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# Name:      Darya Rodionova

# E-mail:

# Address:  Russia , Zelenii Dol

# Dangerous: 31%

# Scam scenarios:   ask for money

# Details: Standard scam; very obvious with pre-written letters leading to love and money!

# Date: 2008-12-03
Hello My Lovely Man And My Sun Dameon!!!!!!
Dameon, I am glad to receive your letter. I with impatience waited for
it both my heart was warmed also my heart knocked when I today have
opened it. My darling Dameon I need 633 dollars on documents and
approximately 1300 dollars on tickets. In a total sum 1950 dollars are
necessary approximately. My gentle Dameon in travel agency to me have
told, that they accept only cash. I learn tomorrow as you can send the
help that we could be together.
I think of that as it would be good if could in weekend go on a nature
and have a rest there. I will be cooking tasty salads, we would take
with ourselves tent, knifes and all other accessories to a campaign
and have put in the car. Then I have still taken a bottle red wine. I
do not love alcohol, but a red wine I drink on holidays but not much.
We would take meat what to fry it on a fire and would go to a wood or
on seacoast. Where you would want Dameon? I would like closer to water.
There we would put tent, would grow a blanket what to sit on it. Would
put on a table salads, a wine glasses, have dissolved a good fire.
Then together I would shall send swim in water, to lake or the river.
The main thing that we could swim together. We would bathe, laid on a
coast, kissed. Caressed one another, would enjoy a nature. looked at
the sky. Have then returned to tent, have prepared for meat and would
sit to have supper. A fire shine us. Dameon, you open a bottle and pour
a wine in glasses. We drink a little for us and I see that one droplet
has remained on your lips and I kiss you gently, you respond on my
kiss and take me on hands and carry in tent. Dameon, we are engaged in
love, we enjoy each second of love, each minute of passion and it is
very good us together. Then we leave tent, we categorize a blanket
closer as a coast and we look at the sky. You embrace me and warm the
heat. We are closer and closer, we speak we speak and we fall asleep
under singing night birds and under a night rustle of leaves. I think
that soon all of what we dream the reality begins. Each our day will
be filled with love and we shall be happy for ever. I love you, and I
send you the most most sweet kisses and I hope that they warm you at
cold night in your bed. If when you read my letter and in the street
night that look at the sky. There you will see constellation the big
she-bear as a ladle. Dameon I send you this ladle full kiss and
I love you Dameon!
Yours and only yours Darya
Hello My Lovely Man And My Sun Dameon !!!!!!!
I am glad to your letter. I ADORE YOU!!!!!!! I for ever yours Dameon!!!!
My darling Dameon I went to travel agency and have asked them as you
can send the help, but they to me have told, that I need to go to bank
and there all to learn. I have gone to bank and to me there have told
about the Western Union. You heard earlier about it? To me have told,
that it is the fastest and most safe way of transfer of money. To me
have told, that you will need to know my full name and my address. I
give you this information. My full name Darya Rodionova. Here my
Russia address, city Zelenii Dol, 612225 Pushkins 25\12. Then to
receive your help I will need to know your full name, the bank
address, control number and the exact sum. Here and so I can receive
your help my love Dameon!!! I very much love you also I hope what be
very fast we can together and all our dreams become a reality. I want
in your embraces. I love you my prince Dameon!!!!!
Dameon I want to speak with you about much. At me it is a lot of dream
connect with ours with you the general life. It is very interesting to
me, you like dreams in which we with you together? You would would
like that they began a reality? Who knows those their your friends or
relatives about our meeting? They are pleased? My mum and my
girlfriends we shall be very glad that with you together. That ours
lifes have met you also we can enjoy this fine feeling soon. They are
glad that I have met the person at which to me serious relations and
intentions. They very much love you. I want to be with you,Dameon, I
feel perfectly after have learned you. I want to be obedient and
gentle, my grandmother asked me that I want to make and that we shall
make together. I have told that I want to support in all you to love
and enjoy love and she having smiled have told that I really am in
love also her this feeling is known. She very much would want to test
it once again but the grandfather and has left also she can not forget
it never.
I want to be with you, I want to love you, I want to enjoy our
tenderness, I want to give love and caress to you and I want care
about you and to feel your love in a reality. I think that you my love
and I want to be with you for ever. Dameon, you my destiny!!!!!
I want to hear more your dreams, I want to know that you think also I
want to kiss you now and to be in your gentle embraces.
I with impatience wait when it happen.
I love you Dameon!
Yours and only your loving Darya!

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