they order. In total the ladies also know to stretch the time to two and a half hours which I then also need to pay the interpreter. I paid her about 300 UAH in total. But when I get the bill of the restaurant it almost gives me a heart attack.rnAs you can see on the attached picture of the bill, it had to pay 1917,30 UAH for the restaurant.rnAll this has been eaten by the three of us, but as you can see from the above mentioned items that I wanted, that it never was that much that I have ordered/eaten. I almost had a heart attack and did not know what to do at that moment in time. They wasted about 1576 UAH???‚?¦???‚?¦excluding tip for the waiter.rnrn- Darina was sitting a little bit stiff in the corner of the chair against the wall.rnShe was not trying to get closer to get some kind of contact. Normally when someone is really interested, they will come closer, try to touch you with his or her leg or take your hand or something to hold it for a minute or longer and stroke it a bit with either the other hand or some fingers. But she did nothing at all during the date. She did give me a hug when I asked for one when I was going away to get extra money to pay the bill.rnrn- When she wrote through a translation program that i had with me, that we would have to communicate through eye contact when we are without interpreter. Then I wrote as a joke that kissing is much easier to communicate. She then said that it was way too early to think about kissing. This is then a clear sign that there is no interest in me at all, or she would have grabbed me and made a different remark about it. This was a clear sign that there are no feelings, interest or chemistry between her and me.rnrn- We discussed her phone number, the one that I got through email a little while ago.rnThe one to which I have been trying to call, which never got answered and also the text messages I had send were never answered. In the emails she wrote that she got the messages and could not reply because she had not enough money on the phone. Which were responded to via email that at a certain date she would have new money on the card and would then reply.rnBut when discussing this in the restaurant, when showing the number, she tells me that it is a number that is not even her. Then whose is it I asked, but they both did not know. She has then given me her correct number and I tested it right away and it seemed to be the right one.rnThe interpreter was hanging up a story about not being allowed to email and all those kind of things, while she got my email address through her facebook page, which is an empty shell with no info anyway. The address to the page can be found below in the details overview that I have gathered.rnrn- When we got the bill, the ladies were not shocked at all, did not do anything to help out.rnI walked with the interpreter to the apartment where I stayed to get some money to pay the rest of the bill. I asked her for which agency she worked, she did not answer. I then tried a different approach and after the sixth she said that she worked for agency ???‚??Angel???‚??.rnrn- Darina has not responded to any of my messages after the meeting.rnrn- So hereby we all have enough proof to say that the lady is not sincere in her search for the right partner in life and only abuse men for a good time and money. So she should be black listed and removed from the site.rnrn- Here are all the contact details i have about the involved persons:rno Number of Darina that i got through emails : +380995029731rno The right number that she gave in the restaurant : +380972538639rno Number of the interpreter : +380936038478rno Email address of Darina : dasarno Facebook page of Darina. Level of english was about 6 to 7 since the interpreter had to look for many words and did not always use the right words. She was also avoiding to give several answers when asked for example for which agency she worked, which she said was ???‚??Angel???‚??.

# Date: 2013-09-15

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