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# Name:      Elena Hmeleva

# E-mail:

# Address:  Russia , Yoshkar-Ola

# Seen at:

# Dangerous: 31%

# Scam scenarios:   ask for money

# Details: I was contacted by Elena from, I told her I wasnt interested in her, she kept on writing me poetry, then I hear nothing for 3 weeks and then a guy named Alexandr (her brother) started mailing asking for payment for the hospital as she is in mortal danger and they cant affort paying for an operation.rnIve transfered 4000 $ US to them and never saw any more mail of her.rnShe wrote to be living in Kazan but her IP address traced back to Yoshker Ola

# Date: 2009-08-12
The money was sent by an online WU money transfer via credit card to a girlfriend as Alexandr's passport was stolen (eventough he mailed it to me the day before...) her name is Alina Sredina.

Here is the correspondance mail from Elena:

Hello, Wouter!
I think you haven't received my previous letter? So I'm sending you
that letter once again...

Do you remember Elenna from RussianEuro? So that's me!
As you already know, my name is Elena. It's just a short letter, I
want to get know will you respond to it, or you've changed your mind
about starting correspondence between us?
So I won't tell you a bit about me. I live in Russia, in old city
Kazan, it's already over 1000 years old, and I like to live here. I
live here from my birth and I can remember which that city was 30
years ago(yes, I'm 30 years old woman). And it changed so fast, so
cordinally... But I will tell you about Kazan city, and maybe will
discover some photos of city if you'll be interested in that. Do you
like panoramas?
I work as landscape designer in one not biggest, but not the smallest
company. I make different projects of parks, alleys, sometimes street.
I will tell you about what I do on my job later, because now it's just
a check - will you respond to it or not?
Also, I don't have kids, I'm not married, I hope you will remember
that and won't ask me again. If you'll do it - I will see that you
haven't paid attention to my 1st letter... I agree with you, it's not
much informative, but... But again, it's just a check. I will send you
a few pictures, I hope you'll receive them and comment in your
I will wait for your respond, hope you will write a few of your
information... I will tell you in next letter more information about
Now I will finish the letter, your new friend Elena

Hello, Wouter!
I miss under your letters,
On shrill tenderness of lines
We speak, we speak, we speak...
Two souls carries away a stream...
We rush towards to dream,
That burns a guiding star
In infinity and darkness...
We will pass this way uneasy!
I about much at times do not write,
Showing restraint of feelings
Only you I live and I breathe...
You dream me... And I dream you?
Yours Elena.

Hello, Wouter...
Now behind a window pours a rain. It is grey and is dirty....
On a shower melancholy and grief from loneliness. And I have
decided to write a verse....

Also start up behind a window a rain,
And you with me nearby are not present,
I will come, can this night
On lips only having left a trace.

Also start up I absolutely alone,
On drop eaves knock
And from eyes on a palm water,
And inside as-as if shout.

I will come, can this night,
Only, road, me wait,
Also start up behind a window pours a rain,
I will whisper: "Only you keep.")))

Your missing Elena... Write me pair of lines....

Hello, Wouter...
I miss on you so, that it seems to me, time has fallen asleep,
And I shout in all voice, aspiring to wake it.
It lasts so slowly, that it seems to me, I will live
One thousand lives in expectation of you...
I shower hands for a head. Clouds last towards
Each other, grow together - and I see your person.
You smile to me so softly, hardly blinking eyes.
My feelings fade halfway. I stretch a hand,
To concern your cheek, but a cloud, grinning,
Creep away, leaving not clear shade of memoirs …
Your missing Elena... Write me pair of lines....

Hello, Wouter...
I wait for the letter as appointment wait,
As kiss, caress and love.
Write to me more often, on you I miss,
To me it is very sad without you! Write!
Your missing Elena.

Hello, Wouter...
Today all the day it is raining!!! Here there has
come evening and it would be desirable to have a
sleep... Likely there is nothing more perfectly, than
to fall asleep under rain sounds … rain sounds are
very pleasant to an ear … it would be desirable to
close eyes, I would be desirable heat … here a
thunder-storm always was afraid and always shuddered
from thunderclaps. More likely to fall asleep someone
who would kiss me is necessary, has embraced, has
stroked on hair, I would take for a hand … likely have
forgotten about a thunder-storm … ;))
Yours Elena

Hello, Wouter!!!
Today since morning very much was hot!!! We with girlfriends
have decided to descend to be swim!!! Water now the warm!!
Very much it was pleasant to us!! When I floated I thought that
now during this pleasant instant you can float somewhere near
to me!!! But I and have not found number you))))) we can
Probably float the future together somewhere in pure and
solar water?? It would be so romantically.....
Yours Elena

HEllo, Wouter!
Today very much hot!!! Since morning was
very much hot!!! Many people badly transfer
a heat!! As I do not have no cool!!!! I wish to
be now on the sea and to bathe together
with you!!! I think we could swim for a while
together???? I like to float!! And you love

And why you seldom write to me??? I so do
not have not enough your attention!!!??
I with impatience wait from you for the letter!!!

Yours Elena.

Hello Mr. Wouter.

My name is Alexander. I Elena's brother. We in a family had a grief...
The matter is that several weeks ago my sister has got to accident...
It went from the girlfriend home on a fixed-route taxi... Poured very
strong rain..... The Car in which Elena went has unexpectedly brought
and has taken out on a counter lane... The big truck Kamaz went To
this moment on that strip loaded a stone and it ran into a fixed-route
taxi in which my sister Elena went... That car is not subject to
restoration.... Was lost some persons but I Elena by miracle remained
is live. Now it in very difficult situation. At it set of crises....
To It already have made some operations!!!! Some more difficult and
expensive operations on a backbone are required..... It can talk but
move cannot at all. Our family is rather poor. And we do not have
money for expensive operations... Elena very much worries because of
that that does not write to you Mr. Wouter also has asked me to write
to you. Certainly it is very awkward to me to speak about it but I
would like from name of our family to ask for you Mr. Wouter though any
help in operation as you one of close people Elena and our family. Mr.
Wouter help us please it is necessary that Elena it was healthy. You
our last hope. We very much hope for you.... I will wait for your

Brother Elena Alexandr

Hello Mr.Wouter!

Today than mine Elena became worse. She does not recover consciousness.
The surgeon tells that a condition heavy. I do not know that to me to do.
I do not understand why with mine Elena there was such awful. Now Elena
lies without consciousness

I talked to the surgeon and he has told to me that urgent operation is necessary.
He to me has told that operation costs 5 239$!!! Our family and native have found
only 2000$!!! We do not know where to us to find 3 239 more $!!! We hope that you
will help ours Elena to those than can. Elena very much hopes for you. It is necessary
to rescue ours Elena. Elena spoke that you love each other. She told to me about you.
Elena spoke what you the attentive man. Elena told about you as about the careful
and expensive man of all her life... Elena spoke that you can help with any situation. She very much appreciated it.... She spoke that when it will arrive
to you that you get married. But there was an awful.... (((((Why with it so
it has turned out!!!! If I could that I would give the life for the sake of its rescue.

I ask God about that that to it it became better. We hope for your help
and on rescue Elena. She very much loves you.
Brother Elena Mr.Alexandr.

Hello Mr. Wouter.
I am very glad that you will help ours Elena. Today I will go to hospital
to sit with mine Elena. I will tell to the surgeon that it has begun
preparation for operation. I hope that Elena will recover and will
recover. I am very glad that you can to help Elena. I am very grateful
to you. If Elena there would be in consciousness it was grateful to you.
I hope that difficult operation will pass successfully. I ask God that
with Elena was everything is all right!!!
Here the necessary information:

Address is: Russian Federation, Tatarstan Republic, Kazan city,
Vosstaniya street, 38-5. 5 is number of my apartment.
Name and surname Hmeleva Elena. I will wait from you for letter Mr. Wouter. And now it is time
to me to go to hospital. I will tell to the surgeon that it
has begun preparations for operation.
Brother Elena Mr. Alexandr.

Hello Mr. Wouter.

I have just returned from hospital. Today I did not sleep all night long. I was with Elena.
To me very painfully to look at it. It it is very a pity to me. Condition Elena still heavy.
The surgeon hurries me. Speaks that operation differently Elena is very urgently necessary...
Becomes the invalid. These words very much will wound my soul. I cannot more so.

I am very glad that you will help with payment of my operation Elena. Mr. Wouter I very much
hope that you will help us. It is necessary to do operation urgently. I send a copy of the
passport and a copy of passport Elena.
I very much hope for your help and I hope that with Elena will be everything is all right.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Mr. Alexandr.

Hello Mr. Wouter!!!!

I do not know that happens but why you have not answered my letter????
Or you have decided not to help Elena with operation??? Please be not
silent and write the letter!!!

Mr. Alexandr.

Hello Mr. Wouter.

I have come back recently from hospital. Condition Elena heavy all also. ((((
The surgeon has told to me that urgently operation is necessary Elena. Today
I have checked up mail and have found out your letter. I am grateful to you
for the rendered help. Our family after recover Elena we will give that sum
in parts.

Which you have sent thanks for money Elena on operation. But I am afflicted,
I should inform you that I cannot receive money in the absence of my passport.
Recently I have given the passport on replacement. Therefore I now cannot
receive money sent by you. My passport will be ready only in a month (((

Mr. Wouter you can send money for the data of my girlfriend and close girlfriend
Elena. I do not know that to me to do in this situation. Here the data of my

Her name is Alina Sredina. Its address: Russian Federation, Tatarstan Republic, Kazan city,
Mira street, 13-7.

Please give me the full phone number. My girlfriend knows English language.
So give the full phone number and we will contact you. Please make it as soon
as possible. Today I will wait for your letter. Tonight I will go again to
Elena. Mr. Wouter I will be grateful to you all life that have helped to
rescue my favourite sister Elena. Elena we will it is very grateful to you.
I hope that in the future at you and my sister all will develop successfully.
But while it is necessary to operate Elena. Please Mr. Wouter perform
operation in bank as soon as possible.

I will wait for your letter.
Yours faithfully Mr. Wouter.

Hello Mr. Wouter.

I send you a copy of the passport of my girlfriend Alina. I hope
that you do not joke with your help??? I very much hope for it.....
Please give me full your telephone number. We will call you. I hope
that this week the surgeon at last will make Elena operation and she
will recover. I with impatience wait for that moment when Elena will
open eyes!!! As though I was happy and grateful to you.

Mr. Wouter I hope for you and on your help because to us any more
to whom to address for the help. In advance to you it is grateful.
I will look forward to hearing from you.
Yours faithfully Mr. Alexandr.

Hello Mr. Wouter.

I have understood you! We will well wait for your letter. Tonight or
tomorrow morning we will call you. I am very grateful to you for assistance!
Please give me still your full information (residence). I hope that if you
help that operation will occur this week. At last we will help Elena.
I very much hope and I ask God about that that she has recovered and
became healthy. As I dream of that that Elena have opened eyes and have
told to me "Greetings, the brother"))) I would be very happy!!!!
I will wait for your letter.
Yours faithfully Mr. Alexandr.

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