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# Name:      Elena Prozorova

# E-mail:

# Address:  Russia , Yoshkar-Ola

# Dangerous: 32%

# Scam scenarios:   Ask for money, use stolen photos of Valeriya Lukyanova, russian model

# Details: Elena Prozorova. rnSeveral times she said that she will NEVER lie to me and NEVER deceive me. But she did. rnIs this the ultimate way of scamming, saying that you will do that and then doing the opposite ?rnShe wanted to marry me and live forever with me. Four days before she would come she asked me to pay 750 ? for a return ticket. Very strange ! I had my doubts about it, but I payed. Normally you pay about 500 ? for two tickets. But she will NEVER lie to me and NEVER deceive me (she said several times).The day before she would come she asked me 2500 ?. It was money to show to custom control. But my embassy told me that that was not necessary because I were responsible for her. I had sent salary specifications and an invitation letter to the embassy. Then you don??t need to show money.rnBut she persisted saying that this money was necessary but for me it was clear now that she was scamming me. Shitshitshit ! I hoped so much for happiness with her.rnAlmost every day contact with her. I were her prince on the white horse and angel. She wanted to live with me forever and marry me. I were every second in her head. I also wanted that with such a very beautiful woman. She had wonderful dreams about me, making love with me. The weekend before she would come I got a mail where she described that she had the last meeting with her friends and mother. She (said she) cried. Her mother had a present for me. She would go to the hairdresser and she described the clothes she would wear.rnAnd then asking 2500 ? for nothing the last day. My dream was destroyed.rnrnElena Prozorova rnLunacharskogo 67 a/ya 14rnYoshkar-Ola rnMari-El Republic rnzip code 424016rnrnE-mail: elekashulioo@yahoo.comrnrnrnHi my angel Ferry!rnHow are you? I miss you very much!rnI believe, that we shall with you very soon. You my love!!! We like each other and it isrnfine!!! rnMy love Ferry, I the happiest woman all over the world. I thank the god that he hasrnacquainted me with you.rnI so am happy that I have you!!!!! All that is necessary for me in a life. Now I havernall!!!! I have you!!!!! This that of what I dreamed. rnI dreamed of which person I shall like also which will love me!!!!!! It you!!!! You myrnprince!!!! You my air!!!!!! You my life!!!!!!! You my angel!!! rnI am ready to repeat these words every minute!!!! You bring to me pleasure!!!! When to mernbadly I think of you. rnAs soon as I close eyes I present us together!!!! It so is fine!!!! When I sleep I think ofrnyou. rnAll my dreams about you. I very much frequently see us in dream. It so is beautiful. We arernalways happy. rnProbably you think that I shall go from mind. It so. I shall go from mind on you. rnAll my familiar speak me. Elena - you will go from mind. All yourrnideas only about your love Ferry.rnBut I want to speak about you always. It so is fine to love you!!! rnI can give a life for you!!!!! Yes!!! It so!!! I am ready on all!!! If only to be withrnyou!!!!! rnOur love as a pure spring. Our love same big as the sea, as ocean. rnI can compare her to the universe!!!!! Yes so I love you!!!!!!!! I dreamed of us todayrnnight. It was as in a fairy tale. rnYou know that I romantic. I want to tell to you this dream. I think that it is pleasant tornyou. rnWe were together. We were floating on sea by the steam-ship. Music played. Around therernwere many people. rnWe stood on a deck. Music played. Some pairs danced. You embraced me for shoulders. Yournstood behind of me. rnAlso whispered to me on an ear of a word. You spoke me that I am beautiful. I was thrilledrnwith these words. rnIt resulted me in excitation. Your hands caressed me. I have turned to you and we havernkissed. rnYour lips have stuck into my lips. I have felt excitation. You have approached me to thernbody. rnI have felt palpation of your heart. Ooo!!! What passion has inflamed between us! Languagernturned yours around of my language. rnYour lips were so sweet. I could not come off them. Some people have noticed and looked atrnus. I have laughed. rnWe began to laugh. You have invited me to dance. We have left you has taken me arm and wernhave begun to spin in dance. rnWe danced most beautifully. Evening in the street was when we have come in a cabin. It wasrnthe beautiful room. rnThere there was a bed and a bath. The bath stood in the middle rooms. You have approachedrnto a bar and have poured champagne in glasses. rnYou have approached to me and have kissed me. We drank champagne. You have included music. rnI have taken your hand and have pulled you. We began to dance in a room. Your handsrncaressed my hair. rnYou spoke me words of love. When music has ended. I have suggested to take a bath. You havernfilled in a bath water. rnI have approached to you. Yours hands have touched my breast. I stood and did not move. Yournhave removed clothes from me. rnI stood completely naked. You have taken my leg and have put her in a bath. I have risen inrnwater. rnWater was such warm. I have plunged into water. You stood and looked at me. Yours handsrnhave plunged into water as. rnYou caressed my body. My breasts were firm. You have removed clothes from the body. rnWe were in a bath together. I felt your excitation.rnYou have told to me: Elena - I love you my princess!!!! rnWe made love. I groaned. It was so perfectly!!!!!! You have left a bath and have taken mernon hands. rnYou have wiped my body a towel and have incurred me in a bedroom. You have put me in a bed. rnI am tired. You have lain near to me. Your head laid on my breast. I caressed you. I havernfallen asleep. rnBut when I have woken up I have understood that it was dream. To me began so it is a pity,rnthat I not near to you. rnI cried. From eyes tears have spilled. Lovely but now I am sure that we shall together veryrnsoon!!!!!!! rnI want to inform you remarkable news! My visa is ready!!!rnThis visa is valid 180 days, it is necessary for me to arrive to you as soon as possiblernthat werncould plan our future and enjoy our love!rnI love you very much, soon we shall together and I at last can embrace and kiss you!rnAt me already all is ready for this travel.rnI have issued and have received all necessary documents and have packed some clothes.rnYesterday I went to the airport and have found out the information about the air ticketrnI can not fly to you from our airport.rnFor this purpose it is necessary for me to go to Moscow and already therefrom to fly to you.rnMy love Ferry, it is necessary for me of 750 eurornIt is cost of air tickets of middle class with obligatory insurancernAs soon as I shall receive money, I shall finish registration of the visa and I shall buyrnthe ticket on the next flight.rnI know that it is many money, but I think that you will help me. More I have nobody to hope. You my last hope for the happy future.rnThe manager of the airport has told that it is necessary to be insured on this flightrnMy mum are not rich and she could give only 150 euro from the savingsrnNow my money only will suffice to reach to Moscow and on travel expensesrnI hope that you can help me with air tickets and send me 750eurornAfter I shall buy tickets, I shall write to you at once the necessary information aboutrnnumberrnof flight and time of flight that you could meet me at the airport.rnI with impatience shall wait for your answer rnNow has remained last a step up to our meetingrnI love you and I kiss you in your gentle lips a long and passionate kissrnYour princess, Elena.rnrnrnHi dear Ferry!!!!!!!!!!!! I am very glad to your letter loved!!! Tornyou it is very grateful for a route to your house. I loved throughrncouple of days shall come and I shall be near to you for ever. Yournwill have all my love both all my care and the best relation. I shallrnprepare for you for the most delightful dishes. Im fine. I am happyrnthat I can to see you already very soon!!!!! I am very glad!!!!!!! Irndid not sleep almost all last night and in general last days. Irnthought of you and about that that already in couple of days we shallrnbe together. I still do not believe that it can be actually. I nowrnfeel the happiest woman on the ground. Whether I do not know it isrnpossible to be happier than I now. I am very happy!! I so worry now. Irnam glad that now I can to fly to you and I should not postpone it. Irnam very happy. I have said goodbye to my friends. My girlfriends hadrntears on their eyes. I too cried. All have wished me happy journey andrna happy life with you together. My girlfriends will see off me atrnstation together with my mum. I also have gone to agency today. Inrnagency the employee also was glad for me and has wished me happyrnjourney. He was happy to hear that all is possible well as hernexperienced also for me. Love at me will be a small gift for you. Itrnis a gift from my mum. I shall not speak it. It will be a surprise. Irnhope that you love surprises. At us in Russia so it is accepted torngive people gifts. I shall bring it with myself. I am sure that it isrnpleasant to you. When I shall depart to you, I shall dress on myself arnlong brown raincoat. On a head I will not have anything. I shall makernto myself tomorrow a beautiful hairdress. I think you of me easilyrnlearn. I very much want to be beautiful for you in the first day ofrnour meeting. Under a raincoat I shall dress on my evening dress. Irnhope to you it it is pleasant. I think that we can find each other. Uprnto station I shall go together the mum, and also my close friends. Sornall will be good. I the mum are very happy. She now as well as Irnexperience that I have well reached you and all was normal with me.rnShe do not worry about that that I shall far from them because shernknow that I in very reliable and loving hands. Certainly at stationrnprobably all of us shall cry also mum and my friends probably too. Irnthink all it will be good when I shall come to you. I necessarilyrnpromised mum that I this very day when I shall come to you I shallrnwrite the letter home that with me all well. Loved I shall soon helprnyou to hold our house warm. I love you. Loved I today shall lead dayrnwith my mum and friends. It will be time to say goodbye and tell warmrnwords each other. I do not know I shall have time whether or not tornwrite to you tomorrow. If I cannot write to you do not worry. Lovelyrntomorrow I shall arrive to Moscow to buy tickets. As soon as I shallrnbuy tickets I shall run to the plane. With me all is good. I finishrnthis letter. I very strongly love you!!! I love you all my heart andrnall my soul!!!!!! With love your Elena!!!!!!!!!rnrn rnrn rnrn rnrn rnrnrn rnrnrnrn rnrnrnrnrnrnrnrnrn

# Date: 2008-12-02

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