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# Name:      Elena

# E-mail:

# Address:  Russia , Zainsk

# Seen at:   Yahoo Personals

# Dangerous: 31%

# Scam scenarios:   ask for money

# Details: Correspondence still ongoing, began in May. Scammer sent numerous photos and romantic emails even after never having seen a single photo of me. Scammer changed their email three times. rnAsked for money to arrange visa/passport in order to come visit. Wanted a total of 1056 euro.rnrnShe called my house once, leaving a message.

# Date: 2009-06-08
Sent the following email after I told her I would come to visit her instead.

I am very pleased to get a new letter from you!
I just want to tell you, my dear, I do not have the money for it to
come to you most, and I am very pleased that you want to ride with me!
For the first you have to arrive in Moscow and Moscow you have to go
to Kazan ', and on the road with you the interpreter will be Russian,
or you priedesh one?? If you go alone, it would be very dangerous to
understand that you, who you may be lost in Kazan ', as in Kazan' very
dangerous to be foreign to people. And there is Kazan 'mafia very bad
people! I will molitsa what you do not happen, if something happens
then I will not forgive me then that because of me you will suffer.
Then you have come to Zainsk What would that be me - must be the
1. To arrive in Moscow.
2. To arrive in Kazan '.
3. Arrive in Zainsk, may arrive in a taxi, but it will be a very
expensive place, that the distance of 287 km.
4. When you arrive in Zainsk,
I do not have a cell phone so that I could find you. If you arrive
here you need to send around because of the money in the place of
residence, only about 5000-6000 euro, the money you will be enough to
survive here 15-20 days in a hotel with meals. And you have to spend
money on taxis to Zainsk, and aircraft. And then twice more to take me
with you. You spend a large sum of money, I'm very pleased that you
are ready for me to do so.
I look forward to our meeting.
I send a lot of sweet kisses.
I wait tomorrow your letter.
Your wife Elena.

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