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# Name:      Alyona Bin

# E-mail:

# Address:  Moldova , Kishinev

# Dangerous: 31%

# Scam scenarios:   ask for money

# Details: Alyona contacted me by e-mail with msn details then started chatting with me on the live chat box and eventually after I agreed on the webcams, over the past 3 months I found out shes not as nice as she looks, nothing but a scammer and a con artist just out for the money, she also called me by 3 other guys names and started making up dodgy stories about other guys she supposidly talked to before me but I think she either still is or was trying to scam them too.rnAlyona is a pro at this scamming business without any doubt!

# Date: 2010-01-13
I chatted with this girl for around 3 months, I'm currently ignoring her hoping she'll just give up!

I got my cousin to try contacting her & Alyona never responded to any of the 8 messages she sent using a guys name, so she's focused on me, I made a mistake of telling her what I earn.

Alyona started asking me for money & going on about family financial troubles & how her father's owes to the banks & the family home's been borrowed against so much they might loose it soon, and the cost of living going up was on the conversation in december...

I have a few friends in Chisinau, when Alyona gave me the address of 402 bulevardul renasterii I got one of my "in town" friends to check out the address & they said they couldn't find it, I e-mailed 2 of the photo's she sent me & they asked some of the residents if they know who the girl is & nobody knew her... 402 is non existant.

I asked Alyona about her address 3 more times & she just said 402 bulevardul renasterii was it, I asked is it a flat & she said no, she said it was a cottage type house & said she lived there.

I wired €6600 to her bank account without thinking when she said her & her family were under threat of becoming homeless for christmas so I thought I was just helping her & her family out with expences, she said she would pay me back but now she's asking me for another €10,000... I asked her if she was o.k. with me taking the money over in person & I could see her at the same time & she gave me a firm no... the way her face went on the webcam she looked angry that I suggested it!

My friends in Chisinau have said to me that other friends have saw Alyona on the game in the red light areas of town since I told them about her & send her photo's looking for the address.

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